Russians in Germany clash over the war in Ukraine | DW Documentary

Russians in Germany clash over the war in Ukraine | DW Documentary

The war in Ukraine is driving a wedge between Russian speakers in Germany. Putin’s critics and supporters are fiercely divided. The conflict came to a head on May 9, which marked 77 years since Nazi Germany’s surrender.

Barricades, strict regulations, and thousands of police on duty: German authorities predicted May 9 would get heated. Commemorated as “Victory Day” in many former Soviet countries, the date marks 77 years since the surrender of Nazi Germany. But due to the war in Ukraine, the occasion took on a whole new meaning. The divide between Putin’s opponents and supporters was brought into sharp focus. Authorities banned the display of Russian and Ukrainian flags in the hopes of avoiding escalation. But emotions were running high at dueling protests, with demonstrators breaking out in verbal confrontations over Russia’s war in Ukraine. DW reporter Oxana Evdokimova shows the divisions in the Russian-speaking community in Berlin and why many Russians in Germany support Putin and the military aggression in Ukraine.

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40 Responses

  1. Robert Brynin says:

    I am completely unable to comprehend how anyone can blame Ukraine for being invaded. How warped would your logic have to be to think that?

    • up urz says:

      We must e-liminate all the “Slavic” things, not only in Ukraine but the world!! Germany is lord!!

    • Robert Bolding says:

      read your comments , that how.

    • Trespasser says:

      You must be living in an echo chamber. Ukraine signed the Minsk accord. How warped would your logic have to be to not understand that continuing the war on Donbas separatists would open the door for a broader invasion?

  2. Eddie Tat says:

    I commend DW for showing and analyzing both sides of the Russian diaspora. Yes, there are honest and free-thinking Russians who support Ukraine – they exist and should not be forgotten. Yes, there are also those who support Russia. Nothing is black and white, especially in times of war. It is a sad state of affairs to see people losing friendships and family ties over this.

    • Carlos Santos says:

      @mI Ka how Covidians are thinking? Similar thing..

    • mI Ka says:

      Why are you characterizing one side as honest and “free-thinking”. I am not defending Russia here but why do you think your the free thinking type and others aren’t.

  3. Андрей Тулин says:

    Why can’t all that pro-Putin Russians return to their homeland? I mean, if Russia is so good and right, what’s the point of immigrating to a country which supports Ukraine in this war?
    I’m Russian myself, I was born and currently living in Kazakhstan, and I can criticize my country for its internal and external policy, that seems logical, because I live here. However, when you live in another country and support the one you escaped from, and at the same time you stand for its policy to an extent you are ready to quarrel with people having opposite views, isn’t it right to be there where you are surrounded by the people mirroring your views?

    • Olga Yash says:

      @Bruce VAIR-TURNBULL There are some confused people of every background, not just Russian. If you think the Russia-Ukraine war is not complex, you’re wrong.

    • Kanwer Vikram says:

      Ukraine shelling pro russia population of donetsk.

    • Olga Yash says:

      @Jesse Fisher For the coverage of war crimes from both sides, follow the reports by Patrick Lancaster on YouTube. Also, I highly recommend the film Donbass by Anne-Laure Bonnel (subtitles EN FR SPA ITA)”, 2016. Also, Polish journalists made a documentary “Fascists in trenches”, in Polish though. Bottom line for me – any weapon usage is bound to kill someone and provoke a backlash.

    • margarida aguiar says:

      @Андрей Тулин I think your comments are right on and show you have lots of common sense . They escape from Russia because the regime, now, live with decency instead of creating problems, or go right back and enjoy dictatorship life that before you didn’t like. The choice is yours!

  4. Water Shed says:

    The toxic lady at 11:35 is shouting, “Ты не имеешь ни на что право!”, which translates as “You don’t have any rights!”.
    That’s both sad and disgusting. To live in a democratic country and *spite* on its foundational principles, while having an opportunity to be repatriated back to their homeland where they can live without those wretched rights.
    They need rehabilitation but even if it were offered for free they wouldn’t accept because it’s too uncomfortable to dismantle one’s own beliefs.

    • Darkmatter solo says:

      @Dakota Thats why im advocating for those rights that my founding father fought for.

    • Darkmatter solo says:

      @tresemeio The US invaded Cuba, and prevent them to get any type of aid from other countries, so its ok if the US does it, Right ? Its my government, and im saying its hypocrite of them to be like that country its on wrong of them to invade other countries even though right this second we are invading one.

    • tresemeio says:

      @Darkmatter solo and stop the whataboutism.. It is very basic.

    • Dakota says:


  5. Johan Swede says:

    Germany had 12 years of Nazism. They have apologized constantly since May 9th 1945…Russia have not apologized once for their last century of barbarism…The lack of Russians understanding their history is just disgusting!!!!!!!

    • Young Moon says:

      @Thomas Kalbfus that’s what makes Germany great IMO. At least they are putting in effort to not have history repeat themselves, at least on their end.

    • Thomas Kalbfus says:

      @GeassSamurai the United States didn’t invade Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis, it didn’t bomb Cuba. Why would Russia want to base missile in Cuba anyway, after the United States did so much to help Russia to survive during World War II? Now that is ingratitude, don’t you think?

    • dylanandmolly says:

      @DH Deria what’s this got to do with Russian aggression right now?

    • Thomas Kalbfus says:

      @Young Moon except Germany.

  6. Rudolfs Celms says:

    Best joke ever! Yelling for a historical victory over the country, they are living in, because it’s better, than the country they’re from.

  7. Dudley Dude says:

    As an American, what stood out the most for me was the police. The police may have looked irritated, but you could actually see them communicate with people because they wore no helmets. They did not have sheilds, batons, and pepper spray ready in their hands. The lack of police physical aggressiveness makes me jealous.

  8. Dan123. says:

    Right or wrong, its good to see people having a debate without getting arrested for their beliefs or speech. That doesn’t happen in Russia. Dictator Putin will not allow it.

  9. Peter Petraitis says:

    Shows just how insane some people can be

  10. Greedy bwana says:

    They should understand Germany has changed its ways and thats why they have the right to protest, If they love Russia that much go back there and protest, oops sorry you cant.

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