Rumors over Robert Mueller’s Fate & Jeff Sessions in the Senate Hot Seat: The Daily Show

Rumors over Robert Mueller’s Fate & Jeff Sessions in the Senate Hot Seat: The Daily Show

The media fixates on a rumor that President Trump is considering firing special prosecutor Robert Mueller, and beleaguered Attorney General Jeff Sessions defends his honor.

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20 Responses

  1. ian says:

    If trump fires Robert muller, rip democracy and the judicial system

  2. Daniel Aalfs says:

    fire him please do it u big fat idiot please do it
    we will impeach you!

  3. Juan Marin says:

    it’s my birthday today can I get 17 likes

  4. Stephanie Aguilar says:

    Trump isn’t thinking about firing Muller. He doesn’t think about anything other than increasing his bottom line. Any other decision he makes is impulsive.

  5. Get Rekt says:

    So Comey says that Sessions is a liar and Trump fired him for not being loyal. Jeff Sessions responds to this by lying, “forgetting” things, and refusing to answer questions to defend himself and Trump. But there’s nothing going on here, right Trump supporters?

  6. Leo A says:

    We need to impeach this clown, before he does irreparable damage to US.

  7. Bria Penn says:

    Jeff Sessions looks like he lives in a tree

  8. Dylan Hale says:

    considering firing Robert Mueller…
    That’s it. We have to find Donnie’s horcruxes. Feel free to help in finding.

  9. Bria Penn says:

    He should have never been appointed to Attorney General in the first damn place

  10. Lizards are coming says:

    Donald confuses me.

  11. The List says:

    I’m sorry for supporting The Tranformers films

  12. Bigg Will 96 says:

    I think Jeff Sessions was more mad that he had to answer to a black women that’s why he was so hot.

  13. daydreamin4 says:

    I feel like we’re all trapped in the worst reality show ever. American Democracy: Celebrity Edition

  14. Mexican Clorox Bleach says:

    None of this would be happening if Bernie Sanders was president

  15. Bria Penn says:

    Jeff Sessions looks like a penis that can never reach erection ever. Short and shriveled.

  16. Luis S. says:

    Why is this guy still president??? Honestly… I want Trump to leave this country. Instead of making America great again he’s made it worse.

  17. J Hitchcock says:

    Just another dog and pony show outside, while they rob the store inside.

  18. Naonna Pryderi says:

    take a shot every time in that hearing he said “I don’t recall…”

  19. Millie Not Zionist says:

    Wow 36% still support Donald Trump well Stupid Can’t be Fix

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