Russell Westbrook’s Jazz-fan altercation could spark an ugly trend – Jalen Rose | First Take

Russell Westbrook’s Jazz-fan altercation could spark an ugly trend – Jalen Rose | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Jalen Rose and Max Kellerman weigh in on Russell Westbrook’s verbal altercation with a fan during the second quarter of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s road victory against the Utah Jazz. Jalen warns this incident will trigger more fans to irritate NBA players from the sidelines in an attempt to go viral.

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114 Responses


    Hello person scrolling through the comments i hope you have a great day and achieve your goals?

  2. leGoat is the best player ever of all timer. says:

    Westbrook not a cupcake like Kd?

  3. Shadow9220 says:

    its known that alot of Jazz fans are extra toxic and like to poke at players with racial insults.

    That fan is full of shit. He has past tweets(he has deleted) that has shown he has history of not liking Russ.

  4. Stevie Wonder says:

    I didn’t even see that fan do anything

    • Mrcabletwitch says:

      He didn’t do anything Stevie…now go upstairs and go back to sleep sweetie

    • Remember-ReadABook KnowYourHistoryHotep says:

      U sure

    • Kimberly Becoat says:

      Them you didn’t watch the game ??‍♀️ so hush up?

    • Max Meier says:

      +Know-Ledge _Y.L.G. yeah but where is the video/audio/witness reports who recount what he said. all we have is russ saying the dude told him to go on his knees like he/they used to. I get he is taking it badly, but it’s totally possible it wasnt a racial insult and not that much of an insult at all. Not out of the ordinary, basically, saying “suck my cock”.

    • Taurean Whitfield says:


  5. w j says:

    Everyone keep saying he was wrong for saying he will hit the girl I totally disagree because she got enough mouth to say it she better have enough fight to get slap

    • DeChane Cameron says:

      +Matthew Johnston Call it what you like. No more petty and insecure than trolling in the youtube comment section, as you are. I’m just saying it’s an option for people with that kind of money and that much desire. It happens.

    • TripleDoubleNoTAS says:

      +Chuck Mangione and white people cause wars the world over. The fuck is your problem you demented shit bird?

    • TacticalPower88 says:

      I really try hard not to hit anybody unless ABSOLUTELY necessary but I do agree that women need to stop crying for equality and hiding behind special treatment under the same breath.

    • Matthew Johnston says:

      Aaron Hernandez happened.
      Hung himself in his cell.
      How did that work out for him?
      Westbrook is no tough guy.
      He dresses like the missing weirdo from a boy band.
      Westbrook was never going to put a finger on anyone. I am not trolling.
      Just stating facts. Tough guys don’t threaten females. Even racist ones.
      Any way you want to dice it.
      Westbrook looks like a bitch. Any real person can see what it really is. I’m not trolling just because my opinion is more informed than yours.

    • TheBestFighter says:

      +Ken Fulton {Baby Elder} ?

  6. Corpy Hogan says:

    Molly would tell Max to stop interrupting Jalen ?? like she doesn’t constantly get in the middle of Max and Stephen A statements every week

  7. Duck my sick says:

    They really gave the fan an interview

    • Datboivon Debates says:

      Duck my sick Racism is more than just making fun of race idiot it’s real racists out here

    • Datboivon Debates says:

      Yo Mama’s Cup of Tea this guy here isn’t sensitive. Everybody makes racists slurs gtfoh . I live in Georgia where there’s real racists out here in the deep country who would blow your fuckin head off. They ride around the freeways on their confederate groups waving their flags. TV got y’all brains in your ass

    • Datboivon Debates says:

      Train Hard how Is that bullshit you obviously don’t know real racism. Think to yourself , if he didn’t like black people why where a black person jersey doesn’t make since. Shit even I say jokes about white people to my white friends and we laugh together because it’s not that big of a deal. Racists people kill

    • Datboivon Debates says:

      Duck my sick probably had? Shut up with that probably shit and give facts.

    • Jason says:

      +Datboivon Debates You’re an idiot.

