Rubber Wrecking Ball in 4k

Rubber Wrecking Ball in 4k

Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler go head-to-head with the guys as they release massive rubber band wrecking balls onto a plethora of breakable targets below. Check out The Super Slow Show, only on YouTube.

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76 Responses

  1. PhyreManiac says:

    i was a little slow to get first

  2. CnLoCc 90s says:

    How’s Gav doing???

    • Johnfiddleface23 says:

      Sebastian Kleinod Some guy broke into his and his girlfriend’s house with a gun, got into a shootout with the police, then shot himself.

    • Ryan says:

      he had to hide in his own house because it was getting shot into and then the guy broke in couldn’t find them so he ended up in a shootout with police and then shot himself.

    • Josh Gulick says:

      Gav if ur reading this hope you start feeling better

  3. peter1rock says:

    I love this show thank you for not putting it on youtube red

    • BobaFett 519 says:

      This has much higher production value and a bigger budget yet they use it to do some really boring stuff. Some of it’s cool but I’d much rather something like that spinning CD video

    • Duncan lance oliver says:

      youtube red is only viewable by those that pay for access its like paying Slowguys 11million to make a show that then can only be seen by around 115million of the 1.65billion that would want to watch it but also take way the earning due to youtube red being what it is take away from the ad revenue doing so in the end would be counter productive anyway

    • Mr Needs says:

      YouTube Red is only available in the US, so everyone else is screwed for watching it unless you rent it at extortionate prices, +1 for not putting it on YT red

    • KittySweetums says:

      BobaFett 519 I know right?? These last couple of videos have been pretty cool, like the belly flop one, and this one, but some of them got really boring. Maybe I just prefer to watch stuff break in slow mo than to watch two people run into each other or some guy dunk a basketball.

    • BangDroid says:

      YTR is not only avail in the US…

  4. PickyTheRabbit says:

    Wonder how many hours went into making those rubberballs.

  5. Pyromaniac says:

    Break the ARM ALREADY

  6. leo drake says:

    Do you think it would be possible to look down a rifled barrel when a bullet is fired to hopefully see the bullet make contact with the rifling and start to spin? i have no idea how you would be able to do it if its possible…maybe mirrors and a lots of lights idk but either way would be amazing to see in slow motion!

    • Stephen Keller says:

      Mr Arca9 omg so did i

    • JackJMW says:

      I believe Kurt Cobain tried this

    • Chad U says:

      leo drake the bullet touches the rifling as soon as it’s inserted into the chamber there is no gap between the bullet and the rifling that would lead to extreme in accuracy as the bullet would have to jump from casing to rifling, the bullets β€œogive” also known as the point where the bullet meets the rifling is supposed to be as tight and close as possible

    • mazeltov11 says:

      A camera and a mirror

    • leo drake says:

      I’m honestly kinda surprised by some of the comments…how do you figure it’s a suicide questions?! But either way I know they did a video with a bullet going towards a camera BUT I want to see if possible to see the bullet move INSIDE the barrel with mirrors or something but I’ll leave that up to the experts to figure out

  7. RandomFlatShowsvideos says:

    At 2:52 the bottle looks like it’s floating

  8. thrjafiresouls says:

    why are they there tho :I

  9. Hungry says:

    So far, the only celebrity guest who’s seemed to actually say stuff and make jokes was the woman from the big bang theory.

  10. Duffy Dood says:

    6:13 Gav and Dan should have got at LEAST 1000000 points for blasting open the fuel cap πŸ˜‚

  11. Cuse the Creator says:

    The quick intros in every episode have been cooler slow motion shots than the actual episode

  12. TheRoyalCoconut says:

    Oh my the comments for this video are just ….. Stupid and Creepy

  13. Tauhid Hossain says:

    Wrecking ball? Where miley cyrus at???

  14. Arturo Jara says:

    I love Maddie ziegler <3

  15. UltraPrimal says:

    I’m glad I’ve never heard of these girls.

    • The Rage mage the mage of rage. says:

      @Jack Jackie
      Not everyone cares about tv shows/the names of actresses dude.

    • Don Nash says:

      Some us do live under rocks because I have no idea who those people are but happy for them if they are living their dreams and finding success.

    • Major Tom says:

      @The Rage mage the mage of rage is right. Not everyone cares about tv shows/the names of actresses. Some of us people dont have time to watch TV because we are living our lives. Me on outdoors activities.

  16. Tim de Vries says:

    something makes the episodes of this show feel less genuine than the other videos on this channel

  17. WAL33D MAS says:

    3:54 bottle flip fail LOL

  18. Volatile Supernova says:

    Opposite the hate here in the comments, I think Maddie and Mackenzie were great in this episode. People in the comments act like they wouldn’t be excited and saying wow often if they got to roll huge heavy balls down a hill to smash stuff. I would be geeking out.

    • Lorenzo Sarria says:


    • Crap Ratchet says:

      The fact is they didn’t really show any personality all we saw was generic reactions so they seem boring but it’s just because they didn’t really do anything. Nothing against them as people it’s not like they really had much opportunity to say much they weren’t asked any questions or anything.

    • Adam Morse says:

      Knowing nothing about who they were and the relatively mundane task they were asked to do for this, I’d say their reactions are fairly on par with a normal person.

      With that said, not great for Slow Mo Guys, medium for Slow Mo Show, and… yeah?

      Not gonna stop watching, might watch it again in a playlist.

  19. THE SILENCER says:

    I’m 14 and Maddie fine

  20. TRENDY says:

    *This video was bad because I wasn’t in it*

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