Rose Gold & Purple Smokey Eye | Jaclyn Hill

Rose Gold & Purple Smokey Eye | Jaclyn Hill




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20 Responses

  1. Shannon Lei says:

    Love you Jac. But please please please switch up your makeup in your tutorials…the past FOUR months have been nothing but featuring Morphe…I love your tutorials but it’s unfair to your viewers :/

  2. Taypunk says:

    It’s like you knew I was in the mood for purple makeup <3 love it

  3. Raynieri Perez says:

    You think we could recreate this look with your palette

  4. Maritsa Campos says:

    I love the little dance you make after applying setting spray lol

  5. Miz Santi says:

    Love the look. But I’m honestly tires of seeing morphe. There are so many other amazing brands out there too faced, sugar pill, Etc. I would love to see different brands, seeing all this morphe all the time makes me feel like this is a morphe YouTube channel and not Jaclyn…😣

  6. Monica Benavidez says:

    I love the purple backdrop and your tutorial!! I love the colors!! 💜💜

  7. Lenny Lay says:

    This whole look was just tragic.

  8. Zobia Ahmad says:

    Where are ur inner ear ear climbers from?

  9. Cindy Whitley says:

    Love the colors you used love the nude lip with the bold purple eyes

  10. Shyru#Celestial-Master says:

    That’s not a look, is a facade.

  11. FB Diving says:

    Burberry give away on my channel !

  12. Genesis Rod says:

    Hey Jaclyn… it would be sick if u did halloween looks for October…,I don’t know any better time to be really creative and different than October🎃….give me some Halloween inspo girrrrrl I have no clue what I’d like to do and I’d like to see ur take on it kweennnnn!!!!! Then u can bring on the festive looks back in November 😺

  13. DanDaMan Fishing says:

    Shutting down free speech on ur channel will not change anything it only makes u look like a narrow minded bigot if u leave negative comments I will delete and block u ahhhh a great way to hone ur skills is to shut down constructive criticism and free speech #FACIST

  14. Ruth Garcia says:

    Should you spray your brush before or after you grab the shimmery shadow?

  15. chloe says:

    Hey guys, I have started a new blog which will be solely centred around beauty/makeup, skincare, beauty halls, fashion halls, makeup do’s and don’ts etc. Please go check it out if you feel like you would be interested! (Shameless self promo, I know 😢😂). I am aiming to do 2 posts a week but depending on how this goes it may change. I have one blog post up now, go read if you feel you would enjoy! Thanks a lot 😄✨

  16. Tay St. Crow says:

    “I’ve literally let him pop a pimple in my ass crack, but when it comes to filming I’m like sttoopp it’s embarrassiinggg.” Lololol I’m the EXACT same way it makes no sense but whatevverrrr 😉😘🖤

  17. Edmaliz martinez says:

    What is your favorite make up remover.

  18. Lisa Marie says:

    You know why people complain so much? Because YouTube gurus are blending. There isn’t much that separates their techniques from the others. If I put Jaclyn, Manny Mua, Jefferson star, and all of their friends together the technique is the same. It is not always about the product but how it is applied creates different looks and different change in someone’s face. No doubt their looks are heavy and drastic but you have to do something to switch it up and expand your horizons. People on YouTube like the make up pallets, but also want to see change and expansion to know we are learning something other than how to do your eyes. Take Wayne gross for example. He doesn’t do every video with lengthy tutorials. Sometimes it is just about the technique so YOU can become a master of makeup.

  19. Giovanna Santillan says:

    Super pretty I’m excited to try this right now !

  20. Krista Pasquale says:

    I miss her red hair it was so pretty

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