Ryan Adams – Shake It Off (from ‘1989’) (Audio)

Ryan Adams – Shake It Off (from ‘1989’) (Audio)

Ryan Adams full cover album of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ available now: http://smarturl.it/RA1989

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20 Responses

  1. Hoota Reboota says:

    +Daniel Mahony What a brain dead comment: “world’s hardest working
    musician”. Not that it’s a tit for tat, but Taylor’s workload leaves mere
    mortals floundering and speaking gibberish!!!

  2. John Simms says:

    Oh oh oh I’m on fire… Great Bruce impression, this is hilarious..

  3. Alianger says:

    Sorry but I can’t help but laugh, it comes off like that “bob dylan sings
    rebecca black’s Friday” parody.

  4. Hannah Ray says:

    well shit

  5. NewtNuke says:

    Reminds me of “I’m on Fire” by the Boss.

  6. Wish Light (NOVA) says:

    I know Ryan didn’t make this album to bring attention to himself (he
    doesn’t need it anyway), but I hope it does bring mainstream pop listeners
    (which there is nothing wrong with them) to his style of music and his
    music. This is a big deal in music history: Ryan Adams being one of the
    best songwriters of all time, if you don’t agree the tell Elton John that
    because he thinks so. And Taylor Swift being one of the biggest pop stars
    of this time. I hope this cover album brings people together from different
    styles of music and we have another great cover album like this again.

    • TheXJill says:

      +Hoota Reboota Shellback, Max Martin, Taylor & a few others wrote 1989. It
      was a collaboratively written album.

    • Hoota Reboota says:

      +Wish Light (NOVA) Your a little twisted in your logic when you say: “Ryan
      Adams being one of the best songwriters of all time” and Taylor Swift being
      one of the biggest pop stars of this time”. Who wrote 1989???… and who
      wrote every other Album that Taylor’s released???

  7. Bella says:

    This is boring

  8. Erick Encinares says:


  9. comedyfish says:

    I quite like Ryan Adams ( enough to see him live when he was in Sydney
    recently) but I have to say I don’t like this version at all. The original
    Is miles better (I prefer his Bad Blood tho)

  10. Adriane Allyn says:

    Well shit. Ryan Adams just made me like Taylor Swift.

    It’s so good. 

  11. HewittH says:

    Loves me some spring reverb on a sidestick. Otherwise, I miss the melody

  12. Carl Granieri says:

    This is spectacular.

  13. Adolf Hilter says:

    This is so bland and emotionless.

  14. Rexhina Burnazi says:

    nice song

  15. James Herman says:

    Figures. If the man did a cover of the ‘Barney & Friends’ theme, I’m sure
    I’d listen to it 20 times a day and love it.

  16. Michael Donovan says:

    This is pure genius

  17. Michael Donovan says:

    This is amazing Mr. Adams