Royals unite: Harry and Meghan join William and Kate in tribute to Queen

Royals unite: Harry and Meghan join William and Kate in tribute to Queen

The new Prince and Princess of Wales – William and Kate – surprised crowds paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, as they were joined by Harry and Meghan outside Windsor Castle.

A palace spokesperson has said the Prince of Wales the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to join him and the Princess of Wales to greet well-wishers as they pay tribute to the Queen.

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30 Responses

  1. C McMahon says:

    This must be a horrible deja vu from when they were children looking at the flowers,when their dear mother died. So many emotions!

    • patricia lavallee says:

      @Edin12n AMEN!

    • Angiebaby99 says:

      @Sharyn Koren Maybe not in Queen Elizabeth’s ll day, all that stuff upper lip stuff but, it’s time for the royals to make their own mark on the monarchy.
      The old rules are too outdated now.

    • patricia lavallee says:

      Remember, Diana was deluged with flowers, thousands upon thousands, row upon row..the ,”queen,” some, but not like our Queen Diana, Queen of Hearts♥️
      For a reason. Justice was served, FINALLY
      May she rest in peace❣️


      @gerilynne1955 Ohh Goodness sake! It’s called wife! It’s called supporting that equals to wife being THERE TO SUPPORT HUSBAND AND ABOVE ALL

    • Ivon Perez says:

      Perder a dos abuelos en menos de año y medio ha de ser muy doloroso. Al fin de cuenta durante los primeros años para ellos solo era la abuela .

  2. chris smith says:

    They are all in my prayers in this very hard time. She was a beautiful Queen. And will never be forgotten

  3. asmeen khalik says:

    Not a royalist but from a humanitarian point of view, this brought tears to my eyes. Grew up watching the antics of the two bros, once so close and mischievious together to be so distant now. Let us all hope they all heal together and move forward with love and respect for each other. RIP, dear lady.

  4. Eve B says:

    I will always love and continue to admire the Queen. She gave her whole life to the service of her family, her country, and the Commonwealth. She did it all, with her loving and loyal husband, Prince Philip at her side. God bless both of them.

    • PinkCrayon says:

      I think I just choked. I am certain there was great affection between Elizsbeyj and Philip, but he was anything but “loyal” to her as a wife. As a monarch, sure, he always supported her. It is common knowledge they lived separate lives for the last few decades. His last and final mistress attended his funeral! We really need to stop trying to push these people into our fairytale narrative. It’s unhealthy for everyone.

  5. Alina O. says:

    It’s heartwarming to see them comforting each other, searching for support in their partners and family

  6. Emily Clarke says:

    It’s probably the most beautifull tribute they can pay to the Queen.

  7. katherine owian says:


  8. Marie-Hélène Moreau says:

    It’s probably the most beautifull tribute they can pay to the Queen.

  9. Him Bike says:

    I’m not a fan of the Royal family
    But I like to see them greet the people.
    So cool.

  10. K says:

    I am so glad that William and Kate have become the Prince and Princess of Wales. They are very deserving of it.❣️👏

    • Laurie Lovett says:

      @Ringo howignorant the Queen never as you so crudly put it” changed her tune” the Queen was With her husband and Prince Charles caring for the two boys, at Balmoral It would have been stupid to race down to London to join the mob weeping and wailing outside the palace,far better to stay in peaceful balmoral with the two boys,till it was really necessary

    • True Pink 🗣 says:

      @Kat Stephenson and prince Andrew don’t deserve to be there after his court case

    • Tinker Stinker says:

      @Peace of God oh don’t get me started on that atrocious mess! 🤣

    • Christopher Moore says:

      So many here with so much ignorance regarding who is entitled to what and which title is or is not hereditary or bestowed as a gift by the monarch: the title Prince of Wales was taken by the King of England from the principality of Wales and bestowed upon his eldest son and heir apparent to the throne. This has been the case I believe since around the mid 1280’s when King Edward I installed his son Prince Edward as the first British born Prince of Wales ending the independence of the Wales. The title is given to the male heir to the throne at the pleasure of the monarch, take note that Queen Elizabeth was never made Princess of Wales and there have been long spans of time when there has not been a prince of wales. The same is true of the title Princess Royal. It is a title bestowed by the monarch and there have been long spans of time when there have not been one. Charles made it known that due to his age, William would be made Prince of Wales soon after he became King. It is also expected that when the Princess Royal Princess Anne dies that William’s daughter is likely to be swiftly named Princess Royal.
      Don’t they teach history anymore?

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