Russell Westbrook Postgame Interview – 2017 NBA All-Star

Russell Westbrook Postgame Interview – 2017 NBA All-Star

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20 Responses

  1. Self Made Trillin says:

    Meanwhile Boogie Cousins is gonna be traded to the Celtics…RIP Cavs


  2. Aaron Perry says:

    Westbeast goes 200% every game including the all star game

  3. Keith Sosa says:

    Lmaooo why he laughing so much

  4. John Anthony says:

    only people who love basketball can like this

  5. A. WAL says:

    I feel like Westbrook is a little upset he didn’t get the MVP

  6. Steven Koja 5 says:

    Italian dude be getting confusing AF wtf man???

  7. Patrick star says:

    he’s still excited about the alley from kevin dude can’t stop smilling

  8. SpicyTuna16 _ says:

    I’d be annoyed too if I were Russ. Getting nonstop questions about his relationship with KD. They be like hey you looked at KD that mean you friends?

  9. Roberto Carlos says:

    He DOES NOT have a great IQ. He DOES NOT have good shot selection. He DOES NOT make great playmaking decisions. He DOES NOT have great fundamentals. Yet, he’s such a GREAT athlete, works so damn hard, competes at such a high Jordan-Kobe-esque level that he has a compelling day-to-day case for that stupid ass “best player” argument.

  10. Joseph Roth says:

    im just here so i won’t get fined

  11. Ronald Mcclain says:

    Nigga must’ve smoked a joint before he came to this interview lol

  12. AccentGamer HD says:

    Why do they say RUSSELL AND AD are clase friends???

  13. BizarreSporty Nerd says:

    How can you hate this guy?

  14. K Dino says:

    russ straight laughing at that reporter haha

  15. Remarkable SeiF says:

    Whats up with Cousins only playing 3 minutes?

  16. Gerry Cruz says:

    No hate for Westbrook at all, after hearing the same questions a million times about a feud between a former teammate, I would start bullshitting my answers too. Yall too quick with that beef shit, this was all star weekend. Watch it for entertainment, wait until the finals to talk your trash at least

  17. Billy says:

    boogie jus got traded to new orleans.. looks like he aint leavin town tmr

  18. Kobe vs Jordan says:

    Boogie: Anthony can I spend the night at your house?
    Anthony: why, did you miss your flight?
    Boogie:Nah (Starts crying)
    Anthony:( Hugs Boogie)
    Boogie: How comes they don’t want me man?

  19. behind thenaame says:

    Nothin to do with the game…..but, damn russell is ugly af

  20. Mark James says:

    Did he smoke a bowl before the post game interview?

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