Russian Bots and Trolls | November 8, 2017 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

Russian Bots and Trolls | November 8, 2017 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

For the low, low price of $200, you too can control the fate of any American election.

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67 Responses

  1. Elma Ndreu says:

    is this what Trump meant by “both sides”?

    • Night Pasta says:

      “Mr gorbachov, tear down this wall, ….and move it a few thousand miles to the mexico border, cos now WE’RE the fascists!”

  2. fishhead06 says:

    Americans should be up in arms that their government has been taken over by corporate lobbyists colluding with the Russian oligarchs who own them. Defeat every Republican collaborator in 2018, 20 and beyond. That party has been corrupted beyond redemption. Then defeat Citizens United, constitutionally, if necessary.

    • Tolvan says:

      As a Virginian, we’re doing our best.

    • Rudianne Braunlich says:

      My question…why are people only now starting to get upset. Russia has been a cyber nightmare for the US for at least last 10yrs (I say 10 bc the investigation was to concentrate on the last decade) not only did China interfere in our Obama/McCain election but so was Russia. Should we assume thats why Obama won? Theyve been an issue ever since. So those who think this just started are truly naive or not informed at all. Almost 130Million ppl voted I doubt a 1100 YouTube videos and 131K tweets had that big of an impact. And Russian propaganda media was pro Clinton. They feared Trump would start a war and that war wouldnt be an issue if HRC was our potus.
      Why did the last admin ignore the issue with Russia. Our gov had to shut down their servers several times because of hacking. Nothing done. DJT talked about this during the campaign and no one believed him. It was called a conspiracy and BO had said it was impossible to hack our election then when DJT won they decided to blame Russia. Not many people even care to question the foriegn elections we have interfered in either. Over 80 since the 40’s not that it makes it ok for anyone to do the same to US or otger nations in general. But America likes to play with fire and it appears its starting to catch up to us. Government is corrupt and its time we get more involved in getting rid of the corrupt officials on both sides of the aisle rather than think its only one side and not the other. It’s what people who truly pay attention and care would do. We hire them by voting we can fire them too. They need to be reminded that their job is to do whats best for the people and our nation rather than themselves and special interests and the intrest of other nations before our own

    • fuqu says:

      fishhead06 actually they are trying to use very little evidence to go after the Republican party… But the Russians worked with the Clintons and the evidence is openly known.. stop being a Hippocrate.

  3. Imoddest Oddish says:

    When you spot a Russian bot in the comments section take a shot! I’m two down already!

    • Jessica Lee says:

      There are also just idiots who have totally bought into their propaganda. I usually check to see if the YouTube user has any history on their channel, and if they directly respond to comments. If neither is true, I report the user for “spam”/”artificial traffic” as a bot.

    • Shredded Wheat says:

      Jessica Lee That’s a really good idea!

    • Imoddest Oddish says:

      Annie Brown you don’t!
      **X-files theme**

    • Buddy Hopland says:

      Imoddest Oddish When you’re a bit older, you will realize that you were on the wrong side of history.

  4. CSPeeler says:

    This is going to make a great movie someday. I’m thinking a super dark semi-historically accurate comedy movie.

  5. 5%LowBattery says:

    I was going to go to sleep…

  6. Jean Roch says:

    Orange sandwich vinyl 😀 you’re killing me, Sam

  7. nek namirrem says:

    There is no amount of outside agitation that can equal the Injustice of the racism existing in the criminal justice system.

  8. Sofia E. says:

    Spreading divisive news is “hacking” ? Turn off TV guys

    • The Podian says:

      Given how 90% of actual “hacking” is social engineering, it’s not far off.

    • Night Pasta says:

      when you have to literally “hack” the internet to make a post seem like it’s from an american or fake source, then spread false information about how your fellow countrymen are trying to take away your rights or hurt you….uh yeah, i’d pretty much call that hacking lol, did you even WATCH the video?

    • Sofia E. says:

      “Fake news” and divisive news are a part of the game, this is called freedom of expression.

    • Tristan Neal says:

      Actually Sam refers to it as a disillusion campaign. I couldn’t find the word “hacking” used at all in this piece. This is what we talk about when we say “Russian meddling in the 2016 election”. When we say hacking we are referring to Russian supported WikiLeak hacks targeted towards the democratic party and Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

  9. MalenkyGoblin says:

    Frontline did a great documentary about this called Putin’s Revenge, if you want details from actual Russians who understand Russia’s politics instead of just being a hysterical American screaming the sky is falling.
    Vladimir Putin is not some super villain genius, he’s just a thin-skinned dictator stealing money from his country who is absolutely terrified of being thrown out of power by an angry mob and thinks the US State Department is creating coups all over the world and are coming for him next.

    • justachannel says:

      “Putin is not some super villain genius, he’s just a thin-skinned dictator stealing money from his country who is absolutely terrified of being thrown out of power by an angry mob and thinks the US State Department is creating coups all over the world and are coming for him next.”

      That’s also becoming evident. Putin is smarter and less crazy than Trump; however, it isn’t really all that much – in particular, regarding smarter. And that’s even more scary. Of course, running his psy-ops the way he did makes it more likely the United States will, in fact, come after him in the future.

  10. vazak11 says:


  11. Dave H. says:

    “Vote for Jill Stein.” Speaking of Jill Stein. Where’d all that money go for the recount?

  12. Michael McBride says:

    Your so awesome! Thanks for keeping real!

  13. Hockey Patriot says:

    At this point, it seems Russia knows America better than we know ourselves.

  14. Chris McElroy says:

    I wonder if Russia had anything to do with the Brexit vote, stoked by fear of Syrian Refugees, because they want EU to fall…

    • Antony Stringfellow says:

      Good find Eva Luna!

