Rose GOES OFF on Big Ed | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

Rose GOES OFF on Big Ed | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

Rose feels betrayed that Ed kept his planned vasectomy a secret from her since day one.

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84 Responses

  1. Ricardo Ramos says:

    “Ed & Shoulders” is so annoying 😂

  2. Lulu says:

    He’s staring at her like “ how dare you stand up for yourself? how dare you have a backbone?”. Ridiculous!

  3. Natalie D says:

    She’s such a strong woman for this… confronting him so calm & concisely.

    • Brian Willis says:

      @Barrack Obama The white knights are coming for you.

    • BoltingPW says:

      @Barrack Obama shes not shes the one who break out with big ed

    • Sparkle Shines says:

      @Rosie Conoi it was part of ed’s plan to turned out that rose was the bad one. Too bad rose stood up for herself.

    • Meeaülo says:

      In the reality, make this man Filipino with the same character and everything, and she won’t be into him, so in conclusion, yes she is a gold digger

    • Barrack Obama says:

      BoltingPW jeez us christ white people r hella weird like u

  4. Coco Marie says:

    He really acted like he was a whole snack and as if it would be her loss if it didn’t work 🤢 I’m proud of you rose!

    • Gary LeVine says:

      Rose is such a cool person for this. She didn’t scream or anything at him, she just calmly broke him down and told him she didn’t want to be with him. His views on women are even more messed up than his mayo soaked hairline.

  5. Jose Cazarez-Aguirre says:

    Ed wanted to find if they were “compatible” SIR she wanted something you don’t want in life! YOURE NOT COMPATIBLE! You just wanted to waste this girls time

  6. cashchico says:

    when a woman looks you in the eye and says ” i know who you are” issa wrap homie pack it up, back to US of A

  7. Trending Compilations says:

    Rose wants kids and she clearly said that to Ed when they were still chatting. And now Ed acts like the victim. He came to the Philippines just to embarrass her and use her for sex. Well, Ed only wants fame and he has no plans to be with rose whatsoever. His plans were successful. But I know karma is coming for him.

    • Mira Tellez says:

      Rose can find a nice young man who can give her kids. I hope. 💝

    • IneverknewIcouldchangemyname says:

      @Mira Tellez Last i heard she was in a relationship with a woman tho, but i guess theres other means of having a child

  8. Michelle A says:

    To make sure we’re compatible?? Isn’t wanting to have kids or not an important piece of that??

    • Bret Melton says:

      Definitely Michelle

    • Huginn Bodgaedir says:

      He can sit and lie straight to her face and to all our faces and act like it isn’t the elephant in the room. Typical sociopathic behavior.

    • Huginn Bodgaedir says:

      @Liz d “Dirty old Man” You are the only one who caught that here. Sex without obligation, $$$’s and fame with residual $$$’s was and is his game. He won. Winner, winner, winner…

      Truth is that most men would love uncomplicated sex without attachtments with an attractive woman. But… He scammed this girl. Thats different.

    • Francesca says:

      @Huginn Bodgaedirmaybe he’s not a sociopath but he’s definitely very very selfish and manipulative since he treats others like he’s above them and then acts like the victim

    • Greta G says:

      No, not always. You could have two people that both want kids but they’re still 0% compatible otherwise; or two people that are flawless soulmates, except for the fact that one wants children and the other does not.

  9. Averi says:

    Imagine if Rose is fluent to speak in English, no neck Ed would have cried.

  10. Fífi Shawtií says:

    See how shocked he is now pft……he don’t even deserve her she’s so honest and clearly not a money digger

  11. Clo Halburne says:

    I’m so glad Rose didn’t take his crap, she deserves more than Ed. He reminds me of a pressure squashed Gaston

  12. Ivy Mom18 says:

    I love her facial expressions bruh, if looks could kill.

  13. Mill says:

    Clearly she wasn’t a “Golddigger “as people try to make her out to be, she put her self respect and dignity before an opportunity for her and her son to have a better life. He’s a piece of trash and she will do better.

    • Jay Turan says:

      Mariana Siqueira single. Drama free. Successful business owner. I’m livin good brotha wbu?

    • Jay Turan says:

      Pray ForMe that’s what your wife’s boyfriend said about you.

    • Leslie G says:

      She seemed genuinely upset that he didn’t want to have a baby with her. Plus, I’m sure she wouldn’t want to have a kid with someone she plans on leaving in the future.

    • cake 2018 says:

      @Jay Turan you said ” A women will throw away all codes and so on… ” At this point I wish she is a gold digger and get that green card and left him after. I feel sad cause “She is Not!!! She should the just played along with Ed and be submissive to everything… and your point judging her is correct. Team Rose here.

    • jeslin karisa says:

      Ed was getting paid $1000 per episode but Rosemarie didn’t get a single dime. This guy is absolutely disgusting

  14. flickd says:

    omg hes so annoying. everytime she says something, he literally pauses for like 5 minutes to think of a dumb excuse.

    • Kurt Russell Ignacio says:

      It’s probably what always manipulative person do, they don’t listen and just prepare what to say next

    • fart daniel says:

      Uhh I wanted to see if uhhhh we were compatible first

    • kami Simenaite says:

      She cant speak proper English… 🙁

    • RJ says:

      There’s this crazy thing, you might’ve heard it, it’s called editing and TLC are infamous for doing it to clips in a way that make people look bad.

    • Huginn Bodgaedir says:

      You mean a way to portray himself as a victim when in fact he is an evil schyster!

      Yep… Sociopathic liar who harms other people but wants to say HE is the victim.

  15. Christina Dira says:

    He just wanted to sleep with her first before telling her he didn’t want kids. He thought his money would convince her to not have kids. Ed is the definition of a narcissist.

  16. Rachel Zamstein says:

    She didn’t ask you why you don’t want kids… SHE ASKED WHY YOU LIED.

  17. Orange Blossom says:

    He was so scared that she was gonna deceive him and scam him but in reality he was the deceptive scammer one

  18. melanie's bitch says:


  19. Chiba Rock says:

    If he ever thought she was a gold digger, this right here proves she’s not one. Now he looking stupid. She genuinely wanted a healthy relationship and child. He wanted a servant.

  20. Andrijana Eric says:

    If he doesn’t want kids then he needs to find a woman that doesn’t want kids too. Simple as that.

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