Rust – The Raid Thieves

Rust – The Raid Thieves

Normally, counter raids happen maybe once or twice per wipe. It’s not often that the ENTIRE WIPE consists of stealing people’s boom. But that’s what happened in this one! And who better to do it with, than Wally 🙂


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PC Specs (Ironside):
Case: NZXT H710
Processor: Ryzen 9 5950x
CPU Cooling: Custom Ironside Tundra Hardline Cooling
Motherboard: Asus Prime x570-PRO
Memory: 32gb 3600mhz
Graphics Card: Watercooled RTX 3090
Hard Drive: 4TB HDD
SSD: M.2 2TB
Power Supply: 850W 80 Plus Bronze

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Code “blooprint” for 5% off any purchase:
Headphones – Hyper X Alpha Cloud
Mouse – Logitech Pro X Superlight (Blooprint themed)
Keyboard – Corsair K70 MK.2 RGB (Cherry Red Switches)
Mic – Rode Procaster w/ BAI-2N Two-Section Broadcast Arm Stand
Monitor (main) – Samsung Odyssey G7 240Hz (2560×1440)
Monitor (secondary) – Samsung Odyssey G5 144Hz (2560×1440) [x2]
Capture Card – Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2
Stream Deck – Elgato Mini
Sound Mixer – TC Helicon GoXLR
Channel Art/GFX:
This Video’s Thumbnail – Fuego (
Mascot Design and Twitch Graphics – Rotting Jackal (
Banner & Illustrated Thumbnails – Veysel Kara (
3D Thumbnails – Fuego (
OG Logo Design – Curzurer (
Intro & Motion Design – Bryan G. Motion (
Outro – Matt Stovall (
♫Music – By Order of Appearance♫
1. Sun Seeker – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist

2. Newport – [ocean jams]

3. Watcher – Brendon Moeller

4. Leaving Gravity – Aiyo

5. Dusty Electronics – Chill Cole

6. House Hunt – Dylan Sitts

7. Summer Time – Justnormal

8. City Lights, City Dreams – Forever Sunset

9. Minitaur – Tigerblood Jewel

10. Redial – Ballpoint

11. Entering Multiverse – Christian Andersen

12. Mellow Soul – Auxjack

13. Mischievous Operations – Alfie-Jay Winters

14. Pitter Patter – Guustavv

15. Krotos – They Dream By Day

16. Safeword (Instrumental Version) – Torii Wolf

17. It’s Voodoo – Ash Nino

18. Pyramid Skeme – Matt Large

Outro Song ⇨ chryst – 1k

All background music is provided by Epidemic Sound ⇨

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36 Responses

  1. Blooprint says:

    First off wanted to apologize for the long distance between uploads lately, only for them to be slightly shorter than average. My break was mostly spent investigating projects that need to happen around my house. Now I’m starting to execute on them. Pretty much every day has some sort of event or meeting going on, so I have less time to put all my focus towards editing. Also got sick again recently which put me a few days behind. Nevertheless I’m still putting my best effort in the videomaking process. Thanks for understanding guys, much love!

  2. Brit says:

    the cycle:

    1. watch blooprint
    2. open rust because blooprint made it look fun
    3. instantly die
    4. close rust

    thanks bloo

  3. Skyes says:

    The nakeds were something else on this server LMAO
    and you definitely started a villian arc for that group at the end
    loved the video homie!

  4. TheReVmatch says:

    “Die a hero, or live long enough to become the villain” bloo after murdering a friendly youngster at the beginning of the video

  5. Frost says:

    Hey man I love your videos! Im an up n coming youtuber we should duo sometime!

  6. Random Dude Named Chad says:

    Kinda feel bad for the first guy you killed, they were so friendly

  7. Laef Elison says:

    “When something is too good to be true… it usually is” -Bloo 2022

  8. WoodzyNotWood says:

    Whenever i watch blooprint it makes me want to play rust just cuz of his plays

    • Text on Telegram @blooprintgames says:

      👆Thanks for Watching::: You have been selected among my gaming pc amazing winners. Hit the contact above for claiming!

  9. Skye says:

    “This is a key weapon to allow Wally to snipe the raiders from a safe distance, while I go in and loot”
    immediately dies.

  10. Adrian Marquez says:

    You’ve help me a lot through my rust journey, I have around 300 hours and watching your gameplay makes me feel like I have 700+ hours. Great videos

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