Rushed my Fiancé to the EMERGENCY ROOM the Day after the Proposal…

Rushed my Fiancé to the EMERGENCY ROOM the Day after the Proposal…

Hey guys… so we know this is a different type of video and we didnt expectthis to happenaftwr such an amazing day by far our favorite day. But things happen, bad stuff happen for good to come! We will drop updates soon and please don’ come for our Scar Boy it was truley an accident. We love you guys and dont forget to subscribe and hit the post notifications!! ❤️

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33 Responses

  1. amarie says:

    It’s not aggression, it’s fear. My dog is never aggressive, it’s reactionary. Its completely understandable for what scar went through. My dog only acts out when she gets scared. Just reassure him that you still love him, trust me he probably feels horrible when he realized it was you and not the other dog. It was a horrible accident but I’m glad you are both okay.

    I’m so sorry you guys went through that. Best wishes for you both and get well soon.

    • War Machine says:

      Still needs to be euthanized after some BS like this.

    • Sydnee908 says:

      Scar for sure wouldn’t hurt them, this can happen to anybody that’s why they say keep your face away because it can happen by accident !! I agree ! Not aggressive !

    • Chloe Huffman says:

      It is aggression tho, it’s “fear aggression” I do think that scar didn’t mean too. But it was an “aggressive” reaction because of fear. It’s very harmful to say it’s not aggression.

    • amarie says:

      The most important thing is to make him feel safe. He does that because in that moment he was scared and didn’t feel safe. Just reassure him you love him. A dog can have PTSD just like a person can, when they get out of it trust me they definitely feel the guilt. Especially because they can’t really communicate to a person that it was an accident. Dogs feel really connected to their owners emotions, so just keep that in mind when being around him. He responds to your energy. He needs to know you guys are calm and that everything is okay.

    • Kay Money says:

      Yeahh my dog was the same way. My dog is a rescue and he was abused. He was so loving and then one day I believe the 4th of July he attacked my sister out of no where . There were fireworks going on and actual fire outside . So I think that’s what caused it.

  2. Delena4ever #TVD says:

    it’s kinda crazy how much they really see us as part of their lives. cause you can tell they didn’t whip out the camera for this for attention and views but because they thought of us and wanted to keep us updated and they like to share their life with us. they’re the only creators i watch that feel like… real. and genuine.

    praying for Garik! i hope he feels better. stuff like this can be so scary. you start to realize how anything can happen in the blink of an eye and you never know. i hope you guys take some time to chill.

  3. briana701 says:

    this just proved how much Britney is wifey material and how much love and care she has for Garik 😭

    • فتاة الدلو الغريبة💕 says:

      @Mr Awhat does her doing only fans have anything to do with this video? She can still be wifey material and still love her man still comfort her man , clearly if garik has a problem with her doing only fans he would’ve never proposed to her … so your comment is straight none sense 😂, don’t try to be little her because she does only fans .. you seemed too worried about that than this video ? Straight hater vibes

    • Fonem says:

      @Mr A she has Onlyfans?

    • Maryanna Jikan says:

      @Mr Aur weird.

    • El Socio says:

      @Jessieg345cause she said “she’s wifey material” but she does onlyfans

    • Jessieg345 says:

      @Mr Ahow does that contribute to her comment? That doesn’t make any sense. BFFR

  4. Jackie Ordonez Rios says:

    I work at a Veterinary Hospital and some of the owners of the dogs that have been attacked have told us how they change and how they start reacting with anything that makes them think they’re at fear. I’m sorry this happened! Like a comment above says don’t get any anger towards Scar, let him know you still love him otherwise he will definitely start getting depressed or will start attacking your other pups. Wishing you a speedy recovery! 🙏🏻 🤍🥺

    • Wilson Gonzalez says:

      @Sefanny Palma that’s a bipolar doby my doby had never done that I can wrestle pet him as much as I want and he’ll never freak

    • Sefanny Palma says:

      Doberman have those issues , my friend had one and she would ask to be petted but if more then 5 seconds she would snap.

  5. yourgirlveee says:

    I’m so happy you both are seeing the positivity during such a difficult situation…It shows the type of people you both are. As a health care worker, I am so sorry for the insensitivity. Wishing a speedy recovery so you can kiss your fiancé in no time 🫶🏽💗

  6. Jennifer Fernanded says:

    The way Britney comforted him & kept telling him he’s gonna be okay 🥺 she loves him so much.

    • Morgan Eicher says:

      I started sobbing it was so sweet 🥺

    • Joselin says:

      Britney loves u she kept telling you it’s gonna be OK cause you love you so much❤

    • Taher the Terrible says:

      back in the day I saw a girl who beated the shit out of her fiancee future husband in days over issues. her man cried as how she did!but when her brother came to rescue him started beating her man she started screaming and yelling and hit her brother with sticks. generally she was a pro Olympic martial artist an mma player she was way strong then her man. but she couldnt see anyone else beside herself touching her man. it’s a human nature that no one likes his property to be touched specially life partners. I hope that everyone in relationship may be able to solve there issues and stay happy and blessed.

    • Jennifer Fernanded says:

      @brandon:: I’m sorry you never had nobody care about you like that.

    • brandon:: says:

      bitxh was acting like he was gunna die or sum 😂😂

  7. Ashley Duynstee says:

    I’ve never seen such a real solid ass couple on YouTube and now I have! Hoping for a speedy recovery!! She had me crying with her the whole time and when she was pissed I was pissed because I feel her!!

  8. Julia Kirk says:

    hearing how supportive britney is to him is beautiful. it broke my heart watching you guys have to suffer through this during such a beautiful week. keep looking up. you guys are amazing and some of my most favorite people to watch. you guys will be okay. i can only imagine how much shock you both are still in… what makes it even more sad is how scar punished himself by going in the crate right after 🙁 he knew he accidentally f*cked up but i really pray everything works out for you guys. i love you both ❤❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺

  9. Chloe Spelmer says:

    I’m so sorry this happened . I wish Garrick a fast and full recovery ❤

  10. Deyaneira Diaz says:

    Espero que mejore, que todo salga bien. Pobre del perrito a lo mejor ni el mismo sabe el daño que causó por el susto. Pero infórmense a ver qué puede pasar con el perrito en este caso, no dejen de amarlo solo cuiden sus juegos con ellos. Muchas bendiciones y saludos desde Puerto Rico!

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