Ruby Rose Bought Her Mom a Giant Killer Pig

Ruby Rose Bought Her Mom a Giant Killer Pig

Ruby Rose chats with Jimmy about the giant pig she gave her mom in Australia that wants to eat her entire family and joining the Pitch Perfect family for the final movie in the series.

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Ruby Rose Bought Her Mom a Giant Killer Pig

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54 Responses

  1. onestattoo says:

    she’s looks so different!

    • BUBBLES980 says:

      When I looked at the thumbnail Iโ€™m like wait thatโ€™s not ruby but I guess it is her what happened ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • Bag of hot chips says:

      Yea, i always though her Strong chiseled face was good looking, but this is too Bony

    • Doych Lobo says:

      she’s sooooo skinny that she almost looks like she could be a really good looking 72 year old woman…

      The way her jawline is and she looks so fragile.. if she fell over she’d probably like shatter her hip, arm, both legs and her head would pop off and roll away with that coat-hanger smile on it…

      Not hatin… never even heard of her until this popped up on my youtube…

    • Demi Mckenzie says:

      That’s the modelling world for you

    • charly charly says:

      That’s what modelling does

  2. Sara -_- says:

    My little gay heart

  3. christopher rosetti says:

    So hot

  4. Bella Angela says:

    Sick. Skeleton

  5. Fuck You Homophobic asshole says:

    She lost a lot of weights..,๐Ÿ˜” i missed the old ruby rose ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  6. Sulai Man says:

    What happened to her? Is she sick or something. Honestly if I didnt see the tattoos I wouldn’t guess its her.

    • morrisonjen says:

      Sulai Man Maybe itโ€™s the vegan diet? Not sure how long sheโ€™s been one, but Iโ€™ve seen lots of vegans that are that skinny.

    • bask kev says:

      she seems to thin.

    • hanna rodriguez says:

      v1d300 yeah thatโ€™s why I find it funny when a lot of these celebs wanna be โ€œhealthyโ€ cause their vegan but then go out and do coke every night

    • Doych Lobo says:

      lol SHahzeb… ‘eating disorder because of the industry she’s in’.. HA…

      You mean ‘probably because she chose an industry based around appearance and she made the choice to starve herself to the point of an eating disorder to become successful?’

      But of course… it can’t be HER fault…

      I bet she doesn’t have an eating disorder.. she’s probably just works really hard on her appearance and is naturally really skinny.

      Looks awful.. but whatev.. I’m sure she’s got chics all over her…

    • charly charly says:

      She’s looks tiny now, it’s very worrying :/

  7. Angel says:

    She got to skinny that’s sad

  8. whoopwhoop whoop says:

    She’s absolutely beautiful๐Ÿ˜

  9. John CrouStoN says:

    That is called anorexia

  10. Dylan Mann says:

    I hope she is ok because she doesnt look healthy at all

  11. jessithehuman says:

    I honestly hope sheโ€™s okay…

    • RadicaI says:

      she lost a lot of weight because of the movies she had to do back to back. It was intense, she’s gonna gain weight again since shes done with movies for a little bit

  12. STONEMATT says:

    She looks like she skipped breakfast everyday….

    Then forgot about lunch and dinner all together.

  13. darkness2121 says:

    She doesn’t look healthy here, I hope she okay….

  14. canada trip says:

    Loved her on Orange is the New Black. She looks so different here, and not in a good way, IMO. I hope she’s healthy

  15. The_rocketman says:

    What happened to her? It looks like she lost at least 20-30lbs.

  16. French Vanilla says:

    Is she ok? She looks very . unhealthy. So different from her last appearance.

  17. Kirk Gibbs says:

    If the pig ate her it would starve.

  18. DonYelle and Diana says:

    i hope she gets healthy in 2018

    “teacup pigs” aren’t a thing btw

  19. TheSpanishzombie says:

    Is she auditioning for the walking dead ?

  20. Pan Cake says:

    Can jimmy stop pretending that he has no idea what his guests are talking about? He always acts clueless then pulls out pictures about the subject.

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