Russian tanks filmed entering Ukraine’s capital Kyiv – BBC News

Russian tanks filmed entering Ukraine’s capital Kyiv – BBC News

The Russian forces who have reportedly entered the Ukrainian capital are seemingly centred around the northern district of Obolon.

The heavily residential area is just 9km north of Kyiv’s parliament and the city centre.
Just before 10am local time, Ukraine’s Defence Ministry tweeted that enemy Russian operatives were in the area.

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49 Responses

  1. pavlo from ukraine says:

    I’m from Ukraine and we want peace, nobody wants war in Ukraine, people don’t have to die! #nowar

    • Thakuri gaming klp says:

      Tell your president why he is joining hand with nato?

    • Vadim Ermolin says:

      @Avery Chance Excuse me, but my initial point was not everyting in this world can be measured with money. In other words – a lot of money does not make you more rightful and good as compared with someone with less money.

    • Vasko Lozanovski says:

      @Shery Awan
      You are so right
      Nato is the disease, they are known for killing innocent people and leaving ruins behind them.
      Let’s see what nato will do now
      They demolished the middle east, bombed my country Yugoslavia for 60 straight, days and nights, and for what , for their interests only.
      Left hundreds of thousands dead

      That’s Nato.

      At the end of the day i hate to see anyone die

    • BakedBeats says:

      @Router X And i sure hope you werent calling me a Nazi…

    • BakedBeats says:

      @Router X Again, im not talking about the government officials. Im talking about the citizen population mostly

  2. VersusARCH says:

    0:17 I really like the fact that the local bus service is running like it’s tuesday. Give that driver a raise!

  3. Igor P. says:

    I’m from Russia. I wish Ukrainians to survive this and become stronger! I visited Ukraine several times and remember its kind and talented people!

  4. Exania Hislop says:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” So sad 😭

  5. liam wilson says:

    This is absolutely terrible😢 my heart goes out for these people. Stay strong and stay safe everyione.

    • Gitte Jørgensen says:

      @Vesna so dumb

    • Niklas Vilhelm says:

      @Time has come if you think Putin is peaceful then boiii do i have news for you

    • Niklas Vilhelm says:

      @H Brotha you’re right. No one talks about Hamas’ warcrimes and murder on jewish civilianz either

    • Niklas Vilhelm says:

      @Vesna i bet you’re Russian

    • uncle ho chi minh says:

      UK usa Australia have been pushing Ukraine against Russia now Ukrainians are suffering. Sir Vlad putin has been very patient for the last 8 years.
      Only thing this war exposed was English speaking soldiers are happy hippy to fight 7 th century armies like Iraq Syria Afghanistan but they go hiding when it comes to a modern army like Russia 🇷🇺.
      Go mother russia go.


    Greetings from turkey. Get well soon to all of you, your country may be far from us, but this war affected the whole world and when I saw the people who really died, tears came to my eyes. I hope the right way is found. I love you all so much ❤ 😔

  7. Flower says:

    I am actually getting really scared, R.I.P to all the soldiers that have already died we love you. 💗

  8. A Ahem says:

    Heartbroken to see what’s happening in Ukraine, people don’t have to die, those are some lovely people.

    • Марина Марина says:

      Haven’t you got a heartbreaking when Ukrain was killing people in Donbass and Donetsk during 8 years ?

  9. Smurph says:

    My heart goes out to Ukraine, all my thoughts are with you. I can’t even imagine how scared the country is right now.

  10. Spacegoat92 says:

    I was in Ukraine back in 2012. I met some really lovely people there. I hope they’re doing ok and keeping safe.

    • Spacegoat92 says:

      @Szabó Bence I was never in Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia. I didn’t experience the hospitality of the locals there so I’m not going to comment on how nice the people may or may not be. I speak about what know.

    • Spacegoat92 says:

      @Damien Holland Why state the obvious?

    • Эйс Фоэр says:

      @Ruskey They did not recognize the coup d’état, so they must be destroyed. This is the logic of the Nazis

    • Teddy Bear says:

      @Rus Rus take somebody of your own size then we Will laugh idiot 🤣🤣🤣

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