Roy Halladay Plane Crash Video, Witnesses Say He Was Showboating | TMZ Sports

Roy Halladay Plane Crash Video, Witnesses Say He Was Showboating | TMZ Sports

Roy Halladay appeared to be hot doggin’ it in his plane in the moments before his crash — making extreme and unusual changes in altitude … this according to multiple witnesses.
TMZ Sports has obtained footage shot by boaters who say the ex-MLB star’s plane was going from 100 feet in the air down to 5 feet and then back up again … repeatedly.


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99 Responses

  1. MrTBAGINURMOM says:

    Bet he would regret that decision now. He had a good life and pissed it away, if he was showing off.

    • lamakicker69 says:

      Shut the fuck up you inconsiderate asshole. Everyone in the MLB loved him and always had great things to say about him as a person. It literally doesn’t matter at all whether he was showing off or not. A Hall of fame Pitcher and amazing persons tragically passed away far to young, have some respect.

    • I AM ALIVE !!!!! says:

      When you do tricks over water you can’t really tell you’re altitude very well with the sun shining off of the water not something novice people should do

    • I AM ALIVE !!!!! says:

      T Bergs yes because no rich people ever give millions to charity

    • Luke Shoewalker says:

      MrTBAGINURMOM yeah but that doesn’t make his death any more tragic. People make mistakes all the time. We all have flaws and his is obviously that he’s cocky. But that doesn’t make him less of a person.

    • lamakicker69 says:

      Luke Shoewalker I wouldn’t even say he’s cocky, he was never cocky when he was playing baseball. He just loved to fly and was probably just testing his ability but pushed himself to far. Tragic death for a great baseball player and great person

  2. BLACK_GOKU says:

    Grim reaper dont play that shit when your that close to killing yourself. He’ll just say fuck it, its your time. Rip and prayers to his family and friends.

  3. DruZiGaming says:

    Tragic. Only 40 years old. First ballot hall of famer without a doubt and may he rest easy.

  4. Dirk Diggler says:

    To people asking why they ain’t jumping in to save them is just folly.. they were dead on impact.. and I think it was more so the pilots job keeping them alive not the people in boats.. even if they were alive going under to save someone in a plane is a death wish

  5. Arizona Animal says:

    Holy shit,like omg bro !

  6. austin denney says:

    how about you jump in the water and try to find the person?!?!? Imagine if that was somebody you knew. You wouldn’t think twice about jumping in.

    • HighOnAmmo says:

      thanks for the real info jay

    • Joe Mamma says:

      I would, but in this case, it’s not my loved one. Would you jump in for this complete stranger and possibly get injured? I think not so knock it off already…

    • Mitch Rubin says:

      austin denney blame the 1st ppl on scene, how come no1 mentions them?? He’s dead regardless.

    • Edem A. says:

      austin denney There was a report that said the witnesses saw that he was clearly dead.. meaning his body was probably badly mangled.. look at the plane and then imagine a human body experiencing the same force..

    • proffessorchaoas19 says:

      +Texas Built…. But not smart enough to call 911 because you’re to busy recording on your phone?

  7. Ric Size says:

    Roy Halladay surely died on impact. Don’t blame the people taking video, as everyone was in shock, and that’s what you do to record what’s happened. Doc was showboating– RIP.

    • Jon Netbotic says:

      Hey can you talk to my dead grandmother too?

    • Fred Fender says:

      Shut up.

    • EmperorTaebok says:

      He didn’t just die on impact, he exploded on impact.
      Here’s how they ID’d John Denver, who died in a similar fashion:
      “Denver was the only occupant of the aircraft. Identification was not possible using dental records; only his fingerprints confirmed that the pilot was Denver.”

      Anyone saying people should have dived in to save him is an idiot.

    • 1202 Program Alarm says:

      Maybe he dies on impact, maybe not. He could’ve survived the impact, but since he was stuck upside down underwater, he may have drowned. He was dead before those guys got there, nothing they could’ve done

    • Syrupsipper says:

      He wasn’t showboating he was landing. The icon a5 is a floatplane

  8. Ned Schniebly says:

    “This is a… I’m like shakin bro like that’s so fuckin nuts that that just happened, like how the fuck, take it easy guys…” What a complete idiot the speaker is. He asks while recording on his cell phone if anyone called 911. Moron.

  9. Ned Schniebly says:

    Just like idiot drivers that slow down and cause a traffic backup to gawk at an accident.

  10. SeeburgMusic says:

    Holy Shit (12)Holy Fuck (6)Jesus Christ (and all variations, including used in vain) (8)Oh my God (10)Dude (8)Bro (6)

  11. mco747 says:

    TMZ has labeled this “showboating” I have labeled TMZ a POS rag run by assholes for the consumption of morons.

    • Andrew O'Hair says:

      Are you a pilot? This is entirely showboating.

    • mco747 says:

      I am. Maybe it is, maybe it isnt. He could have been having mechanical issues. How about lets wait until the investigation finishes, hmmm?

    • Gavin Stutler says:

      The entire point of those expensive piles of garbage is to showboat.

