Rousey gets support from LeBron and Kobe after UFC 207 – Kristine and Colin react | THE HERD

Rousey gets support from LeBron and Kobe after UFC 207 – Kristine and Colin react | THE HERD

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Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy talk Ronda Rousey after her loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207.

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20 Responses

  1. eliasmoney12 says:

    She should’ve trained with Floyd Mayweather.

  2. Coach JG says:

    No excuses for Rousey not congratulating her opponent and slinking out of
    the ring. She’s a chump.

  3. Jason Barry says:


  4. Alrich Fields says:

    Typical TYPICAL female response. Women ALLways deal with issues on the
    personal level. The man was not critiquing Ronda on the peronal level, he
    was speaking of Ronda within the context of the business of the UFC and the
    skill set level of women as to where they are now in the sport vs where it
    will be in the future. Female sees his comment as dismissive of Ronda.
    Typical! lol. They think and see things differently then men do.

  5. tintin395 says:

    could rousy have done better if she used her judo and wrestling skills?

  6. fernando perez says:

    she could probably be back little by little

  7. Grahamhg says:

    If Rousey could bring her striking up to par she’d still be able to compete
    at the high level. Rousey is an awesome grappler.

  8. Robert Blackwell says:

    Best fighter of the year they said…idiotic fans said she could beat
    Floyd…she got exposed not once but twice #Overrated

  9. Arges Hagan says:

    oh my god…kristine leahy is stunning…she should have her own show.

  10. Renato Cvikic says:

    DumB spoiled Hoe

  11. Charlie Football says:

    Ronda Rousey is like a Legendary Super Saiyan (broly) but everyone else are
    now moved up to SSJ2 and beyond. You think Broly can beat anyone but he’d
    get wrecked by kid Gohan

  12. ThaRestlessOne says:

    Ronda could still sell PPVs if she continues to fight because the only
    other star the UFC has is Conor McGregor.


    Ronda is the Matt Hughes of women’s MMA. Great grappler, but once exposed
    to strikers they would always have difficulty against them

  14. Rurouni Kenshin says:

    both of these guys are idiots, not going to lie.

  15. JustNYC • says:

    Took her this long to remember her own name? Lol hit the like for 2017

  16. AKdsad100 says:

    This girl is baaad…

  17. Ask The Pro DJ says:

    I dont think the girl with the high hair likes Ronda Rousey at all, she has
    such a negative vibe.

  18. KingOfStrongStyle says:

    Only here for Kristine

  19. Chance Webster says:

    Kristine can leg lock me and smack me all day.

  20. Yannick N.D. says:

    I totally agree with the female co host!