Russia warns of response to Finland NATO entry • FRANCE 24 English

Russia warns of response to Finland NATO entry • FRANCE 24 English

Russia on Thursday warned Thursday it would have to take “military-technical” steps in response to neighbouring Finland joining NATO, after leaders in Helsinki backed entering the US-led alliance.
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36 Responses

  1. Rodney Schwartz says:

    How can they invade/attack another country if they cant even deal with 1 country.

  2. James Kuyper says:

    Ukraine signed two such agreements with Russia, agreeing to respect each others borders. When we see how well that has worked out for Ukraine, how could Finland possibly consider breaking their agreement with Russia?

  3. Damo 007 says:

    Imagine attacking a Country because you imagine they are going to attack you when they had no intention. Then imagine being annoyed that other countries are ramping up their Army Defense by joining NATO because they are worried they are next to be attacked by Russia! 😂

  4. Lori86 says:

    Finland and Sweden aren’t joining NATO they’re just performing a “special military handshake”.

  5. SN CY says:

    Giving into a bully is the worst mistake one can make. A bully only respects force and strength. Be it a school bully, a bad police officer, or a dictator.

    • Eddie Brown says:

      this bully will nuke us all, no bully stands a defeat…someone needs to sort him out before is too late for all of us…

    • Slim Fd says:

      BTW did they ever find any MDOW in Iraq or not ? Come back when you have an answer

  6. Zombijaffa says:

    Funny thing about Russia is that they already see Finland and Sweden belong to NATO before even considering joining. They didn’t left any choice to us.

  7. Philippe Morel says:

    Russia doesn’t care about what Europe/NATO does has they have they own agenda. Bottom line is that we as Européen need to do what we have to do to protect our own Freedom and interest

  8. C.A. Saunders says:

    As the Finnish President has said directly to Vladimir Putin, ” you caused this, go look in the mirror “.

    Finland is so highly principled, they’re not going to make such a move as to join the Nato Alliance if they didn’t feel it necessary.

    The Swedish nation assuredly feels similarly. Both of these countries now see what many are seeing. An unhinged despotic dictator of whom has not only illegally attacked his neighbor but has committed many repeated war crimes in the process amongst horrendous unprofessional military behaviors.

    Reasonably, how could one enter a pact or treaty with another of whom believes so little of human life?

    The Swedish, and Finnish peoples are correct in their actions.

    Slava Ukraine!

  9. Cry Havoc says:

    I’m afraid we’ve just about had enough of Russia’s ‘security assurances’.

  10. Zarzar says:

    Lmao Russia saying its a security risk. It would only be a risk if Finland were the type to invade neighboring countries whenever they felt like it. But nobody with a sound mind would do that sort of thing right???

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