Russia Probe, French Election, War on Terror | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

Russia Probe, French Election, War on Terror | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill and his Real Time panelists – Philip Mudd, George Packer, Maya Wiley and Gabriel Sherman – answer viewer questions after the show.

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20 Responses

  1. akbar rauf says:

    trump has been on record to say he likes universal healthcare . he is such a dumbo that he is being played by the gop establishment so that he will be destroyed in 2020. i dont like trump but believe me ! if he did medicare for all not only will he win in landslide in 2020 but he will end up on mount rushmore. but he is too much of a dumbo to do that

  2. adp says:

    the media is not a reflection of the public the media guides the public!

  3. Tim Irwin says:

    no no no, I’m tired of this misogyny lost Hillary Clinton the election bullshit, her being a flawed horrible candidate who did all the wrong things is what lost her the election! Blaming everyone else but herself is not helping her Image at all. She still hasn’t learned.

  4. Alen Zuzic says:

    holy shit , not a single honest Word in THE Whore overtime . what happend to you Bill ?

  5. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Marine Le Pen is so racist, her skin care routine includes ethnic cleansing.

  6. Steven H says:

    I always took Bill as a Non Biased Democrat, for criticism. Now the only thing that he says about Macron is that his wife is old? That guy (Macron) is the embodiment of establishment. C’mon Bill, you know that you can’t support this shit in France. You used to be a beacon of reason with the refugee crisis, don’t tell me that you’re with the group that glorifies “female circumsicion” That fucking bloke said that TERRORIST ATTACKS will be the common thing for France and people should get used to it. Do you really support that? REALLY?

  7. Andy Dominguez says:

    90% of the media was kissing Hillary’s ass so what the fuck are you people talking about?

  8. Free Diugh says:

    Macron got hacked. True terrorism is right winged.

  9. UNC GRAD says:

    Trump has been such a disaster and embarrassment in America…
    France will do the right thing and *VOTE EMMANUEL MACRON!*

  10. milo ethan travis says:

    Hmm who knew that the republicans have not principles. Surprising no one with a thinking head. The republicans are fakes they claimed to be moral and all the bullshit they claim to represent as the so call family values party yet they are so hypocritical. They are immoral and fake Christians. If Jesus Christ came back a saw how they claim to be Jesus followers and saw how they treated the poor and the vulnerables of society he would decry and disavowed them. The republicans are immoral and shameless. They are selfish and fake Christian they don’t care about anyone but themselves.

  11. Dan Young says:

    Misogyny? Is that why Trump voters like Marine Le Pen and Theresa May? Will you stand with these women, or are they the wrong kind of women?

  12. JustB3NJI says:

    Can we all agree to piss Donald off and call it OrangeAid

  13. The Casual Gamer says:

    I love that Trump supporters watch these and 1. Not learn shit 2. leave comments because they are made 3. don’t stop watching 4. had Betsy Devos as a teacher

  14. 이런저런 says:

    Christians aren’t moral people, they are gullible people.

  15. R Navs says:

    Hillary lost because of Hillary. Period.

  16. Simon Boudreau says:

    Obama “light footprint” 4:00
    are you serious ? didn’t he go from bombing 2 countries to 7 countries ?

  17. Robin MX says:

    Putin doesn’t care about EU or NA nationalism. He just wants to support the exit of EU and eventually NATO so he can go berserk in Europe by using these ”proxy candidates”.

  18. Canada Mike says:

    Misogyny in the media against Hillary? The media was so busy sucking her snatch….bullshit

  19. Gene VonderLinden says:

    theese people want hope that trump will be destroyed, there like (please give liberals hope that trump will be destroyed give us hope ) lol

  20. Zack Klein says:

    Again. This whole panel sucks dick.

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