  8. Lord Frieza Christ says:

    Westbrook should’ve pulled a Ron Artest and went in the stands

  9. RunRun says:

    Antonio Brown still has a blonde mustache

  10. Lesley Taylor says:

    That Jazz fan should be suspended after all he said to Westbrook ?


    • FroggerFromTheValleyTV says:

      +jeff wrench you can’t suspended a fan???What are the ??? marks for?? What was wrong with my sentence take me too school. In all kaps please

    • jeff wrench says:


    • FroggerFromTheValleyTV says:

      +jeff wrench what are you talking about? You don’t know anything about me. I don’t care who’s waking up. What took you so long? You should of woke up along time ago.

    • M Braswell says:

      Lesley Taylor He was

    • sal vatore says:

      Lesley Taylor Lesley I fear that Westbrook will be goaded into something awful

  11. ForrealForreal says:

    As a man your suppose to stand up for your self no matter what, nobody should be able to tell you to bow down on your knees. Just because you buy a ticket doesn’t give you a right to talk shit about anything non basketball related.

    • Anthony Mascarenas says:

      +Mark is Living Deliberately thank u mark u have the best response I’ve seen all day. I wish someone in the media had the balls to repeat your answer but we all know it doesnt fit there agenda

    • FroggerFromTheValleyTV says:

      +Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIP I’m pretty sure in every area in every sport fans talk sh*t about the visiting team and nothing happens. You get paid millions of dollars because of the fans. So block it out and play basketball. If I worked at a restaurant and a customer was talking about me andI threatened to beat him up in the parking lot. I’m going to get fired for it because he’s the customers. Russ plays with too much emotion and sometimes he loses control.

    • Anthony Mascarenas says:

      +DonKrieg95 u just admitted that Russell has a record of assaulting fans just as u claim of the fans social media. Except Westbrook has physically assaulted a fan twice this mother fucker should of been locked up atleast once he is lucky the nba is protesting him. Playing basketball doesn’t make u a fighter

    • Anthony Mascarenas says:

      +v Mahntle I feel bad for ur kids you gonna teach them to be controlling insecure little beta males that cant take some words. I believe you would be called a sow boy lmao a immature impulsive wana be tough guy. According to u u dont take shit from no one so I’m assuming you have been arrested or got your ass kicked cuz that’s all fighting over words is gonna do for u. Now a real man a beta man is mentally strong that is secure within himself he dont need validation from others he knows what he is about. A beta Male only fights when he needs to defend himself

    • Melissa Bosley says:

      +DonKrieg95 thank you for stating this so many ppl don’t understand what the first amendment protects. there are many of ways to be racist w/o saying the n word

  12. LoptukqrickL11 says:

    I’m a jazz fan and I hate my own kind.

    • A.J Mulenga says:

      Leonardo gonçalves

      Racism never went away. Jokes are jokes, but don’t ever disrespect a man to the point where he threatens to put his hands on you. Athletes aren’t animals, they’re human beings and need to be treated as such. No amount of money is worth being disrespected like that by anyone.

    • Leonardo gonçalves says:

      +A.J Mulenga thats exactly the problem, people feels disrespected by any thing. In other countries that had slavery, people are much more easy going on racial slurs. Its a fucking joke, Hes not desrespecting you dumb dumb. hes trying to mess your focus to win the game, thats sports man. Without it theres no fucking fun. they´re modern gladiators with drama queens mentality.

    • Nathaniel Baxter says:

      +Leonardo gonçalves you’re the type to make monkey noises at football matches aren’t you? Ask the black Brazilians if they share your silly opinion.

    • Leonardo gonçalves says:

      the monkey noises in stadiums are a little too much but brazilians are mixed man, my grandgrandmother was a slave. We all have black friends and crack jokes. If there was more blacks than whites in US, this excessive victimist mentality would be much weaker. People don´t give a fuck about race here anymore. The monkey noises you talking about is on Europe my friend.

    • Darin Smedley says:

      Jazz fan here as well. Embarrassing…

  13. shindean says:

    Remember that scene in Get Out when the blind old guy admits to the entire evil scheme, but can’t admit to being racist? That’s a Utah fan.