    • Syrupsipper says:

      Andrew O’Hair are you a pilot dipshit? The icon a5 is a seaplane made to land in the water. He was landing

    • Gavin Stutler says:

      Halladay told his father that he loved that plane because it made him feel like a fighter pilot when he flew low on water. He wasn’t going from point a to point be with that plane. He was flying it for pure entertainment… AKA showboating

  12. mco747 says:

    Didnt even think to call 911 or the coast guard BEFORE zipping out there, cell phones blazing. Couldnt wait to sell footage of someones death to TMZ. These guys are true pieces of human garbage, bro.

  13. badonkadonk34 says:

    DO SOMETHING!!!!! You are on the scene in 1 minute! he’s strapped into the cockpit

    • Mitch Rubin says:

      badonkadonk34 one minute?? They didn’t film the boat ride over (not the entire ride at least) plus they were second on scene, so blame the first ppl if you wanna blame someone other than the pilot. Regardless he’s dead on impact. They didn’t kill anyone stop looking to blame ppl for everything.

    • §aturn says:

      i assume closer to 5-10 minutes based on the original distance and the speed of the boat as they arrived

    • Patrick says:

      Mitch, it says nowhere he died on impact, I have no idea where everyone is getting that info from, but it could be wrong. People have survived much worse. If someone from the boat had started CPR it may not have been to late, provided they had gotten there before like 10 minutes and 911 was called. They did a lot of thing wrong here.

  14. 2 4 says:

    i’m with the people wondering why no one made any effort to see if they could extricate the pilot form the aircraft. really? nothing but ‘holy s#*t’ repeatedly saying ‘i’m shaking’. what a complete moron.
    goodness knows you wouldn’t want to get wet or anything. what a pathetic generation of losers who want to document tragedy but whatever you, don’t try to save a man’s life.

  15. Ha HaHa says:

    What if in the autopsy they find out that he actually died by drowning.

    • Frank Castle Is Dead says:

      Mason 11, countless people have you moron. Countless people have survived plane crashes from higher impacts at greater speeds.

    • Mason 11 says:

      Frank Castle Is Dead Not the ones where the plane shatters you imbecile.

    • PandaBear29 says:

      Mason 11 geez chill out. What’s done is done. Does it really matter what happened? When really all we need is the result? Even so, the past cannot be changed, so we must deal with the consequences. Hold on a sec, oh yea, we’re human. We always need someone to blame.

    • PandaBear29 says:


    • Mason 11 says:

      PandaBear29 I know what you mean. Im just triggered because that guy I called an imbecile was giving it to me in another chain.

  16. Rolltider says:

    HOLY SHIT BRO… OMG. At least he was caring enough to try to get the gender correct by saying “he or she” but not caring enough to even attempt to see if they are still alive. Also, bystanders that manage to make situations like this about themselves piss me off.

  17. Software Reviews says:

    Not only did they not attempt to save him but they sold this video to TMZ. scumbags

  18. Acoustic Shadow says:

    We apologize, Roy. You deserved a better eulogy than that served up by this “OMG, Sh*t-F’n Bro!” moron.

    • derty QWERTY says:

      You apologize to nobody, retard. The guy created his own grave in that shallow sand flat. Not the kids who called him a retard for flying like he was and endangering his own life apparently

    • TenaciousC says:

      Acoustic Shadow, piss off.

    • Twiistz says:

      derty QWERTY Doesn’t matter how Roy died. The fact is someone died, right in front of you, a mature person would say something more heart felt than “OMG, Sh*t-F’n Bro!”. It’s decency, and respect. You don’t ravel in the death of another human. Unless you have mental problems.

  19. Mason 11 says:

    Stop harassing the recorders for not saving Halladay’s life. There was NOTHING that they could’ve done. First of all a plane crash is gonna result in impact death. Physically thats common sense. If Halladay somehow survived that, then diving into the water would’ve put the recorders at risk. Second, witnessing someone die is gonna give you trauma however it occurs. You heard them say that they were “shaking” when many other people could’ve felt a TON of anxiety from watching that on impact.

    • Frank Castle Is Dead says:

      Mason 11, you listed trauma as a reason for not diving in. That was you, not me. Wow, I wouldn’t want you as a Son. You still didn’t answer my question. Would you want me to jump in if that was your Son or Father, if there was a chance he could have been saved?

    • Ryan Young says:

      I have seen worse car crashes and the occupants survived. Planes crashes as well on land. You should always check and retrieve the body anything could happen. Surviving is definitely one of them. If everyone thought this way than we would have a lot less heroes.

    • Mason 11 says:

      MaldoMusicTV When a plane crashes water, you are correct that its not automatically a potentially deadly one. But in this case, the physics make it deadly.

    • Mason 11 says:

      Frank Castle Is Dead No, I listed trauma as a reason not to harass the filmers. Good lord what other bullshit are you gonna pull out of you ass?

    • Mason 11 says:

      Ryan Young Question: How fast were those cars going? And what did they crash into?

  20. Head Of The Table says:

    “Is anyone calling 911?” I can’t stop recording to call 911.

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