Roseanne – Returning to ABC

Roseanne – Returning to ABC

Groundbreaking family comedy “Roseanne” will return in 2018 with the original cast! From executive producers Roseanne Barr, Sara Gilbert, Tom Werner, Bruce Helford, Whitney Cummings and Tony Hernandez.

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Iconic comedy series “Roseanne” will return to ABC. The eight-episode reboot, featuring the original cast – Roseanne Barr (Roseanne), John Goodman (Dan), Sara Gilbert (Darlene), Laurie Metcalf (Jackie), Michael Fishman (D.J.) and Lecy Goranson (Becky) – will air in 2018. Sarah Chalke, who played the character Becky in later seasons, will also appear in another role.

When it premiered on ABC, the series broke new ground for its realistic portrayal of a working-class family, the Conners, barely scraping by in the fictional town of Lanford, Illinois.  It also dominated the ratings as one of the highest-rated television series on the air for its near-decade run. A comedy about ordinary people who faced day-to-day survival with a sense of the absurdity of it all, the inimitable Roseanne was its epicenter.  Lauded for its humor, relevance, warmth and honesty, the Conner family will continue to deal with the economic challenges of living pay check to pay check in 2018.  In its nine seasons on ABC, in addition to being a primetime ratings hit, the series won a Peabody Award and a Golden Globe Award for best television series (comedy or musical). Barr and Goodman each won Golden Globes for best performance by an actress and actor. Barr went on to win an Emmy as lead actress, and Metcalf won two supporting actress Emmys for her work on the series.

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20 Responses

  1. Christian Hansard says:

    Time to undo that awful 9th Season.

  2. Conversando Com LuLu says:

    Ii’m so so só excited.Roseanne is back,is back.

  3. Matt Myers says:

    canceled in 1 season

  4. GreysALIASAnatomy says:

    The ending though is what confuses me here. I assume they know what they’re doing, but she made up her story so nothing is what it seemed in the entire series.

  5. MrDrawingboard1 says:

    As hyped as I am I have two questions. One, who is returning to play Becky since she had two actresses? Two, if John Goodman is coming back, how is this going to tie in with the final season if he died all along? Is Roseanne back to her writing, are we going to forget the last season ever happened? Ah who cares, its the original gang back together again!

  6. muppetsstoogesfan1 says:

    But will the original couch return?

  7. Joretta Fawbush says:

    Very excited
    I loved the show
    can’t wait

  8. Barry Goldsbury says:

    I’ve enjoyed most of the reboots and revivals. Some more than others. This is one that I feel is actually necessary and relevant. Also, I am not going to lie. That got me a little emotional. I’ve missed this.

  9. joe green says:

    Can’t wait to see my Favourite TV family with the mother or all mothers Roseanne

  10. KatyCupCakes says:

    Please don’t mess this up, I begging you (ABC)!!!

  11. CyberAviaHQ says:

    Hopefully they do the same with That 70’s Show but in the 90s

  12. Lisa Neuman says:

    I am so excited!!! Hopefully we will get grown up versions of Haris,Andy, and Jerry.

  13. Frederick Ortega says:

    Thank you ABC! The original cast all returns! I love the original Becky: Lecy Goranson!!!!!!!!

  14. Andrew Bolyn says:

    Halloween better have an episode.

  15. David Michael says:

    Jesus H. Christ man enough with the TV revivals! Seriously does anybody really want this? Was anyone actually clamoring for Roseanne to come back lol?? We live in a golden age of television, no need to waste time on these boring, creative vacuums.

  16. Catina gallaspy says:

    Thank you for bringing it back!!! I missed the show so much!

  17. grillmeasteak says:

    I might actually watch TV again…

  18. Eonwolf x9 says:

    well I loved the original! I’m sure I’ll love this new version…

    you better not ruin this show for me!!???

  19. Irish Jerry says:

    they bring a piece of shit like this back but cancel “last man standing” what a fucking joke ABC is

  20. orion2themax says:

    Which Becky is coming back that’s what I wanna know they were both hot but Becky two was hotter

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