RWBY Volume 6: Adam Character Short | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Volume 6: Adam Character Short | Rooster Teeth

Watch the new episode of Nomad here:

Willing to strike down anyone who gets in the way of his twisted version of justice, Adam has declared to fight for the rights of his people, but over the years he’s strayed further and further from these idealistic claims.

He’s a dangerous combination of ferocity and delusion who’s only goal is to torment his ex-partner, Blake Belladonna, whom he considers to be responsible for his fall from power.

RWBY Volume 6 premieres October 27 on Rooster Teeth!

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88 Responses

  1. 『Neko Kujo』 says:

    Mute the video then just put on Vergil’s theme from UMvsC3…

  2. alyo dublin says:

    Captions…. Turn on captions.

  3. Sue Yu says:


  4. Elijah YM says:

    I Am so excited for Rwby vol 6 and for Adam too! Who’s excited for Rwby Vol 6

  5. Quartelz says:


  6. Kawaii Potato says:


  7. Samanthera Aki says:

    The thing I love about new RBWY teasers is that we always get to see the improvement in the animation. Things I noticed: the animation on Blake’s ears looks so good! They’re so expressive and now they pivot rather than flattening, which makes them more life-like. The fight-scene choreography looks so cool too! I loved all of Adam and Sienna’s movements. They were very fluid and effortless. Lastly, the walking looks far more natural! I’m not sure what changed to make it more natural, but I believe that the center of weight distribution is placed differently within the model when it comes to creating a walk cycle, which allows for more natural movement. I love seeing all the improvements and I cannot WAIT to see what RWBY has in store for us!

    • Fizzy says:

      In volume 2 they used Motion capture to do some movements, though I’m not sure they used that for walking too back then. Maybe they’ve finally decided to use it, or they could of just been told and encouraged to put more expression into it.
      I also agree with the fighting! I’m glad that the CRWBY decided to take in peoples feedback this time.

    • mystyllean says:

      the cat ear twitch is <3

    • TsukiAnimeGirl says:

      I agree with most of your points. 😀

      However the fluidity of the first fight was a bit odd because they stop Adam before or after an attack in an almost static pose, I understand it’s to give emphasis on the poses, but it kinda breaks the rhythm. It feels like he just attacked someone without any anticipation movement.

    • Samanthera Aki says:

      That’s a good point. Its meant to be visually interesting and direct the viewer’s eye, but it ends up being unnatural and distracting.

  8. The lost Ones ranger says:

    Just saying rooster teeth. Grim masks as a product would sell like hot cakes. Especially if we get to customize them.

  9. Cyber Searcher says:

    Massive difference in action sequences. Congratulations on the improvements. Though it seems the voice acting has fallen slightly. The delivery seems to lack the proper emotions at some point or lack emphasis. But really, this is an awesome short. It’s subtle in the ways Adams true nature peeks out, the wording is good too. Just the voice acting seems off.

    • Sorzin says:

      There’s no pleasing people.

    • Furys Shot says:

      +doughxDude87 yeah I don’t watch RWBY but I was going to say the dialogue when the two were on the rooftop was just not good at all. It was just 100% cringe and cliche. The animation looks pretty cool though.

    • HalfMortal says:

      The animation has improved drastically but it still feels a bit clunky to me

    • OkashiiAmerican says:

      The only thing is….Vol. 5 trailers were AMAZING…..and then…..vol. 5 happened….sooooo I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for vol. 6. I didn’t see anything wrong with the voice acting. In fact, I thought it was great. Adam has the personality of a 2 x 4, so I wouldn’t expect much life from him. In fact, I kind of felt a twinge of interest in Adam because I felt I was finally getting to know him as a character. To me, he’s kind of just been floating around on the outskirts popping up here and there. I really felt like I met Adam today.

    • Gregory Allen says:

      Completely agree

  10. Thefunmuffin says:

    “It’s time I got what I deserved” oh the juicy irony.

    • Naruto Master /Sonic Jones says:

      Adam: it’s time i got what I deserve *sees Adam Takes off his mask and then see him start limping away* Me: so you was saying?..*trailer ends* Me: yea didn’t think so

    • Mily Wolfheart says:

      Going to go to siege on Haven
      Proceeds to bring less than 10 people

      Yeah, considering Blake brought a WHOLE ISLAND, he deserves his L

    • Naruto Master /Sonic Jones says:

      Mily Wolfheart But Yang going give Adam the Giant L

    • RubberyCat says:

      Morgan Taylor
      Exactly what i was going to type …. ^_^

    • OkashiiAmerican says:

      I find it ironic that the person who stuck up for him and kept someone from stemming the flow of his maddness was later consumed by it. XD

      Glad they brought her back even for a little bit. (forget her name) I remember a comment (maybe from a crack video) that she seemed like a really cool, interesting character….and then she was dead 2 seconds later XD

  11. Lloyd Pastrana says:

    2:33 oh hey, real blood

  12. blood wolf says:

    Neo needs a character short

  13. Popcore Music says:


  14. Augus Omen says:

    He’s allowed his delusions of grandeur to seep into his very ideals, turning protests into war. The fight for human/faunus equality died after he assumed leadership because he can’t see how ironically “human”(his perception of them) he’s being. He’s the Biggest faunus threat who’s ever lived. His poisonus ideals will only insure great losses from both sides. Though I see where he’s coming from, he’s going about all wrong.

  15. Mark Burns says:

    Those action scenes in my opinion was something that I think Monty would be very proud of

  16. Akira Chaos Suta says:

    Instead of standing beside her, he ended up standing over her …….

    …… dead body.

  17. Felicia DeShon says:

    I was waiting for Blake and Adam’s backstory. I am fed well.

  18. Whosdat Gamer says:

    Where was this Adam during Volume 5? That rematch with Blake was pathetic.

    • ValroggTheInvincible says:

      Whosdat Gamer they weren’t going to remove both Cinder and Adam as villains that close together. The real Blake vs. Adam rematch will be this season

    • DemonicMonkey88 says:

      He was having a mental breakdown, and this short supports it XD

    • mr hugginpickles says:

      You can’t expect Adam to fight full force against Blake. You can tell Adam still loves Blake, despite what he says. So of course his fight against Blake would seem pathetic.

    • OkashiiAmerican says:

      We just aren’t bothering to critique Vol. 5 fight scenes anymore XD They sucked or were completely non existent lol XD

    • Cory says:

      Even Adam has emotions that clouds his judgement

  19. BroNovaGaming&Stuff says:

    So…….Sienna gave Adam a Hero-Complex, so EVERYTHING that Adam did is Thanks To Her…..Nice going great leader

  20. King Kree says:

    1) I hope Adam becomes a good character in the sense of his writing in v6
    3) I really wanted Sienna Khan to have a bigger impact on the story

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