Rose McGowan Shares Her Thoughts On ‘Time’s Up’ Movement | The View

Rose McGowan Shares Her Thoughts On ‘Time’s Up’ Movement | The View

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  1. Natalie 1234 says:

    She made me burst into tears I can here the pain strangulating her voice…makes me so incredibly sad for her story and proud she still has the power to keep breathing x

  2. habbogigi says:

    She’s so awkward, but she’s so fucking right, and she’s spilling it all.

    • Sean O says:

      Awkward? Intensity seldom comes out smoothly. Recognize it for what it is, horror is in there, and she’s doing great.

    • Molar Bear says:

      i think that’s why she is trying to show the world, this is not for fame, she is not on the view for fame, this is not her spotlight, she is trying to bring awareness. by shaving her head and wearing something that does not bring attention to herself she is really trying to send a message of i am here for a purpose, not for fame or whatever people might think, but to bring awareness, not revamp my career as an actress. i understand her

    • Erin Blockabitch says:

      She’s not awkward in the least. It’s just an awkward subject.

    • Gay Bottom Pride says:

      why exactly is she awkward? to me she just seems like someone who is traumatized but i wouldn’t say she is awkward

  3. High Midnight says:

    Pedophilia is much more common than people want to believe. They look like you and me. They have jobs and families.

    • ShakAttak says:

      it’s worldwide..

    • 2Bdiscovered says:


    • High Midnight says:

      2Bdiscovered Barbara is part of the problem. She doesn’t want the rich and powerful, (her friends) lives ruined. She’s just as evil.

    • J Carter says:

      High Midnight agreed. I took the route of setting boundaries right away regarding their bodies and that had to involve modesty around pretty much anyone but immediate family (sadly kids are notorious for sexualizing other kids once it has happened to them). I think what I went through as well as a child really set the tone once I became I parent. I also went as far as no overnights when they were young and the kids simply played at our house, and they were far from social pariahs, they turned out just fine and ended up avoiding potential childhood trauma. They felt like they had plenty of freedom but I was always extremely vigilant and kept the dialogue going. I see parents dropping their young kids off after meeting parents once and I don’t know how they get through the night.

  4. Fuzzard Keeper says:

    rose is right

  5. Saheli Banerjee says:

    Family support matters most

  6. Tamara Austin says:

    I couldn’t stop crying

  7. Amy Berkowitz says:

    Rose, sisters don’t disown each other. I’m sure she regrets that. Now you have more than just one, you have an Army.

  8. Ashley Lavergne says:

    This makes me very angry and sad, I remember Rose when she was acting in lots of movies, I thought to myself she On Her Way, and she has so much potenetial, wondering why I never saw her anymore. To see why is so sad, like her potential/ opportunity taken from her. So unfair.

  9. Eva Hendrix-Shovlin says:

    “I’m sorry to puncture your heroes, but sometimes these heroes need to be better.”

    • viola Clifton says:

      your question is absoulutely valid and important. i think it depends on the person looking for work. Ex. if a child molester did his/her time in jail then got out, would you want them to work with you or live near you. Sometimes i think its a question on what you feel comfortable with. what you can live with and other people have to respect your decision and not necessarily agree. (my opinion)

    • Linda Slamen says:

      +viola Clifton Little boys like pussy

    • Tough Taurus says:

      JustinHenryfan Why is it so important for you to gain agreement with a probable stranger for boundless support of Weinstein?

    • James Robert says:

      I did not say ‘People’, I said ‘They’ – as in the non molesting rapists who have made mistakes. I don’t fully comprehend what you’re fishing for in this conversation.
      But if you are looking at these situations and feeling the need to somehow stick up or forgive these perversions of society? Then just say it and stop dancing around with your half questions.
      How and why would you ever suggest that people should hire them again? Why would you want them to be hired again. A bridge is too good a place for these scum to be allowed to exist.

    • OlgaQLD says:

      JustinHenryfan… Harvey Weinstein won’t go to prison, just as Woody Allen didn’t, Bill Cosby didn’t, Bill Clinton didn’t, Michael Jackson didn’t, Roman Polanski didn’t (although he skipped the country)…. there is no proof just one persons word against another, had women like McGowan gone to the police when it happened instead of telling people in the industry there might be some legal proof but none of the actresses accusing him of rape did that… they took payouts and now decades later they want him in prison and he should be punished but if he says it was consensual sex in order to get the part in a big box office movie how do you now go back and prove it was rape? There’s no DNA evidence, no photos showing bruised or beaten bodies… just a lot of women wanting fame and fortune and falling into Harvey Weinstein’s clutches! Meryl Steep referred to him as ‘GOD’… ‘THE PUNISHER’…. Old Testament. Kinda says it all.

  10. farah says:

    That was sad honestly made me understand where she is coming from.

  11. chasemebaby says:

    I literally cried when she started talking about her sister.

