RWW News: Cruz: Gay ‘Jihad’ Threatening Religious Freedom

RWW News: Cruz: Gay ‘Jihad’ Threatening Religious Freedom
Right Wing Watch reports on the extreme rhetoric and activities of key right-wing figures and organizations by showing their views in their own words. In this video, Ted Cruz warns of a gay “jihad” against marriage and religious liberty.

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20 Responses

  1. OldBut YoungMoney says:

    So forcing someone to perform a service and to make them take part in
    something they don’t want to take part in or face immense punishment is ok?
    Furthermore, those gays, anyone who claims as such, sure have quite the
    motivation to walk into KNOWN Christian bakeries, for example, demanding
    they contribute to their homosexual wedding because if they win the lawsuit
    THEY GET THOUSANDS… That’s right, there is motivation, they can sometimes
    win up to 75,000 for successfully suing someone for refusing to meet their
    demand of a product for whatever reason. Hell, if I was a selfish asshole,
    I could just claim, hey I’m gay today and I need cash, then I get my cash
    after I sue, and then just go back to woman.

  2. Maher Fattouh says:

    if this is how he feels about the opinion of other Americans, imagine his
    foreign relations.
    this mentality will burn the world in the flames of hatred.

  3. Neiman Mroz says:

    How is gay marriage against religious liberty?

  4. Guowei Li says:

    Same sex marriage is Unethical. Gay is illness. hope god forgive them.
    Marriage is sacred can not be bullied commit

  5. Gentil Aquitaine says:

    Guys like this… to the extent that they have ‘gaydar’ and purport to see
    gays conspiring to takeover ‘straight’ society, they betray their own
    (self-loathed) inner conflicts and insecurities. Ted Cruz seems to me to be
    Col. Frank Fitts in the flesh.

  6. Ismaiel Aden says:

    Wow every one has their own free choice, and they are always responsible
    for their choices. That being said i believe homosexuals have their rights
    to be watever they want but also religious people also have the right to
    believe homosexuality to be a sin.

  7. Arminius says:

    Cruz can’t be president because he’s Canadian, but this man said nothing
    out of ill will or hatred, and the dumbed down masses here are crucifying
    him (no pun intended) for standing with his self identified culture. No
    other group of people would be so heavily scrutinized other than American
    Christians post 2008. If you honestly evaluate America you will see it has
    changed so much under our feet in a mere 7 years.

  8. Slim Jones says:

    *Jesucristo es el Hijo de Dios, que murió y resucitó de entre los muertos
    para darnos vida eterna.*
    También se comprometió a sanar su cuerpo.

  9. Slim Jones says:

    *Jesucristo es el Hijo de Dios y le promete la vida eterna si simplemente
    cree ÉL.*
    Prometió también sanar su cuerpo.

  10. نأمن بلخير ونلحد بلفساد بجميع الاديان says:

    Religions and gayizem
    Cause brain damage
    100% man made 

  11. marina kong says:

    Ted Cruz, please stop.

  12. David Kenway says:

    yeah he definitely isn’t going to win.

  13. Beryl Teitelbaum says:

    You know what else used to be a non-partisan issue… Slavery,
    Witch-Burning, Phrenology… Damn this man is frightening as hell. Holy

  14. David Starkey says:

    its not bigotry its belief! its not intolerance its belief! christians dont
    abhore gays but they should not be forced by govt to capitulate to the true
    bigots and suppressors of speech those being liberals. no one is being
    discriminated against except christians. the whole concept is being
    purposefully twisted so a few can tell many how to think!

  15. charlidog2 says:

    The mormon and islamic god tells them to fuck ten year olds. Do we allow
    them to break the law? Ironic how they used to complain gays wanted special

  16. Moby Grape says:

    He’s right.

  17. SuckMyCOG says:

    He disgusts me. Historically, religion has proven time and time again that
    it is dangerous and socially and politically irrelevant. We don’t need it.

    You get these devout followers who preach the positives of religion, but
    brush off the negatives like it’s insignificant. I’m sure there were plenty
    of nice Nazi soldiers or KKK members, but I doubt anyone would grant them
    any kind of social acceptance if judged by their actions. Religious groups
    are arguably just as, if not more, historically harmful and dubious as
    these groups. Why are their “good people” excused and defended for these
    inhumane beliefs as opposed to Nazis and KKK members? Because some cultures
    were founded on these religious beliefs?

    We’ve progressed enough as a society that we don’t need these fear-based
    moral guidelines. Ted Cruz is just expressing an immature resistance of
    being proven wrong, discovering his religious comfort is a wasted
    investment. He is not providing a valid argument. He and all that follow
    this mentality need to grow up.

  18. dean2663 says:

    Cruz doesn’t clearly doesn’t know what Jihad means.

  19. Adam Berry says:

    Somebody needs to ask these nuts which Biblical verse “defines” marriage as
    one man and one woman. Oops. There isn’t one.

  20. tabletop581 says:

    What happened to those pizza shop owners in Indiana *was* disgraceful. I
    don’t think people should be bullied like that or receive death threats, or
    have a mob threaten to burn their shop down, just because they believe in
    the sanctity of man-woman marriage.
    Those people who espouse tolerance and equality are the most violent when
    it comes down to it. No-one wants a rational conversation, just ad-hominem
    attacks right away.