RWW News: Glenn Beck Says That Steve Bannon ‘Is A Terrifying Man’

RWW News: Glenn Beck Says That Steve Bannon ‘Is A Terrifying Man’

Right Wing Watch reports on the extreme rhetoric and activities of key right-wing figures and organizations by showing their views in their own words. In this video, Glenn Beck warns that Donald Trump’s senior White House advisor, Steve Bannon, “is a terrifying man.”

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20 Responses

  1. Richard Larson says:

    He can criticize, but he helped create all of this mess.

  2. Stacey Rodgers says:

    What kind of world are we living in when Glenn Beck starts to sound

  3. 4tech69 says:

    Glenn, hows the bed you made working out?

  4. uTube486 says:

    I hate to say…I agree w/ Beck.

  5. Brett Chatoney says:

    A broken clock is right twice a day.

  6. Tal Moore says:

    That surreal moment when Glenn Beck is the voice of reason, lol.

  7. nicholas beni says:

    you’re going to have to take Beck off RRW soon, he’s getting outclassed by
    the Trump Administration

  8. ForNoOne1 says:

    It’s refreshing to see Glenn Beck shift from his extremist views to more of
    a voice of reason on the right. We cannot have a productive conversation
    over policy in this country until both sides are speaking from positions
    based in fact and upholding American ideals like freedom and tolerance. I
    hope this is a trend that will continue and that left- and right-minded
    people can meet in the middle for productive discussion.

  9. moderatesunited says:

    Trump and company is so bad even Beck is against them. I never thought I’d
    agree with Beck on anything.

  10. surgeyX says:

    Why is Glenn Beck being reasonable all of a sudden?
    Was he abducted by aliens or something?

  11. Hieronymus Rhodes says:

    Look as the left wing become all they hate.

  12. Blake H. says:

    Hell has truly frozen over when Glenn Beck is the voice of reason (or
    trying to be for more coverage and money.)

  13. Offensive Snowflake says:

    Bwhahaha! YouTube propagandists suddenly love Glenn Beck ???

  14. Matt Bouler says:

    Who cares what Glenn Beck thinks hahaha

  15. pfcwar5150 says:

    surprised glenn Beck hasn’t started wearing womens clothes and trying out
    for a spot on “The View”

  16. [NQZATR] says:

    Glenn Beck is slowly turning into a progressive, lol.

  17. Caleb Lambright says:

    I AM Way more Terrified of Glen beck than Steve bannnon

  18. Jangus Roundstone says:

    well Beck lost most of his right wing viewers so now it looks like he’s
    turning to more progressive ideals to gain support from the left lol Gotta
    afford those 8 meals a day he’s eating somehow

  19. Hadley Pleasanton says:

    Translation: *I blew up my website campaigning for Canadian Cruz. Now, I’m
    broke and marginalized.* ?

  20. Alcibiades Cleinias says:

    Beck is a globalist shill. He is so fucking crazy too.