RWBY Volume 6 Intro | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Volume 6 Intro | Rooster Teeth

Team RWBY is reunited, and their first mission back is one of grave importance: escorting the Relic of Knowledge to Atlas. With the world seemingly crumbling around them and Grimm lurking around every corner, traversing Remnant to reach their destination will be more dangerous than anyone could have imagined. Watch Volume 6 Chapter 1 NOW:

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83 Responses

  1. AyyDynamic says:

    One more week… mostly since I’m not paying for an RT membership lol

    • RWBY PLAYS without wiess says:

      +Arcturionn Bloodhound thankyou!!!!!

    • AyyDynamic says:

      +Iceyvwz No. They won’t be able to make a profit on YouTube so all RWBY episodes will be going straight to their site. If you have a subscription for their site, you can watch episodes a week before they come out to the public. They made a video on this like 1-2 months ago.

    • Ranga3595 says:

      tuko free trails on any website ask for card information as it automatically continues after the free period is over and will require payment at that point. You can cancel the membership while it is still free and still have that one month, Rooster Teeth are a trusted website.

    • Ranga3595 says:

      Bolu Johnson nope

    • Ranga3595 says:

      Iceyvwz no they are not, they have said it will not be coming to YouTube, but will be available for free on the RT website a week after coming out for First members

  2. LadyChild says:


    • Persassy says:

      all I’ve been saying FOR YEARS is that ironwood went down in a ship that was on fire and WAS FINE, if there ain’t no body the character isn’t dead! Case in point: the fact that Cinder is on the poster this year. (I may be in denial but I don’t care, he is still one of my favorite villainS!!!

    • Dawson Woolf says:

      +Persassy Now that you mention, we didn’t see torchwicks body. We see him swallowed whole, he could have blasted himself out seeing as he had his cane.

    • Cairoxl5 says:

      +Thomas Webbers the first hooded figure had normal hands and the second one had a prosthetic. So it seems the first one is neo and the other is cinder.

    • TG GrislyStone says:


  3. Sean Brown says:

    0:32 I take this to mean she is in fact a Silver-Eyed Warrior. Get hyped folks, we got LORE incoming.

    0:46 You see that hat? You recognise that hat? You know who that girl is? That’s Neo. Our little ice cream girl’s come home.

    1:01 I have no idea what to make of this… maybe someone from Ozpin’s past?

    1:04 Those must be the past Ozpins… could we be meeting some of Oz’s old hosts through Oscar this volume? Even if it’s just flashbacks, that’d be fascinating…

  4. xocutievxo says:

    Why i am happy team rwby seams to be together this season. WHERE IS BY BOI SUNN

  5. Theysis Malagas says:

    Why does the third iteration of Ozpin look like he is about to help you fix your computer.

  6. buffalobill4892 says:

    Today is October 27th! And this… THIS IS THE DAY WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!

  7. Victory 101 says:

    I love when the intros mix the characters’ action at the end!

  8. TheHero136 says:

    If this trailer is a sign of the action scenes to come than Volume 6 looks like a really good return to form. I feel like I’m gonna enjoy this volume, maybe it will feel reminiscent of the first three volumes of RWBY. Now I’m willing to give a good review for this volume AS LONG as the story feels like it’s evolving. For the last two volumes, I just feel like the story only got confusing and didn’t lead anywhere. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like Rooster Teeth has to win back the casual audience.

    • The Brennan says:

      That’s fair. They definitely seemed to struggle in the wake of Monty’s death. But it seems like they’re beginning to hit their stride again.

    • Poncho Man says:

      They need to win back the audience at large, to be perfectly honest. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that Volume 5 was a train wreck.

    • Gigan The Gojira says:

      One of the main issues with 4 and 5 is that there was too many arcs happening at once, and this season won’t have that issue

    • Nicolas Flamel says:

      Gigan The Gojira – “and this season won’t have that issue.”
      Rooster Teeth – “Hold my beer”

      I’m not being totally serious, but try not to count chickens before they’ve hatched.

    • Gizunog Gizmo Luna Mogwia says:

      Honestly I thought that in terms of actual plot volume 1 and 2 where lacking in plot it was just a cool take on character stereotypes but that’s my opinion I still really like them. 4 and 5 where a bit messy though I have to agree. Volume 3 best volume in my opinion.

  9. Danni. K says:

    For those of you saying that Weiss and ruby’s relationship happened too fast, clearly didn’t watch each season. It did not happen too fast, all of season one they were not into each other, season two, still the same except gradual footsteps to being okay with each other, season three still more gradual footsteps and 4 being that they are all separated, I’m sure she came to terms with the fact the she missed all of them and wanted to be with them again, hence her escaping and such to go find them. Season 5 was a heartfelt reunion which she was still hesitant to throw affection at ruby until she welcomed her into the group hug with her sister. Guys come on, whether you ship them or not, their relationship (friendship) was no where forced. You guys just think so because shippers usually take every interaction and make it into a romantic one, which can then lead you to believe the relationship ship is forced.

  10. Akumu Nightmare says:

    I love the subltle Renora in this

  11. Maximus says:


    • Something_Wrong says:

      Neo, yes, Torchwick, no. the creators confirmed his death.

    • Fuzzy Pickles says:

      roman is dead af bro

    • Evil Otto Jr. Productions says:

      @UC_PLCRBuY-UGWUoCy0UCnGA I think they’re going to have to address that eventually. I think it would be pretty easy to make a new *body* for Penny, but the thing is, she had a soul. It’s entirely possible her soul died when her body was destroyed, and so yeah they could make a new robot girl but it wouldn’t be the Penny we know and love. Personally, I think Penny’s soul would have found something to latch onto, like the comms towers, and if they built her a new body, they could bring her back. But that’s all just speculation and we’ll have to wait until they bring it up in the show, which I hope they do.

  12. Pawerxon1 says:

    Good theory here: Old Lady had silver eyes but someone took her eyes, and now she have robotic eyes. And now she will teaching Ruby how to use silver eyes.

  13. Spencer Bergstrom says:

    im curious about the Zelda looking character looking at Ozpin’s statue

  14. Caca Doodle Dooo Poop says:

    All I see is Ren and Nora acting all couple-like in the beginning and end

  15. Lil Shiro says:

    1:04 i cant believe they are showing other people that ozpin possesed before cool huh?

  16. Flower says:


  17. Nicky Padilla says:

    Mama Coco is a Huntress now

  18. CARAGAMES 101 says:

    At 46 did anyone else see Roman’s hat With the girl who is possibly Neo?

  19. Game_Master98 says:

    0:56 When the download is 99% done and it crashes.

  20. Sharif Brown says:

    “I ain’t playing no games Ospin”!!!

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