Russians Continue To Push Into The Ukraine

Russians Continue To Push Into The Ukraine

Air sirens could be heard into the night, as Russian troops continued to try to take over the Ukrainian capital.

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  1. J.P. Morgan says:

    My heartfelt admiration and respect for the brave people of Ukraine. My heart breaks for their suffering. Also, respect to the loyal Russian citizens who are being arrested and jailed for coming out in the streets all over Russia to protest Putin’s war. – from an American ex-pat in the Netherlands

  2. Janice Jackson says:

    This is just so sad my prayers go out to the ukrainian.

  3. Olive Oil says:

    Bruh when the news anchor said “14 of them were children” made me remember that children, who lives had just begun, die in about the worst way possible

    • Resentfuldragon says:

      @Гемини Каприком over 300,000 yemenis died due to the usa’s allies, saudi arabia and the uae, and nobody cared.

      the usa annihilated iraq and syria killing thousands upon thousands, over 1 million died in the iraq conflicts over the years.

      The hypocrites don’t care when you annihilate people non-stop but suddenly care when you invade a nation for a week.

      Imagine how much they would freak out if russia stayed in ukraine for years like the us did in multiple nations.

    • it is thatboy 💯 says:

      Yeah. You figured out children die in wars. Good job, buddy!

    • Xum says:

      @Гемини Каприком it’s the countries fault. Not theirs. Put blame on the government and military, not the person saying “It’s sad children are dying.”

    • Гемини Каприком says:

      @Si L It means because we ignore what our countries do and only focus on what others do, this is why we all get manipulated.

      Have you ever wondered why US never go sanctioned for all this it has done?

      They show us what they want us to see and then this promoted for us to go in this versus mode.

      Why Russians as people didnt stop this war?
      Because they see NATO and US as enemies and they see all war crimes and shit they are doing across the world.

      Why arent you people stoping US or NATO that is because you see all shit Russia or China is doing.

      Get it now?

    • Si L says:

      @Гемини Каприком people like him? Tf you talking about?

      So you telling us that person is the one who send troops to Vietnam,Iraq,Syria etc?
      Tf you mean bro?

  4. Chaitanya P says:

    If Ukraine still had their nuclear arsenal now. Russia wouldn’t have tried dare to cross the border.

    • Joshua Grayson says:

      @Xeev Laug or take away all the nukes from everyone

    • Derpidius says:

      @Chaitanya P If you don’t want to be reading text walls, I can try and make my responses shorter in any follow ups, but:

      What good does having nukes slightly closer to Russia make? It was this very same question that was asked when the Russians put nukes in Cuba, and it is the fact it makes zero difference when nukes can still hit Russia from the United States. However, you are right, you have a point, it is still a cause of concern, hell, in a way the United States reacted the same as Russia is now as the US did in fact ‘invade’ Cuba, we just never committed our military to it

      This is however, where both countries branch, the Cuban missile crisis was solved when the United States pulled nukes from Turkey, the Russians pulled them from Cuba, and despite Cuba being very obviously pro Russia and smack next to the United States, were allowed to remain independent. Ukraine on the other hand, there are zero missiles in Ukraine as of current, the invasion is being done on the hypothetical of ‘but you COULD have nukes in there later’, in addition, Ukraine being inched closer to NATO is a response to Russia’s transgressions on Ukraine in 2014, as prior, Ukraine was against the notion as it would mean antagonizing Russia, who, guess what, attacks anyways

      As for investments in 2010, admittably, would this have drawn Ukraine closer to NATO? Yes, would they have joined? No, so long as Russia merely exists on the border, they wouldn’t dare risk it, hell, if Russia all so much existed as a good neighbor, Ukraine might have even been closer to Russia despite the history, as culturally and ethnically, Ukrainians and Russians are very close to one another and even in the heat of the current bloodshed, there’s very clear dissatisfaction on both sides to being forced to kill each other.

      At the end of the day, even if some of the things NATO are doing is shady as hell, Ukraine itself is innocent, and NATO is doing the right thing supporting Ukraine in the conflict against Russia

    • Chaitanya P says:

      ​@Cody Hooks blindly follow? Of course, everyone loves their mother land first and then comes every other nation. If that is not the case, why did NATO nations are keeping quite without going against Russia and in support of Ukraine. Because they don’t want their nations to involve in war and face the loss of lives and assets. Those preach about nukes, should first abandon nukes and then preach other. If not, we will see rebellious nations like N Korea.

    • Cody Hooks says:

      Nukes are not necessary. Nukes will be the end of this planet. Not that you care about the world, only the country you blindly follow.

    • Chaitanya P says:

      NATO should take their share of responsibility in this. May be you are a pro NATO person. Can’t change mind of people who carry a propaganda. The whole purpose of pro NATO nations investing in Ukraine start after 2010. Helping Ukraine to mine the gas and petro stuff is a bait to attract Ukraine towards NATO which helps US to put their missile and other military base in Ukraine which is very close to Russian defense key points. Which makes it easier to hit with missiles in times of conflict even before Russian anti-missile tech detect and react. Putin at not cost wants NATO to have this advantage and also on black sea, threat to their only warm water port through out the year. Giving up missiles because they can’t maintain or use them? What are you? 6? Nukes are not something that can be used once every year on new year celebrations. Nukes are for nation’s security, giving up nukes is also part of US & UK’s plan. Budapest memo which you conveniently ignored in your point. Where is NATO that kept luring Ukraine for membership and backed them until Russia attacked. Just like NATO member, pro NATO people ignore their mistakes and blame other instead taking responsibilities for their actions.

  5. Josh1972 says:

    I hope they have IED’s on all the roads leading to Ukraine

  6. A711 says:

    🇺🇦💪💪Brave & Relentless 💙💛

  7. Joan Chan says:

    let’s teach them something to learn.for many years Ukraine.

  8. Robert Miller says:

    What is there to “talk” about? Putin has to GTFO and leave and that’s that. There’s nothing to discuss.

  9. James Henderson says:

    How about getting the name of the country correct! It is the country of “Ukraine” not an area called the Ukraine….

  10. Swerv From da O says:

    This is absolute outrageous peace to WORLD

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