Russia Investigation, Dodd-Frank, 2020 Candidates, SCOTUS | Overtime with Bill Maher

Russia Investigation, Dodd-Frank, 2020 Candidates, SCOTUS | Overtime with Bill Maher

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Bill and his guests – Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Andrew Sullivan, and Fmr. Rep Barney Frank – answer viewer questions after the show.

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20 Responses

  1. Dark Wing Duck says:

    frank is deplorable. democrats are tyrants. they’re all hypocrites

  2. Zach Page says:

    Why is the same video uploaded twice on this channel?? And why isn’t the show available on HBO yet?? Wtf

  3. James Anderson says:

    White trash love Trump.

  4. Sylvia S says:

    Competent? I do not think HC was in physical shape to be president and she kept pushing the Russian hacking issue without clear proof and said she wouldn’t rule out military force against them.

  5. Jw Anderson says:


  6. goku8621 says:

    The guy with the weird voice is such a Democratic Party loyalist its sad

  7. Cara Miles says:

    Al Franken, 2020!

  8. Juan Madero says:

    Tulsi Gabbard! Principled, independent, great on the issues, and not an insufferable SJW.

  9. Jorgethegreatness says:

    Fuck. At this point the American people are an incoherent cacophony of spectacle, vanity, illusion, decadence, hubris, and I quite possibly the most willful ignorance one can possibly think of.

    It is rampant anti intellectualism.

    Compare and contrast America and the global civilization it’s helped to construct against the backdrop of modern and classical civilizations. From that lens, this country has been done for quite a while. One would have to work hard to ignore the similarities.

    It was appalling that out of a population of roughly 320 million citizens, we ended with such flawed and ethically compromised nominees.

    All of them across the board.

    Everyone getting their information from minutes long YouTube videos, internet memes, Facebook post, trash talk, pundits, celebrity gossip, and internet news. Everyone gravitating towards that which validates instead of challenge their preconceptions. Everyone living within their own bubble.

    No context. No nuance. No complexity.

    It was and still is an insult to the basis of human intellect. And nobody really seemed bothered by it. Everyone wrote this election off as if it wasn’t even a matter of degrees when in fact the public was splitting hairs.

    Now we face the prospects of a man who is intellectually incompetent, vein, vindictive, impulsive, spiteful, uninformed, and totally devoid of any real convictions.

    And if he does have any convictions, they’re all over the place that his constituents and supporters must convince themselves that incoherency and inconsistency are virtues.

    Fuck these people. I want a war.

  10. Scott Sparling says:

    Barney, the reason Dem no bites don’t change anything across the country, is because Dem have lost 913 state seats and a ⅔ majority state houses. you’re exactly the corporate Democrat that has to go and silently die so that Dem socialists can maybe help the country.

  11. 1Muzition1 says:

    Barney Frank is the epitome of what is wrong with the Democratic Party.

  12. Ozelot says:

    Bill Maher still thinks Hillary was completely competent? Yeah, that’s why she and the DNC choked harder than Monica Lewinsky and gave Republicans the biggest victory they’ve seen since the 1920s.

    Hmm, maybe they should have considered running Bernie instead.

  13. Adam G says:

    Can we replace Barney with a cartoon animal of some sort

  14. YouAreInChargeOfYou! says:

    I am sick and tired if this who who can run in 2020 and win.. nobody even mentions Berine Sanders?? seriously, the most popular polotician in America. someone who can win both sides of the electorate despite the conventional wisdom that he is too far left. which is completely Bullshit. issue by issue the majority of this country agrees with Bernie, oh yea, and most of the country likes him. even if they don’t totally agree. It just rubbed me the.wrong way when you discount the most obvious solution. But nope, he threatens the status quo Dems.

  15. Ryan Mickels says:

    Barney is so blind. He won by a slim margin? Yeah but he should have been crushed. Can the Democratic party not see other democrats are over corporate democrats? I’m over voting for the lessor of two evils so I stayed home. Give me a real person to vote for and I’ll come back.

  16. Liberty City El says:

    Gavin Newsom & Julian Castro for the Dems in 2020 would win by a landslide.
    If the Democrats keep nominating Hillary they won’t see the White House for another 20+ years.
    I love Bernie, but he’s too old & would never carry the electorate enough to get 275, the Dems need to go YOUNG, with FRESH ideas.

  17. Eli Cazares says:

    Run Bernie it’s that simple he win even the people of West Virginia

  18. Viat65 says:

    Elisabeth Warren for president 2020. Thet’s your answer, there is NOBODY ELSE on the democrats who can defeat trump. Bernie maybe but he is too old!!!!

  19. Matthew Sarson says:

    If the democrats wanna stop losing they just have to do one fucking thing, stop selling out the American people to you’re rich doner buddies. Yet it’s the one thing they refuse to do, as evidences by picking Perez to lead DNC.

  20. darmy713 says:

    I’m sorry, but Elizabeth Warren or Bernie or someone right in their same vein must be our nominee.

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