Rubi Rose Invited Me To Her House…

Rubi Rose Invited Me To Her House…

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34 Responses

  1. Jonny2krazy says:

    I can always count on kai to keep a conversation going and not make it awkward

  2. Jza says:

    love how y’all can complement each other and the vibe stays the same

  3. Subliminal says:

    Kai is the proof that being yourself is the key 🔑

  4. DonovanPLUG says:

    josh is such a streamer that he adapted streamer lingo into a normal thing when he talks 💀

  5. Sarah Vera says:

    I love how respectful and sweet Kai is. Always good energy with him 🙂 love you Kai

  6. Suave Trey says:

    Kai is such a people’s person, bro can literally vibe with anyone he meets. Big W’s for my guy I’m proud of the growth💯💪🏽

  7. ITZJTZ says:

    Outside of everything else, I bet she is one of the nicest people to be around all good vibes

  8. Authentic Shay says:

    Rubi is a vibe she should definitely protect her energy not saying she don’t but she definitely such a sweet person feel like people take advantage of that.

  9. Rebel 00 says:

    Kai is naturally funny big ups to him success success success

  10. AnTY says:

    Kai content on a different level i truly understand why he doesn’t post as much as he use to.

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