    • Uriah A says:

      +shindean okay let me explain it better. The objective is to have black people’s natural athleticism and white people’s creativity , this could either be seen racist towards white and black or it could be seen as a way to end racism between the white and black by litterally uniting the two. Either way it’s fucking disgusting and shouldn’t both options shouldn’t exist

    • Uriah A says:

      +shindean Also it could be seen as an advanced form of slavery which would mean it is racist and evil, symbolizing the possession of the body of a black person which refers to white people as demons

    • Coffee says:

      Where’s the proof that the Utah fan is racist?

    • Uriah A says:

      +Coffee Dwayne Wade twitter

    • CJ S says:

      Where is the racism? Westbrook is my favorite player, probably cause he’s a headcase. He crying racism to save his ass from his behavior. This is why I don’t think he’ll ever win a chip. Weak. Ppl comparing this to a normal job. You are gonna get shit talked, part of sports. Ppl on Twitter pulling a Jusse making up tweets that guy didn’t tweet. You have a season ticket holder.. he’s seen same security for 7yrs throw out fans for less, but he let that slide. All those ppl were lying. They would be calling for him to be ejected? This is like Adam jones. I don’t believe him. No one caught someone saying nigger? None of fans didn’t attack him or call him out. Press were there.. tons of ppl interviewed, no one heard it? They all lying? We have a Carolina politician who thinks pollen is racist. No one talked about that. Literally 40 tweets. Westbrook is a fkn hothead.. again, looking to cover his ass. More race baitin’.. Always looking for it and pissed when it’s not there. No one wants to look at all facts. Just tell me the racist part?

  14. mav stevens says:

    when derek fisher left the utah jazz for the lakers bc of his daughters eye cancer, utah fans had “fisher leyed” signs and giant inflatable beach like eyeballs to make fun of fishers daughter eye cancer. every year I make this comment bc every year another nba player is accusing that fan base of being racists, many have made complaints other the years.

  15. NLMB GBE says:

    Some fans need that Ron artest treatment and come on we all know Westbrook wouldn’t hit that Lady stop it

  16. turnup! 3000 says:

    Russ From the LBC he wasn’t playing

  17. Jordan Davis says:

    That guy was wearing a Camo Jazz hat that’s a dead giveaway ?

    • Bryan Flores says:

      Mark a bro it was a joke.

    • aries johnson says:

      Mark a you’re dumb as shit g, you saw the laughing emoji bro why the hell you get offended ?

    • Hugh Mills says:

      That’s the first thing I noticed when I saw the guy’s interview but he did have on a JORDAN brand hoody, shirt, or whatever that was he was wearing. Westbrook went off on the dude because of what the dude said. The dude was lying. If he only said something about his knees West wouldn’t have went off on him like thats

    • Hugh Mills says:

      Mark a
      We not necessarily saying u are racist because u wear camo. What we are saying is that is some of the attire that a lot of racist wear is camo. I live in the south born and raised. I know first hand about racial discrimination. I been to Utah before and Salt Lake City. It’s no place I’m going to miss. I went to a Walmart there and they did t even have a hygiene section for black people (oils, shampoos, brushes, etc.) In addition, I had a teacher and she was from Utah, Salt Lake to be exact and she was racist as hell. Utah is like the Mississippi of the Mountain West

    • Jose Calderon says:

      +kinglazyone1What a dickhead lmao

  18. Bobby Luu says:

    The media needs to stop telling Westbrook how to react to things that make him uncomfortable.

    • Tevin Reid says:

      +Objective Viewer that’s not a protest. Derogatory comments are not protests. Big difference.

    • Tevin Reid says:

      +Sean Lutke no freedom of speech does not allow derogatory comments. In your other comments on other posts you seemed like a level headed guy but now it seems like you have a heavy bias at the very least towards Westbrook could be larger than that. To assume Westbrook is lying like that without facts is why I state this.
      The work analogy is also off. Customers do not get the right to engage in a verbal altercation. At any job.

