Running Through Glass in Slow Motion

Running Through Glass in Slow Motion

Gavin shows what it takes to break through glass in true Hollywood fashion. The Super Slow Show, only on YouTube.

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31 Responses

  1. LeftRaider says:

    It’s weird seeing Dan with a clean labcoat

  2. l0lzor123 says:

    I got a ad for this video lol also so this is what gavin has been up to huh

    • David Flores says:

      MU6 – MusiX I got red and I never saw any of this in my feed. I don’t have their channel bell’d, but I’m pretty sure it would have popped up anyway.

    • MartinJ says:

      David Flores as they said earlier in this show. This is not YouTube red, its a sponsored show

    • theFilmingChannel says:


    • Mojoo215 says:

      uhh this video is uploaded on January 26th
      I am watching on January 26th
      and it says your comment is 3 weeks old.

    • David Flores says:

      MartinJ I’m taking about the other guy saying that having red allows for early access to sponsored shows like this, but that wouldn’t hold true from my perspective given that I never got to see any of these videos 3 weeks ago, which the original poster seems to have.

  3. Ernest Chew says:

    Both the failed and successful break of the glass was awesome! A step up for slow mo.

  4. Mihai Mera says:

    gotta love how at 3:46 he’s like “i’m ready for the trigger” with a cut wire literally going in his pocket while some professional is actually triggering the thing

  5. BossiiBabiidoll says:


  6. Diamond Glamour says:

    I’d totally date Dan! <3

  7. nederndreng0 says:

    So never try and jump through a glass window without breaking it first. Got it.

  8. Wilmore Harris says:


  9. fijifaygo says:

    He dabbed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. Dark Eagle says:

    Amazing! glad your ok after that

  11. Combat Classified says:

    Broken ankle at 2:23

  12. Victoria Smith says:

    *if you’re reading this, thank you! Have a wonderful day and God bless!* πŸ™‚

  13. Leo Montufar says:

    What happened to Dan?

  14. Taetaeisthesun_1 says:


  15. Taetaeisthesun_1 says:

    *D A N*

  16. Ciber AV says:

    Sound is too low.

  17. Oaisus says:

    I was hoping that Dan wouldn’t trigger the glass break the first time. I’m glad it happened, wether it was intentional or not.

  18. Ethan the potato Gamer says:

    He’s dabbing on the first one

  19. Progamer1013 says:

    Dan has bad luck with glass, doesn’t he?

  20. Will Jane says:

    β€œI’m gonna try to break through with my elbow” yea we saw the nonchalant dab

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