Russian Su-34 jets get air-to-air missiles first time since start of operation in Syria

Russian Su-34 jets get air-to-air missiles first time since start of operation in Syria

Short-range and medium range air-to-air missiles (aka SRAAMs and MRAAMs) installed at Russian Su-34 jet for first time since the start of operation in Syria.


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19 Responses

  1. cpgone says:

    Turkey (NATO?)awoke the wrong bear.

  2. StudentLife says:

    Now I understand why people said RT is a Russian Government propaganda
    machine. These past two weeks have been nothing short of jingoistic
    showcasing of one Russian super weapon after the other. Its not even
    cloaked. It is clearly done as propaganda and not news. I am a little
    disappointed. I found Western media distasteful and thought RT was offering
    a nuanced opinion. But it is just another superpower government propaganda



  4. DonPalacios13 says:


  5. SRBFIN says:

    Turk Removal

  6. Mike West says:

    I was wondering when they would do this. Unescorted bombers should have
    some kind of defensive capability just because in my opinion.

  7. SuperJohn691 says:

    Russian missile R-27R AA-10 Alamo-A , air – air : R-73Ae, R-27R1(AeR1),
    R-27T1(AeT1), .Maximum range: 50 /100 km.

  8. Sam Fitt says:

    The Turks asses smell so bad even the flys don’t come near it how that for
    a no fly zone

  9. 北一辉 says:

    Russian should deploy tactical nuclear weapon in Syrian-turkish border.

  10. Az B says:

    Some of you want turkey to get bombed and are saying the dumbest shit ever.
    if turkey gets bombed now almost every EU country will be brought into a
    war. Also if America wants to join, Russia is fucked beyond belief. that
    missile is old tech now ( compared to the us) Not to mention Russian tech
    is so off par with quality its sad. i remember when there was 1 tank German
    tank against 50 Russian tanks and Germany won wiping them out. The plane
    they showed is useless in war, those pilots would have no idea who is
    around them seeing as there is no radar. Also nor will Putin even sacrifice
    into attacking them, because their economy is falling. specially this war
    effort has weakened them to the point of collapse. But most importantly i
    see how dictators rose, like Hitler. Clueless people supporting shit they
    have no idea about. I see, that people are more cruel now a days. Which is
    good because if WW3 starts you will need to bring out the devil in you to
    win the war.

  11. Paul Henley says:

    about time too
    this alliance of terrorist supporting nations need to realise not everyone
    is on their side

  12. MrBuds58 says:

    Glory to Russia for fighting on the front lines against Zionist funded ISIS

  13. hey says:

    Great move, now that fucking Turkey will shit its pants seeing SU34 armed
    with R-77 and R-73. They can take those fucking Turkish F-16 in not time…

  14. hey says:

    If Russian Air force take a fucking Turkish F-16 down, I will buy everyone
    around of drink…

  15. wize oldfart says:

    Hope they are used to good effect soon.

  16. Konstantin Gerolsteiner says:

    Tear them up, Mr. Putin

  17. romapett says:


  18. cheap Arco says:

    right on

  19. ArizonaDesertRats says:

    Nuke the middle east!!???