Russell Westbrook isn’t built for the playoffs & his handling of media reflects it | NBA | THE HERD

Russell Westbrook isn’t built for the playoffs & his handling of media reflects it | NBA | THE HERD

Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder are on the brink of elimination as they are down 3-1 against the Portland Trail Blazers. Hear why Colin Cowherd’s reasoning behind thinking Westbrook is not built for the NBA Playoffs and his thoughts on Westbrook’s recent actions in last night’s post-game presser.

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.

Russell Westbrook isn’t built for the playoffs & his handling of media reflects it | NBA | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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78 Responses

  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd says:

    Will Russell Westbrook ever win a championship with the Thunder?

  2. Linkz GP says:

    Never clicked so fast in my life. Hate to say it but, Colin Cowherd was right about Russell Westbrook

    • Black says:

      He hasn’t said anything many of us have said about westbrook for years.

    • John OBrien says:

      +Danilo Benedetich there’s some truth to that, but Lebrom is an absolute freak who can legit play every position. I think it’s starting to work against him now, but in the first half of his career, he pretty much could do whatever he wanted. IMO, being in LA now with so many of his other business pursuits having the relavant contacts there…hes thinking bout life after the NBA.

    • Danilo Benedetich says:

      +John OBrien You’re as blinded for Lebron, as OKC’s fans are for Westbrook. I’ve seen Lebron taking garbage points on games that were lost just to pass the 20 points mark, doesn’t contest shots to get rebounds. Ohh and the fake injuries to avoid the blame, just can’t respect that dude

    • DoMo LoMo says:

      +Danilo Benedetich Imagine, you wake up every day, and you’re this stupid. Lebron’s basketball IQ is literally light years ahead of Russell’s. Stop talking about basketball. Immediately.

    • Paul Barber says:

      +Hyper Dhindsa it’s seems like you don’t understand the business of basketball and the media… nothing I said was invalid… Russ makes it to the playoffs every year… so what he doesn’t win it all… that’s my opinion… how can Colin call this man a liability… LeBron did not make the playoffs… and for the record I do watch basketball… LeBron didn’t make the playoffs… hello

  3. Anthony Davidson says:

    Westbrook has been a rebound stealer for years, you can see it in game. It’s blatantly obvious sometimes…

  4. RAW FAME says:

    Colin is always right when it comes 2 this topic ??

  5. ssimpson11234 says:

    cowherd is rejoicing inside at the struggles of westbrook lol

    • IPEE FREELY says:

      He’s not the only one.Many NBA fans have known for years Westbrook is a vastly overrated stat padder.I don’t really like Cowherd but he is preaching gospel here.

  6. YorkKnew says:

    Colin got hard last night thinking of today’s Westbrook segment ?????‍♂️[Edit: I mean no disrespect I love this show] ?

  7. Kyle Ferguson says:

    BIIIGG FACTS … I hear nothing wrong at all with this acute analysis of basketball.

  8. Tony Galvan says:

    “Where Colin Was Right”

  9. bwright132981 says:

    I’ve been waiting on this mf all day ?

    • Adam Hecker says:

      hes very smug but he’s never wrong

    • RipCityOnTheyAss 503 says:

      +Leonardo Braynen he averaged a triple double 3 times in a row…been an mvp…hes going to the HOF…been to the finals…doesnt cheat the game…is playing hard while hurt… All positive

    • ANDREW SENITA says:

      hahhaha! sad to admit I know the feeling

    • Jay says:

      *LOL! BITCOIN IS FAR FROM A BAD INVESTMENT. FROM $1 (2010) TO $17,000 (2017) TO $5,600 (today, up 35% in the last couple weeks)!!! Get a clue!!!*

  10. Kal S says:

    Russ is a stat padder, simple as. Colin’s been spitting facts about this for years now ?

  11. J B says:

    Hate to say it but Colin is right about Westbrook??

    • Pretty Rickey says:

      But wrong about picking OKC to beat Portland. He left that part out for some reason… ?

    • dirir mohamed says:

      Pretty Rickey Okc was the fav because of PG

    • Pretty Rickey says:

      Bruh. All the commentators, including Colin, were saying Russ would carry OKC past Portland “even if PG isn’t fully healthy.” Colin just has a hard time saying “I’ve been fairly criticizing Westbrook all year long *and yet* I still picked OKC to win. I was wrong, and here’s why…” Ain’t no shame in that.

  12. Jack Johnson says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Westbrook. Talks a lot of smack, disrespectful to the media, etc. Dude just has a bad attitude that you got to hate.

  13. SleathDS says:

    When you were on Colin side about Russ since last playoff series losing to a rookie.

  14. Brian Cheng says:

    Gotta give Colin Cowherd credit. He was the leader of this Russell Westbrook hate train and he was right.

    • Pretty Rickey says:

      I hear ya, but Colin should admit to making the wrong pick. He goes on and on in “See, I told ya!” mode … but if he had any balls he would’ve picked the Blazers given all the flaws he saw in Russell’s game.

    • who the Fuck is this says:

      He shouldn’t get the credit because he has said a million dumb things before he got this one right

    • Tyler Robinson says:

      +MrNickolitis An emotional lesbian???…BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    • Danilo Benedetich says:

      He needs to stop beeing so soft with Lebron tho. Lebron has been stat padding for years now, and he never point at that, he just was smarter than Westbrook and didn’t made it look so obvious on the court, until this seasson

    • 1 2 says:

      +gerardgag Westbricking

  15. tclass99 says:

    People hate on Colin but he was 100% right about this.

  16. CJ Johnson says:

    Paul George calling his agent asking how he can leave OKC.

    • ygor ribeiro says:

      Prince sol off course the Lakers os the greatest franchise in America, by far

    • Dwayne Bailey says:

      Paul should’ve went to Lakers but he was also emotional and not thinking about championship because if he thought them two was gonna win it all he tripping

    • Prince sol says:

      +ygor ribeiro first off boston has more championships by far in basketball… Secondly Yankees is Americas greatest sports franchise by super far.. Patriots have more chips than the lakers in last 30 years .. You must be smoking la overall only has 22 championships as combined in all sports … New york has 27 just with one .. Most of any city NY has 55 championships all together.. L.A is like 5th place between all cities

  17. Tryggvi Hernandez says:

    As much as i hate to say because i hated this guy for the way he ridiculed Westbrook, but at the end of the day he’s right

  18. YeahWhatOoh says:

    Damn…I was always hating on Cowherd for his Westbrook takes but the more and more the seasons go on the more Cowherd looks right

  19. Tiger Hoods says:

    Lol everybody been waiting for this topic since yesterday.

  20. Myron Feltner, Jr. says:

    Russell Westbrook will go down as the greatest STAT PADDER in history.

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