Russia Ukraine conflict: Putin launches full-scale invasion

Russia Ukraine conflict: Putin launches full-scale invasion

It was as sudden as it was brutal and relentless. Ukrainians woke up to find themselves plunged into the midst of war. Explosions and air raid sirens rang out here in Kyiv and cities across the country as Russia launched a full scale invasion on multiple fronts in the early hours of the morning, firing missiles at key military infrastructure sites.


Its troops are reported to be advancing from the north of Kyiv.
Other cities that have been targeted include Odessa, the major port on the Black Sea, and there are reports of hundreds of explosions in Mariupol, which is located close to Russian-occupied territory.

But also in towns like Lutsk in Ukraine’s west. It shows the breadth of the assault from the Russian military.

Ukraine has declared martial law, urging citizens to take up arms to defend their country. There are reports of heavy casualties already on both sides. And as the West threatened to cripple Moscow’s economy with devastating sanctions, an ominous warning from Vladimir Putin to any country trying to interfere – you will face “consequences you have never seen”, he declared.


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42 Responses

  1. Smile says:

    This feels unbelievably surreal. It’s hard to imagine being woken up by a loud explosion, realizing that “it” is happening. It’s heartbreaking that probably a few hours ago, many people hoped that war will never escalate. Much prayers to Ukraine and its people

    • who are you says:

      American president truck or something he slurring is words he looks sleepy

    • Ukraine and Russia War says:

      Russia War Crime, Killing innocent Civilians. Must watch this

    • MarkoM says:

      @Antony twin You forgot Serbia. We’ll never forget, nor will we forgive nato bombing of our country. And they say they can’t imagine a war in Europe and a country taking a part of another country, western hypocrites.

    • IntellectualQuasar says:

      @tmanrx7 we love all of Russias bots even yourself <3

    • Ang R says:

      @the real slim shady on the mainland also although less frequently, still innocent people including babies were murdered. Then the two official politically accepted protagonists sat in an office together with big fat salaries, after fomenting people fighting ans killing. Where did they go when the soft invasion of Islam begun? All wars are bankers wars.

  2. BaDdeST says:

    The fact that they can’t do anything since the airports are crushed and Putin is trying to completely destroy their economy is devastating and I pray for their lives and safety

    • Psi Phi says:

      @Dylan The Sea and the west has mor blood on its hands than hitler himself – they’re just more sneaky about it…. They can both get fked

    • Dylan The Sea says:

      @KhalicK Hos Putin will be hanged by the U.N after all is done. I hope you cry while watching.

    • Ryan Wesley says:

      Why long live Putin?

    • KhalicK Hos says:

      Long live Putin 🇷🇺

    • Izreal Zeus says:

      Putin is very close friends with Prince Albert II of Monaco who also knighted Putin. Monte Carlo is a major money laundering headquarters for the Russian Mafia. The royals of Monaco the House of Grimaldi were originally Genoese nobles and rulers of the Republic of Genoa which ruled the Black Sea region and had leverage over Russia for centuries by controlling trade. Don Domenico Pallavacino of Genoa is Consul General of Monaco. The Pallavacinis originated as Genoese nobles and bankers and today are Roman princes and international bankers as well as Russian bankers and economists. Don Giancarlo Pallavacini of Milan was a Soviet economic advisor and is today a Russian economist. Margrave Alphonse Pallavacini of Austria the brother in law to the Queen of Belgium has been a top executive for Paribas Russia for about 15 years. The Savoys are married with the Genoese Doria family currently with Princess Marina. The Dorias were Doges and bankers of the Republic of Genoa. Prince Aimone of Savoy Aosta runs Pirelli Russia and has had documented photographed meetings with Putin. Prince Aimones sister Princess Bianca is married with the Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga family who have married with Russian royals. The Romanovs are married with Roman Aristocracy recently including the Gaetanis. The Romanovs have 3 royal branches living in America today and other branches in Spain, Germany, UK, and Italy. The royals of Monaco are married with the German Hanovers with Prince Ernst August the husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco who are also currently married with Russian royals with Princess Alexandra of Hanover married to Prince Andreas of Leinengen whose mother was the Grand Duchess of Russia.

  3. Dion and Lorik says:

    The woman is alone, I fell so bad for her I’m actually kinda crying 😭 🙏

  4. Zander says:

    Thoughts and prayers to all of the children of Ukraine may god be on your side

  5. Becky Mulholland says:

    This is honestly heartbreaking 😭 hearing that siren gave me chills, I can’t even imagine the panic people must be feeling ❤️‍🩹

  6. Elizabeth Vazquez says:

    My heart breaks for the families and children!! My prayers to all, stay strong !

  7. Latina_17 says:

    The poor children have nowhere to go except depend on their mother’s arms for safety. The children are scared of things they do not understand….so cruel.

  8. Shield says:

    This is a sad news. My heart goes for all people suffering in this event.

  9. Yadir Yero says:

    this brings me tears idk why, I cant believe this is happening to innocent people and I feel so powerless just sitting at home

  10. nysfma says:

    “your whole past, present and future suddenly reduced to one suitcase and one burning question ‘can you make it onto that bus?” heartbreaking 😢

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