    • Sean Lutke says:

      Tevin Reid Thanks for the complement man!

      Here’s what I pulled from Wiki on the legality of anything that could be deemed as hate speech:

      Hate speech in the United States is not regulated, in contrast to that of most other liberal democracies.[1] The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that hate speech is legally protected free speech under the First Amendment. The most recent Supreme Court case on the issue was in 2017, when the justices unanimously reaffirmed that there is effectively no “hate speech” exception to the free speech rights protected by the First Amendment.

      Here’s the link:

      Even though I do not think people should be using this type of language (nor do I use it myself) to speak to others, it most certainly IS protected under the First Amendment. Most recently reaffirmed in 2017.

      In regard to the work comment: I agree that customers can not just come in and shout insults to employees without repercussion — they should removed from the premises. All I was saying is that it doesn’t give an employee the right to commit a violent act against them in response. They should report to the manager (security guard in Westbrook’s situation).

      Also, I have no reason at all to biased against Russell Westbrook for any reason other than the actions I’ve seen him commit and words he’s said. Everyone seems so eager to call this man (Shane) a racist and liar while exempting Westbrook from any wrongdoing, and I’m just saying that I don’t think that’s a fair judgement based on the information that’s been presented at this time. Russell Westbrook has VERY good cause to want to paint himself in the best light possible to mitigate the negative effects of what he got caught saying on camera.

    • Sean Lutke says:

      Ok thats just wrong. People make “gay” insults about straight guys quite often from what I can tell. This is just a complete asinine statement. And you making an assumption about my race based on my position on this topic is ACTUALLY racist.

    • Herosennin says:

      +Sean Lutke Thats my biggest problem with people hiding behind freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in NO WAY not even remotely says you are allowed to insult people and the reason freedom of speech came to be was NOT so people can say whatever they like but that the government cannot censor out critics against them because people used to be censored. That doesnt mean that you can say anything you like hence if you falsely testify, you’ll get convicted, because again freedom of speech is only up untill certain HIGH MORALISTIC standards.

      Hell why would conflicting laws like the one against discrimination even exist if people could say ‘whatever they like’.

      Hell we had a time in which people were mostly allowed to say whatever they like and the ended up in World War 2. I’m all up for freedom of speech but people saying whatever they like? The great majority of the world is too dumb to claim ownership over this.

      I’m too dumb too and thats a good thing, so I know that before I open my mouth I should actually research and think. Just like you shouldve researched what freedom of speech really is and how it came to be.

      If I go to the police now and tell them you raped a kid and its hold not to be true, I will be rightfully convicted.

      They’d have a laugh at me vouching for freedom of speech. Oh and I know Americs is the only ‘civilzed’ country that accepts hate speech as freedom of speech.

      Thank god most of the rest of the world isnt that fucking dumb.

  19. JTG ENT says:

    So we have to tolerate the disrespect and Slander

    Or be portrayed as a loose cannon , this world is evil .

    • Sean Lutke says:

      Please show me where in his Twitter it “says he’s a racist”. What, does he list “racist” as his occupation in his profile?? Please show me the tweets so I can debunk them for you. Like I said before: Dragging race into EVERYTHING possible, detracts from ACTUAL racism. And honestly, when you hire an attorney for a scenario like this, one of the FIRST things they would advise you to do in most instances, would be to delete all your social media accounts. Very common practice. Accounts can be hacked, people can create fake accounts with your name that can than be used as a smear tactic, etc.

      Quoting the great Tyrion Lannister: “You should never believe something simply because you WANT to believe it”.

    • jeff wrench says:


    • Sean Lutke says:

      I mean honestly man, you might actually be right! Crazy what this world is coming to. Trucker hats worn frontwards = the enemy of the free peoples of Middle Earth!

    • jeff wrench says:

      +Sean Lutke EXACTLY

    • jeff wrench says:


  20. Marcus M. says:

    Playing footsies under the table Jalen with your wife Molly? Watch out that might be Steven A Smith’s foot ??

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