Runnin (From “Creed II: The Album”)

Runnin (From “Creed II: The Album”)

‘CREED II: THE ALBUM’ out now:

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Music video by Mike WiLL Made-It, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, Nicki Minaj performing Runnin (From “Creed II: The Album”). © 2019 Eardruma Records/Interscope Records

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47 Responses


    #NYC My heart and soul❗ASAP Representing big time? #musicvideo

  2. Tondji Lele says:

    Y’all can hate nicki minaj and her music but give her respect she deserves it!!!????

    • Evan Wiger says:


    • ariibryant bryant says:

      she is a rapper, and she have more than 3 good song, and dont say this verse is trash because is better than the whole cardi b , have more bars and metaphors and punchlines than all of her songs reunited +lalo sterling

    • lalo sterling says:

      +ariibryant bryant Damn, Obviously She is Better than Cardi Shit, But She is less along to Noname or Rapsody

  3. Jaleel Frazer says:

    “Peeking out the window but they never win though” bars Nicki Minaj

  4. Hassni TV says:

    I’m here for the Queen Nicki ?

  5. The Lit List subscrɪbe Pʟease says:

    *Nicki is on a killing spree… damn*

    • aodore says:

      Niti Phariyaniticupt umm no but ok

    • Jackie Orozco says:

      Beyoncé they can’t answer baby. These Niggas just mad and can’t handle the facts that a woman is so successful. She’s lyrically a beast. Clearly they haven’t heard all nickis songs. Just stay on top of the haters. They jellyana babes.

    • Dandere Lyf says:

      Jackie Orozco I see what you did there with the bust down barbiana I stannnn

    • The Lit List subscrɪbe Pʟease says:

      Reading these comments ? SMH it’s funny how a man can hate on a women Lol. Nicki can flow, *AND* Cardi has bangers call it like you see it. #YouLamesDontGetPussy #MenDontBeefWithFemales

  6. Naomy K says:

    Idc whatever Nicki does ima support it Period ??????????still got the crown never gave a F tho ???

  7. Hassni TV says:

    Nicki Minaj The Best ??

  8. Danielle Sibiya says:

    This is my twerk song ??… Nicki gorg as always damn!!!

  9. Andy Cole Odhiambo says:

    2019 is definitely Nicki Minaj’s era.
    We have Barbie Drip, Barbie Going Bad and Barbriana and now this?
    I love this woman so much

  10. Jennie Odang says:

    You’re the motherfucking G.O.A.T Nicki… Awesome song

  11. Quinton Delano says:

    Who’s here for Nicki & before 1 million ?

  12. Draxler Said says:

    If you are fun of :
    Nicki Minaj = like ?
    Cardi B = comment ?

  13. Lamar T says:

    Y’all Ain’t Gotta Like Her But Give Props To Nicki!

  14. Yash Ahuja says:

    Why noone talking about Rocky his verse fire ?

  15. Nicki The Decepticon says:

    Peeking out the windowiana, but they’ll never winiana ?‼️

  16. SlickTre says:

    why nicki have to snap like this

  17. Mrs. Love says:

    Nicki you slay everywhere U go !!!!! Queen ?! ???????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Nick Barbie says:

    Like ?=Nicki Minaj
    Coment=new álbum 2019?

  19. E O says:

    “LIKE” if You only came for Nicki Minaj ?

  20. Summer Gray says:

    I wanna see more Ferg and Nicki. I love that combo ???

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