Rosenberg Loses It On Police Officer Over Alton Sterling Killing

Rosenberg Loses It On Police Officer Over Alton Sterling Killing

Rosenberg Loses It On Police Officer Over Alton Sterling Killing


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20 Responses

  1. Jimbo Slice says:

    I could get irritated by this comments section, but I won’t. Cops will be
    cleared because they made the right decision.

  2. Eric Williams says:

    stop resisting arrested do what the cop tell you to do and stfu this guy
    was a sex offender smh you bitch ass black ppl just like crying on social

  3. North American Driving Academy Inc. says:

    Baton Rouge police, the local district attorney, and Louisiana Gov. John
    Bel Edwards (D),Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake a WEB OF LIARS, the truth IS
    CRYSTAL CLEAR, call for action from Racist USA, including PBS and reporter
    there’s no hope for Justice in this Racist Country……USA BS

  4. Hernan Cortez says:

    nope. justified shoot.

  5. Howard Sylve' IV says:

    Much respect to Rosenberg for going off on that officer and his cowardice
    to say a fellow officer did a bad job.
    Also I hope these officers get convicted. I’m tired of seeing people who
    are clearly under-control being killed. I don’t care if the victim is
    black, white, Hispanic/Latino, etc. Murder is murder, convict the murderer.

  6. Mritsonlyaname says:

    Boo fucking hoo. The guy was a criminal with a gun. Good riddance.

  7. JabbaWock MD says:

    Alton was a pedophile and had a gun. Child rapist with a gun was shot.

  8. Kaleb Jonathon says:

    When the cop dont like your mixtape and you don’t give him a refund ???

  9. ewilliamsz2099 says:

    Bottom line is cops are stressed out cowards who murder for a paid

  10. Wamoo57 says:

    Man I hate how people have to list off a person’s negative/positive traits
    to justify something as terrible as murder. I don’t care what this dude did
    in his life because the fact is that he was killed in a situation that
    could of been controlled in an alternative way and that shit is kinda

  11. lobreddemon says:

    there was another video

  12. marcus johnson says:

    i seen him, with his right had reaching toward his right pocket where the
    gun was pulled from. you can see his shoulder movement

  13. Markyboypnoy says:

    Usually Im more on the side of the cops, but man, if anyone watched the
    video of the guy getting shot, there’s no denying this one.

  14. Saynt says:

    Hold that W Rosenberg

  15. hellgnome A says:

    Rest in Peace brother, May Allah Help and be with family.
    What a sad time :(

  16. prince tabib says:

    He had a gun you idiot! I agree they shouldn’t have shot him but when
    someone has a gun you don’t shoot them in the leg because there will be a
    chance they still shoot yo.

  17. Christopher De Leon says:

    we’d hurry up and vote Donald Trump so we can stop the madness

  18. Backwards Man says:

    Wait so the convicted pedophile sex offender with a gun in his pocket is
    the victim because he’s black?
    Damn, and y’all bitch about white people having it so good!!

  19. My body is yours daddy ;) I'm your bitch to take control of says:

    Fuck that black faggot. He’s the ugliest piece of shit I’ve ever seen. The
    world was done a favor by him being killed

  20. truetype80 says:

    he was a sex offender with multiple battery charges.