‘Russell Westbrook’s legacy is not going to be about winning’ — Chris Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED

‘Russell Westbrook’s legacy is not going to be about winning’ — Chris Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe in studio to discuss Russell Westbrook after the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Game 4 loss at home. Hear why Broussard compares Russ to Allen Iverson and other NBA greats, saying that his legacy won’t include winning.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

‘Russell Westbrook’s legacy is not going to be about winning’ — Chris Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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87 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Is this series putting a huge stain on Russell Westbrook’s legacy?

    • Jason Jensen says:

      Russell Westbrook is the clear MVP (Most Valueless Production)

    • Kevin Mata says:

      Love Russ he is my favorite player and dame is 1a always been that way Chris Broussard didn’t lie in this interview 1 thing I will say is this going forward and even next yr they should start Schroeder and have Russ play the off guard so he can feed Russ that’s the only way they would be ok OKC needs a true ball handler who can pass and find them in the right spots he mean be a cancer if he continues to go this route

    • Lin Mac says:

      +PG Loso Wow! A HoF player joined a super-team and fit in perfectly?! What a surprise!!

    • Slim 803 says:


  2. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    A.I did lead the 76ers to the finals and actually won a playoff series russ hasn’t

    • T biscuit says:

      +Gabriel Eady “super deadly” every team that came out the east would get swept by the lakers, including the raptors and bucks.

    • Andre King says:

      If AI took care of his body better he probably could have won one though

    • Don A says:

      LeeTravius Mckay Exactly. That comparison was trash. AI is waaaaay better than Russ.

    • Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy says:

      +Jrock420blam oh name calling… you are misquoting me. i never wrote “oh this era is stacked” I never argued that the league was stacked. I disagreed with the weakest era comment, but i did not claim it was a stacked era.
      I though I was being sarcastic in my reply to you. Apparently that flew over your head.
      First you said it was the “weakest era”. I reasoned there were many great teams, and you came back saying that the east did not have any good team. So if the West did have good teams, it is not the weakest era then.
      How was that era different from this era when every year we all expect golden state to win?

  3. mike creammz says:

    Dame dolla is humbling Westbrook & I love it lol

  4. PG Loso says:

    Kevin Durant defined his legacy by realizing he’d never win a championship with a bad shot taking, turnover prone, bad decision making point guard…. we all know he’ll never win a title you guys are super late lol

    • Pat Lacy says:

      +Michael Morton thank u!

    • Pat Lacy says:

      +Cyroos yeah but he has the same amt of rings as lbj. Maybe more. Lbj might not win another ring, at least not with that team of kiddies hes playing with now.

    • Michael Morton says:

      +Nate i beg to differ.. Fans & media praised lebron when he went to miami..they called kd a snake still to this day..an KD cracked how??. By winning 2 straight championships and two finals MVPs.. You’re delusional

    • southelgin25 says:

      That what I been saying he can’t win a wing with dude with all his bad shot taking there been many time KD should have took the shot but Westbrook took it upon hisself to take it when he know he not the best shooter

  5. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    “You will never win a championship with russ being your first option” chris ?

  6. I GOT MY ASS KICKED! says:

    as much as it pains me to say. Westbrook will never win a championship. He’ll go down with Melo, McGrady, and Iverson. 3 players i enjoyed watching that weren’t champions.

  7. Peter Connellan says:

    Westbrook is the player you need on the road at Minnesota in the middle of January, but he constantly chokes in the playoffs especially the past two years

  8. Matt Bazilius says:

    Every time Westbrook shoots a contested mid range or 3(happens a lot) I cringe so hard

  9. shade the champ says:

    Scoring 14 points in a playoff game, at home, in a series that you’re already down in, against another PG that is considered to be top tier in Dame Lillard, is unacceptable. Russell Westbrook is not and cannot be a top 3 PG right now. He can’t even take his team out of the first round. Give me Steph, Kyrie and Lillard any day.

  10. Mind of the North Star says:

    Westbrook: Next question
    Lillard: Next round

  11. DartsxFaller says:

    Shannon looks like an evil villain.



    Broussard – IMMATOUR

  13. Balraj Grewal says:

    Did this dude really just say dame can barely dunk?? He was in the dunk contest ?

  14. a hal says:

    Jenny’s face when Shannon was making the good looking girl analogy lmfaooo

  15. ZB says:

    Forget Westbrook for a min. Let’s acknowledge my boi Dame giving the thunder the business

  16. KingDave Durosier says:

    Westbrook scored 1 point in the second half. Smh

  17. Agent SuperArgo says:

    Paul George: “So this is what KD was talking about.”

  18. Warren Iachini says:

    Lmao skip “dame can barely jump” dame has bounce, not Westbrook bounce but he gets up

  19. Seyi Agiri says:

    Jenny looked uncomfortable when Shannon used the pretty girl analogy. Welp.

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