      Saved me a job (I’m a Brit and already know all this stuff)

    • Antony Stringfellow says:

      Peacecraft117 They did.

    • ivz zvi says:

      Dom Mugi In Bulgaria, we’ve also got an anti-EU, anit-west, anti-NATO party called “Ataka”, which is sponsored by Russia. Sadly, they sit in Parliament with around 9%.
      Russia has been trying to meddle extremely aggressively with our politics ever since we entered the EU. Recently they went as far as appropriating historical facts like the Rescue of the Bulgarian Jews during WW2 for their disgusting agenda.

    • Rudianne Braunlich says:

      Did you know Russia isnt the only country that hacks other nations data and intel or interferes in elections. All nations governments do it including the US. Some even start wars to over throw a leader. Everyone acts like Russia is the only bad country. Look into your own and you’ll see the corruption. The US has interfered in over 80 elections since the 40’s and yes Obama did too. Egypt, Turkey, Isreal just to name a few of his. The EU & its nations hands are far from clean. England alone has left its mark all over the world

  15. Dee Elle says:

    I knew Sam would get to this first. Social engineering is real and can be weaponized. Marketers get it, CIA gets it, Putin gets it. When will we get it?

  16. Kermit Thefrog says:

    The Bernie conspiracy theorists are going to hate this. But you guys are flat out chumps. And you are about as likely to admit this as all those Trump chumps are.

    • Ian says:

      Kermit Thefrog so… One’s civic duty is to agree with you? I hope you remember why parties stopped selecting their own candidates: they didn’t get votes.
      And even if the party did select the winner, they lied about doing so. That just turns voters away. As did Hillary’s just taking them for granted.
      Now, I would never vote for Trump. Never. But do you know what the rest of the world was doing? They were laughing.

    • Kermit Thefrog says:

      Ian Yes. The world is laughing. And we are also laughing at YOU.

    • Ian says:

      Are you, now?
      Perhaps you might want to try not laughing at people who might be your allies. The left is ready to get some support from you guys in the center, as soon as you decide to stop being ambivalent about being progressive.

  17. raven blackseed says:

    OH Sam. Hillary is a person who Lost to drumft. You should be ashamed to be repeating her narrative. She cheated Bernie!
    No she cheated America. Sam you are funny. But in this case you are100% wrong.

    • No One says:

      Especially considering there was a higher conversion of Bernie voters to Hillary in the election than Hillary voters to Obama in 08. This red scare and digging at progressives and 3rd party voters when the fault lays squarely at the candidate is getting to be a bit much. I really want to continue to support Sam, but i am starting to feel like she is falling into propaganda when ignoring the big stories of the week that shine a negative light on her candidate of choice to do another russia story.

    • Mr. Seemingly Expected says:

      One can criticize both the Kremlin and Hillary. It’s not that hard. You should try it some time. Here let me show you.

      Hillary Clinton is a fake sell-out who ran a less-than-mediocre campaign, and cheated Bernie Sanders from spreading his ideas to a nation that needed them. She surrounded herself with yes wo/men so she would never be questioned down her path to defeat.

      The Kremlin should not be engaging in these tactics to spread disinformation and disunity, and any attempt to do so should be fought by anyone who comes across their shills. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, attack against Georgia, oppression of the Russian LGBT community, and suppression (and assassination) of the press are acts of a dictator who should be removed from power.

      See? Easy!

  18. Greg K says:

    Don’t forget the “better Trump than Hillary ’cause she stole the nomination from Bernie” messages that were and are all over the internet. Since it always makes perfect sense to vote for the greater of two evils. поздравления.

    • ras144 says:

      Greg K Yeah, because Seth Rich leaked what the Dems were doing and now Donna is confirming what most of us knew.

    • GorillaGuerilla says:

      A lot of the data was directed at making people abstain from voting or vote 3rd party!
      Especially young voters – but not only them!
      Logarithms was used to target individuals prone to spread certain messages – very similar to a marketing campaign!

    • Mr. Seemingly Expected says:

      Coming from a fellow Bernie supporter, please stop. The DNC Leak conspiracy theory is a load of horsecrap that has no evidence beyond “but muh Assange” and a forced story from Fox News that was so false, the fall guy (the detective who first reported it) later sued the people who told him to do it!

      We can truthfully criticize establishment Democrats plenty (like the Brazile revelations) without bringing in falshoods to muddy the waters. I don’t care if you agree or disagree with me politically, I care if you disagree with the facts. If you see facthood as a political matter then you should have no part to play in the our work to improve.

    • ras144 says:

      Mr. Seemingly Expected So we’re just going to ignore that Brazile and Warren just admitted that Clinton basically bought the DNC?

    • Donald Trump says:

      Then why was the clinton news network covering the entire thing up and telling people that its illegal to look at the leaked info?

  19. TRed Purl says:

    Did that woman REALLY shout out white power? Do none of them realise how bizarre that is, both as an act and to witness.

  20. Neo The Boxer says:

    I Like and dislike at the same time. She does interesting funny shiwd but also goes out of her way to slam Bernie or Jill and disavow that there may actually be a real problem with the Dems and Hillary. It is such a shame. She is almost able to see and speak the full truth. But not until she admits that Hillary and the Dems did some dirt. Also RT actually has a lot of good news coverage…

    • floppykid says:

      God you’re deluded.

    • GorillaGuerilla says:

      — to people with large social network, it can be bloggers/opinionists etc, but usually someone other people for some reason trust – they then spread the messages and they get shared and shared and liked etc…
      And slowly, without you even noticing it, you’ve changed some of your opinion – have started to believe some distorted version of reality!
      That’s the basic mechanics – it’s a lot like advertising!

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