Rube BeauBerg Experiment

Rube BeauBerg Experiment

Senior year of high school project that doubled as a final for a Robotics class as well as Physics. Talk about killing two birds with one experiment. Here is a break down of the steps and the original presentation for whom it may concern:
Version 2.0 Expected Summer 2017.
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20 Responses

  1. MrDeadInMyPocket says:

    Thumbs up.

  2. LurkingTuna says:

    The contraption was awesome. The camera work took away from it though. I
    could barely make sense of what was happening.

  3. goltoof says:

    There… I watched it …. happy?

  4. Bret Atwood says:

    worst mannequin challenge ever!

  5. Ginga says:

    I was told you spent a long time on this and I’d better watch it so yeah
    there that was easy

  6. Mattia Bertarello says:

    i do the same thing when my wife tell me to clean the garage.

  7. Erick Romero says:

    great video, one day I’ll make mine

  8. Jared Dodd says:

    Like if you remember 20 views

  9. That Pepsi says:

    you should thank your friend who posted this on reddit

  10. Jay Chung says:

    robotics class seems fun

  11. Zeke Boxington says:

    Aw, I was hoping this would end with “Send nudes” or something. Pretty cool

  12. MarkAlanK says:

    That was pretty dag’on impressive if you ask me.

  13. TheDyingSun says:

    GG EZ

  14. Cole Webb says:

    I feel like this needs to be adapted into a Staples ad

  15. Sam Obviously says:

    U need to thank the mate who put this on reddit and got u an extra 76,516
    views lol

  16. Pedro A says:

    I am quite happily amazed by the overall average quality of the video.

  17. Enrique Martinez says:

    I don’t think I could build something like this, awesome job dude

  18. Chris Tuttle says:

    solid payoff

  19. Br00dje says:

    reddit is a wonderful place

  20. doubleblazer55 says:

    uberhumor brought me here