RWW News: Trump on Mental Health Counseling for Veterans

RWW News: Trump on Mental Health Counseling for Veterans

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20 Responses

  1. RedEyes says:

    Exploiting the shattered minds of soldiers for Jesus.

  2. danekeeper1 says:

    No faith based bullshit!!!!!!!!!

  3. 4tech69 says:

    That question was loaded as hell. Given it was a religitard asking it. Go

  4. Nadia Lynch says:

    He won’t win the election . Make way for President Hillary Clinton 2016!!

  5. tytlyf says:

    If someone has the mental illness known as PTSD, they shouldn’t be able to
    buy a gun. Just like there are laws on mental disabilities and buying guns.
    Look how well it turned out for Chris Kyle.

  6. a g says:

    Finally, a man who is not PC about the pussies we are sending to war. We
    pay you a salary for a job you applied for and then when you come back from
    doing the job, you want money cause you are mentally disabled? What a bunch
    of Shit. Trump is right, these men and women who are not strong enough for
    military service are just weak. But there’s nothing we can do about that,
    we paid and trusted them to do a job now all they do is complain and want a
    check every month. Military welfare, what a bunch of Shit. I have a
    neighbor who’s on military disability, the bum work 3 days a week at some
    store, not even full time. Yet he just bought a 2008 Ford Heavy Duty with a
    Cummins Package. I still drive my 1998 Dodge Dakota. I have to pay so this
    bum can flaunt around his new truck. This is why we need Trump, en the
    welfare frauds and leaches now. We need strength, not weakness in our
    country and military. Trump 2016!

  7. JC Korn says:

    I have PTSD from watching this election….

  8. Leo's Universe says:

    For some reason I took it as like the families can’t deal with them

  9. demonorse says:

    I may need mental health services if Trump is elected…

  10. Tom Wilson says:

    Like other members of Cheney’s Chicken Hawks, who claimed they other
    priorities than military service to cover up their back problems, Trump’s
    yellow streak has morphed into a red badge of courage when confronting the
    prospect of sending other people’s children to war.

  11. Mostly Accurate Reviews says:

    Trump did not call veterans with PTSD are weak, he didn’t even say “PTSD”,
    nor did he say the word “weak” in his entire reply. Nor was it even
    implied. Your hallucinations are duly noted.

  12. IncorporatedOps says:

    What a dumbass. If he wants to talk about the weakness of soldiers, then
    why doesn’t he join the military and find out how “strong” he is? And where
    was HE when the Vietnam War was happening? I never heard about Trump

  13. therock343 says:

    This is all to distract from him not paying taxes for over 18 years while
    middle class workers have been breaking there backs and having Federal tax
    taking a chunk out their checks.

  14. Logan Mills says:

    Anything is better than trump

  15. nick jones says:

    This is like the 5th time this worm draft dodger has insulted veterans

  16. Cardshistory says:

    What Trump said is right. 22 veterans with PTSD commit suicide EVERY DAY!
    He simply is stating that some soldiers can’t deal with it and need help.
    As a marine said in a video recently, some rape victims deal with the
    problem, never forgetting it, but they move forward. However, some people
    can’t handle it and commit suicide. Stop twisting what he says.

  17. Fire Stoops says:

    God I’m not fucken voting

  18. David Soap says:

    the fuck is he taking about. God I hate the way he answers questions. trump
    supports please elaborate.

  19. joestl314 says:

    Trump has a George W. quality….he doesn’t phrase things very well.
    Obviously he didn’t mean to imply anything…..I liked his answer.

  20. Jesus Esquivel says:

    Oh trump, I love his honesty even though he comes off as an asshole, this
    orange turd is still better than Hillary tho