    • Colette Batman says:

      chasemebaby I did too

    • Kevin Pham says:

      i’m sick of tv shows conditioning people to undermine themselves to condone the deviance’s of sex abusers!
      Like recently General Hospital paired the role of ELIZABETH Webber with the character FRANCO!
      Don’t you find it weird that the original actor JAMES FRANCO was that antagonist character on GH who abused and had a child raped in JAIL and sexually abused women on that child! And now this actor is under fire for is own REAL LIFE allegations of sexual abuse! And now the writers from that show have continued the existence of that horrible character with a new actor! And they paired that character FRANCO on GH with ELIZABETH! And the character ELIZABETH from GENERAL HOSPITAL is a RAPE VICTIM SURVIVOR, so why is the executive of ABC working so hard to create this sympathetic vile complicity to make the propagandized symbolic representation of a sex offender given the privileges to not only purse a relationship with an already rape victim survivor! And then have the privilege to raise that mother’s child and father’s son in that other man’s face who is JASON MORGAN! I don’t understand this need for the executives to comprise the audience to undermine itself to appease and feel sympathy for the symbolic representation of sex offenders who abuse women and children on an ABC show! This kind of character FRANCO should be killed off already and yet it’s still here even despite the original actors correlations with his role that has now begun to taint the focus of this show!! It’s time for WOMEN to start making executive SOAP OPERA decisions! Despite that these executives removed a long time veteran actress GENIE FRANCES who is LAURA SPENCER from PORT CHARLES GH CANVAS! And this executives is now pushing this SEX OFFENDER character FRANCO to be condone and alleged to have sympathy for the audience for the existence of that characters heinous deviance’s in abusing women and children! How is this even allowed on ABC!! And no one is saying anything to stop this!! How is putting a rape victim survivor character like ELIZABETH WEBBER paired with FRANCO a character who sexually abused SAM in front of JASON and then had his nephew michael raped in jail!! How is putting LIZ with FRANCO Emmy worth material that is HORRIBLE! And immorally disgusting! It sends a message to audience that all victims of sex abuse should forgive the sex offenders who abuse them or they’re family member! When in truth sex offenders should be in jail and pay for their crimes!! And ABC just rewards that character FRANCO despite this #METOO movement I think it’s a disgrace! We definitely need ABC HQ to take a closer look at this ridiculous setting in how this show has begun to distraught away from it’s original message of values and morals since 1963!!!

    • Linda Slamen says:

      boys should just be locked away for when we feel like could use some sex that’s all boys are good for .it save a lot of heart break on who to believe your son your brother .though boys lie all the time all to get sex that all boys life for even at in preschool they often show every one NASTY dicks peek under girls dresses

    • k taylor says:

      me too, just watched it, crying now

  12. fashionista444 says:

    Wow. The most powerful interview on The View I can recall in the 20 yrs I’ve watched this show

  13. Curly Virgo says:

    This is so so sad. You can see she’s still in pain

  14. Francisca Hidalgo says:

    We are proud of you Rose and thank you for making a difrences.

  15. jaybrook07 says:

    I don’t get the Justin Timberlake hate, he can’t say his WIFE is hot? is that kind of world you women wanna live in?

    • koolpebble says:

      jaybrook07 You missed the point but someone explained it better than I did.

    • Matt Laramie says:

      ozvoyager thankyou for making this point. I’ve been thinking exactly what you wrote but was afraid of being attacked for writing it. People have branded and convicted him without a trial, and socially made him an outcast. Very well said !

    • Aubrey DiVincenzo says:

      I agree. Hating on Justin was stupid. He can support the me too movement and compliment his own wife. Kate Winslet also did the Woody Allen movie. So what? Shes just hating on a successful person for no reason.

    • Sam Hayet says:

      @Ozvoyager Your information is wrong. Mia Farrow found pictures of Woody Allen and her adopted teenage daughter posing naked with each other. That is how she found out, not only was she betrayed, but that her lover was preying on her daughter?

    • m mar says:

      its more about the Woody Allen comment! Wifes hot is just a …???

  16. Manuel Rodriguez says:

    People should really listen to her.
    People who are close minded will think she’s crazy but she’s talking about the truth.

    • R Navs says:

      I can’t believe people still look up to Hillary Clinton after her defensive this man and her husband.

    • Smartass012 says:

      +R Navs Hillery her self was accused of rape

    • Amelia says:

      Manuel Rodriguez starts to explain the whole Hollywood narrative that all these young starlets are ‘trainwrecks’ and ‘off the rails’. And the child stars that grow up to abuse drugs….

    • m mar says:


  17. LeeleeG says:

    Thank you Rose. Thank you.🙏🏻❤️🌞

  18. Jayne Skye says:

    we need to start addressing pedophilia aswell guyss

  19. creejay says:

    She’s completely right about taking a settlement. What was a 23 year old Rose McGowan supposed to do? She had no education, no prospects beyond acting, and no wealthy family to fall back on. Was Hollywood going to side with some starlet over a powerful man like Harvey Weinstein? She would have to give up her entire livelihood just to call out someone who had assaulted her.

    • Eric Ryan says:

      Thanks for understanding. Sad how many others don’t want to.

    • Pukka T. says:

      She doesn’t need to say a single thing about that settlement. I’d like to see the same people criticising her for it dare tell the parents of children born with defects or permanently injured as a result of billion pound pharmaceutical companies like GlaxoSmithKline fraudulently marketing medications that they’re failures & “complicit” for settling out of court…which virtually all of them did/do.

    • m mar says:

      creejay…totally agreed! Rose was VERY VERY right as far as the money goes!!! she was already literally dying from the inside out due to the pain agony/effects of the trauma. the last thing she needed to worry about at the time was going hungry and homeless!!!

  20. simpleplanfan011 says:

    She isn’t wrong about Hollywood being fake. Now that it’s “cool” to speak out against these evil people, now they want to come out and be heard. If it wasn’t for this, they’d all be quiet and happily continue working with Woody Allen without a second thought. Rose knows exactly what she’s speaking about.

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