RPG Game Logic

RPG Game Logic

Going to a weapon shop in an RPG game.

King Kaiyo – melodic
Oddwin – 19

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79 Responses

  1. Bozz Lightyr says:

    “Fine, can I sell this sword back?”

    “Sure. I can give you 500 for it.”

  2. Milk Courier says:

    where the part where once he reaches the level he realizes his class can’t equip it

  3. Juan T says:

    “Man, I’m so stupidt.”

  4. Liam Van Der Merwe says:

    Sale price: 80 000RG
    Resale value *literally 30 seconds later*: 500RG

    – Every RPG ever

  5. TDG Brooks says:

    I was honestly surprised he didn’t kill the vendor with the scabbard

  6. Anniyah Hasan says:

    “It looked so equiptableeeee…it..it looked so equiptable”😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Tomohawk McGinn says:

    This must be what it’s like for Kim Jong-Un when he’s looking at missiles

  8. Booty Spanker says:

    He just wanted to flex with his katanas

  9. Jordan Andrews says:

    “Are you injured”
    “Then what you need food for?”
    Basically mom when you ask for McDonald’s

  10. 1 Sub Before 2021? says:

    *The worst part is finding it in chest after buying it*

  11. KJplayz 21 says:

    Gun games logic
    Gun – assault rifle – rocket launcher – a knife painted in gold

  12. Aura Alice says:

    I was waiting for “why Do you sell sandals?” – “oh they are Main weapons for another party member that you haven’t met yet”

  13. TheRealEd1t says:

    imagine if everything had a level requirment

    *goes to open fridge* “You need to be lvl. 10 to access this feature”
    *checks level* “lvl. 4”

  14. Jessica McLaury says:

    “Are you injured?”
    “What you need food for”

  15. Arkane says:

    “You’re level 12”
    *pulls out phone*

    Great, he’s playing the mobile version….

    • space detective says:

      what’s wrong with the mobile version??

    • Raymundo Raymond says:

      @space detective mobile ports of certain RPGs (and basically every other game) are just sleezy recycled crap with some exceptions. These range from “not as good as the original” to “a barely playable pay to play game filled with microtransactions”

  16. Doppio says:

    Me: sees the shoe

    Also me, an asian: *war flashbacks*

  17. Heblo says:

    Dad: *Hits me*
    Me: *Hits Dad Back*

  18. Sieg Hart says:

    Dear game developers: let the npc’s talkshit.
    ~Sincerely: Gamers everywhere.

  19. manky says:

    Everyones a gansta till the merchant says it cost GEMs and not gold

  20. Theo Baselli says:

    “Are you injured?”
    “Then what do you need for?”
    Minecraft logic

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