Round 2 Player Highlights & Pick Analysis | 2019 NFL Draft

Round 2 Player Highlights & Pick Analysis | 2019 NFL Draft

Player highlights and pick analysis from round two of the 2019 NFL Draft.

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79 Responses

  1. OWEN SHERRILL says:

    Any other broncos fans super happy so far?

    • Maddox Vincent says:

      I absolutely cannot stand the broncos

    • Maddox Vincent says:

      Cass Smith noo

    • Maddox Vincent says:

      LTam Almeda

    • Zzini Official says:

      If drew is good ill be happy cus we couldve picked up another lineman or a linebacker

    • Austin K says:

      I would’ve been upset if denver took Lock at number ten like all the pre draft boards were projecting, but taking him as their second round 2 pick feels a lot better. I still get visions of Paxton Lynch, but if Lock sits behind Flacco or legitimately earns the start this year I’d be happy with the Broncos giving him a shot. first two picks were on point though, Denver has a lot of potential on both sides of ball this year and I’m excited. Don’t think they’ll take the division, but a lot of potential to grow and compete now.

  2. Adrian Dominguez says:

    Broncos and Seahawks had huge steals

    • Rockhair Gaming says:

      +Adrian Dominguez like i said. We’ll see.

    • Anthony Winter says:

      +Rockhair Gaming He still has time to develop those receiver skills to accommodate his physical stature. His speed to mass is what’s exceptional. And with the Seahawks, they don’t even throw that much so there is not a huge amount of pressure for him to ball out. With time I think he’ll figure it out

    • Carlos Ortega says:

      +Rockhair Gaming Na man he does have technique it just the qb was inconsistent and the coaching at Ole miss was bad. If they gave Metcalf more post and slant he would put up crazy stats but instead they just gave him go and curl routes. Its bold but if the Seahawks use him right they just got themselve the next Megatron because they both had the exact same promblems coming out of college

    • Isaac Young says:

      D.K. is like a David Boston type. I dont see him being much of a difference maker.

  3. brandon bagley says:

    Dudes really out here watching the draft like it’s the Avengers Endgame….

    It’s me. I’m dudes.

  4. Le’Veon Bell #26hunnit #PayBell #GOAT says:

    *Of course the Browns get a first round talent in the second round ?‍♂️*

    • Aaron Rong says:

      Most of these defensive players are first round graded this year

    • some guy says:

      If he was a first round talent why were they able to get him? He was passed up 6 times for other corners. He slid for a reason.

    • Benjimayn Vai says:

      The kid can tackle. Just not the best tackler. But he puts them down. Dude is there to cover. Point blank period. He’s the best CB in the draft. Man coverage. ??‍♂️ going to be funny when he makes pro bowl first year.

    • LimitlessPotential says:

      Le’Veon Bell #26hunnit #PayBell #GOAT I would say that’s what we do but this is kind of a second time thing considering we have only he has two good drafts?

  5. M G says:

    Byron Murphy and Budda Baker are going to be on the same team again!

  6. Roberto A says:

    Let’s go Hawks D.K Metcalf

  7. AKay says:

    The fact that a lot of teams passed on DK or chose another receiver makes me skeptical about how good this guy really is, but I feel that he’ll be a great weapon for Russ if he can stay healthy.

    • Cass Smith says:

      +the vault dweller dude is a monster. Zero numbers? FOH. Injuries and not getting the ball are why his stats are low. A.J. has the better hands, D.K. way more athletic.

    • Perry Marks says:

      +Cass Smith If you can’t beat college CBs you’re not going to beat NFL CBs. Keep in mind that NFL scouts watch every snap not just the highlights so they would know if he was getting open or not. I’m guessing they seen a big fast dude that can’t run crisp enough routes to shake corners.

    • Cass Smith says:

      +Perry Marks averaged 18 yards a catch but can’t get open, aight.

    • VollrathFGC says:

      He struggled to stay healthy in college

    • Duncan Darnell says:

      He can only run 5 different routes but I’m sure he will be an athletic threat. Imo not a great fit for the hawks

  8. LSJ Martin says:

    Marquis blair might help us!

  9. DEXTVHD says:

    Wtf no Deebo Samuels? You had one on NFL

  10. Madden MUT CLIPS says:

    where was the 49ers pick ?

  11. Ess_ Rank says:

    U can’t have Greedy Williams and denzel ward on the same team.

  12. Connor Sinnett says:


  13. Bryan says:

    Kyle Rudolph is safe in Minnesota, the other tight ends on the team haven’t really been too great as far as blocking and catching, so we needed another

  14. T0m My says:

    Glad to see y’all actually showed the Lions pick on TV unlike ESPN. Thank you NFL Network

    • Jumpin Jehoshaphat! says:

      What do you think of the picks so far?

    • White Bleach says:

      +Jumpin Jehoshaphat! surprised we passed on Ed and greedy

    • Zeke McMeeken says:

      White Bleach Yeah I know but our d-like already has really good studs like deshawn hand, Romeo okwara, the Robinsons, and we already have big play slay with tevin Coleman, and Tracy walker who all went to the same high school and are highly graded by pff. So that’s why but I think we’ve found some good fits from the draft so far.

  15. Seattle Seahawks says:

    10:00 for Marquise Blair and 23:33 for D.K. Metcalf analysis

  16. Erik Vargas says:

    D. K. already has a nickname, Batman’s been ready for the NFL

  17. Noahs Noah says:

    So we all gonna ignore the fact that greedy Jawaan D.K and drew were all supposedly first round draft picks

  18. Seattle Seahawks Highlights says:

    Chargers may have the best young safety’s in the league Nasir and Derwin

  19. Kannon Hemenway says:

    Way to miss the 49ers pick! #37 overall. NFL editors messing up already.

  20. Cousin Chris says:

    Sources are telling me that Kevin Durant is now interested in joining the Browns this off-season.

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