Royals Say Their Final Goodbyes to Queen Elizabeth ll

Royals Say Their Final Goodbyes to Queen Elizabeth ll

The world is mourning the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. TV networks across the globe interrupted programming to announce the sad news hours after a sudden downturn in the 96-year-old monarch’s condition. Jenna Bush Hager was moments from interviewing Prince Charles’ wife when they suddenly canceled. Prince William and other family members rushed to arrive at Balmoral Castle to say their final goodbyes to the queen.

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32 Responses

  1. ◑ Dotty ◑ says:

    Покойся с миром, королева Елизавета II. Я выражаю свое почтение британской королевской семье. 🕊️

  2. Ava Adams says:

    Respect for her endurance and hustle as a monarch. The fact that she ruled through so many big events in history and managed to still maintain the U.K in the First World Countries is amazing.

    • some idiot says:

      yeah it must require a lot of endurance and hustle to colonize and bring abt genocide, so admirable

    • Andreas Niedam says:

      She maintained? She has nothing to do with it, because the Queen does not have a say in the parliamentary monarchy, that is the UK. She only gets to sign stuff.

    • usa wicked says:

      loyalty only to ALLAH . YOUR god did not save the queen she DIED .ALLAH is the Majesty .worms will eat her body like everyone else.there is no palaces or kingdom in her grave .she will be judged by WHO created her ALLAH .all souls taste death she will now see who created her and created the seen and the unseen the King of all kings ALLAH who is the only one who does NOT die and the only one worthy to worship in truth NOT jesus or anyone else created by him.ALLAH is the creator Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him. .ALLAH IS THE GREATEST

    • idrinkclorox_kid06 says:

      She lost the gulag

  3. Calm Down - Relax and Meditation says:

    I wish everyone a lot of strength in these hours. Everyone feels the loss of a person differently, so please respect the kind of grief everyone has for themselves. It’s hard for me to understand what it must feel like for a country to lose a beloved monarch. there is no monarchy in my country. But I have great sympathy with the queen and the English people.

  4. Uwarobosa taylor says:

    She is the embodiment of the 20th century. Living through both WWII and the Cold War, maintaining the transition from Empire to Commonwealth, appointing 15 prime ministers. visiting over 100 countries. She is and forever will be Britain personified in my opinion. My condolences from Nigeria to the Royal family in this time of mourning. Rest in peace, Queen Elizabeth II

  5. A1chronicle says:

    Покойся с миром, королева Елизавета II, мы уважаем тебя.

  6. Перизат Намазбекова says:

    Покойся с миром !!! Не превзайденная королева

  7. HauntedByHaunted says:

    Crazy to think that Worldwide she was considered “The Queen” by more people than all others in history combined!

  8. Jaimie Newber says:

    I don’t why, but when that crowd sang God Save The King, I began to cry. I haven’t shed a tear yet, but that really sealed it for me.

  9. Bella T says:

    I know what it’s like not arriving in time to say goodbye so my heart literally breaks for Harry. May her majesty rest in peace

  10. Rahul Kapoor says:

    Am not sad that she died , she lived a peaceful life with more money than anyone, many ppl respected her loved her , and besides she lived longer than what many ppl wish for , am happy that she is freed from all the restrictions and burden of being a queen for so long. Now she is in a place where she can have a normal life.

    • ◑ Dotty ◑ says:

      I am a bit, but she has lived quite a life, I was expecting that this would happen as she is already very old.

    • Gokhan Turhan says:

      @Kayla M oh man what she saw. What is her responsabilites. Waving her arms at special days? There is no jealosy at all there is only pure facts.

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