Ryan Garcia breaks down his fight vs. Emmanuel Tagoe

Ryan Garcia breaks down his fight vs. Emmanuel Tagoe

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55 Responses

  1. Lambro says:

    His footwork is lazy which is why his counters are rarely effective. He doesn’t know how to set traps or set up punches off the jab. His defense is him throwing both arms out and pulling his chin straight back into the air. He has a lot of work to do before he steps up the competition.

  2. Jose Vallarta says:

    Bruh he criticized Tank when he couldn’t KO pitbull and Ryan couldn’t even KO this guy 😂😂

    • Dub Line says:

      @Young Goat Listen, I think you’re probably right that Garcia did throw more than 4 uppercuts in the entire fight, but he only threw about 4 maximum for each time that Tagoe’s head was ducked. All the other times he threw uppercuts were when his head was up, not ducked.

    • Dub Line says:

      @Mr Anderson No dude. He really wasn’t range finding with his left much. I remember that because I remember thinking to myself “If Garcia’s not gonna keep his hands busy, he should at least extend his left to see the distance”. I did not see him throw any serious bevy of uppercuts. Listen, I get the idea that jabs set up for other punches, but when Garcia got shots in WITHOUT jabbing, there were many times where Tagoe was ducking for dear life. And instead of throwing *under-uppercuts* Garcia threw straights and a couple of side hooks. I noticed he threw a lot of left hooks because that’s of course his favorite punch to throw, but he threw even less uppercuts than GGG threw body shots at Canelo in either fight.

    • Dub Line says:

      @A T He can but refused to for some reason. And hooks are not quite the same as uppercuts. Not to say you’re dumb or anything, but that should be pretty obvious.

    • Dub Line says:

      @Young Goat Uh no, Garcia threw plenty of straights that missed because of clinches.

    • Dub Line says:

      @Tommy DeNato Not competitively, but yes, I practice 2 days a week to keep in shape.

  3. Juan Carrillo says:

    Ryan, man brother that was the toughest cherry I’ve ever picked.

  4. Alejandro Morales says:

    He’s got the talent. But his lack of focus and maturity is his main problems. It’s like watching a kid boxing.

    • Dub Line says:

      @88BalloonsOnTheWall It’s when you throw an uppercut at the face when your opponent’s head is ducked very low(to the point where straight punching will only cause rabbit punches). Roy Jones was a master of this and not enough boxers do it for some reason. It’s an INCREDIBLY useful and INCREDIBLY easy punch to throw.

    • 88BalloonsOnTheWall says:

      @Dub Line What is a “Under Uppercut” ?

    • WhatDylanLikes says:

      Well he’s only 23 years old!

    • Mark Braxton says:

      @Vikings Fan well he’s got a long way to go from there…and just being fast isn’t going to cut it .

    • Patrick Hausenfleck says:

      @Vikings Fan Anyone who thinks that they can get a read on Ryan Garcia based off of TAGOE’S Performance is not taking into account that virtually all fighters at that weight would have NO Opportunity to Display their talents…A runner/Survivor makes all of their opponents look bad🤷

  5. Gus Anguiano says:

    Ryan without Eddy he chases for the KO
    Ryan with Eddy he would’ve set up the KO.

    • Glo Her says:

      Well said.

    • Bruce Leroy says:

      @Dub Line he is robotic he boxes like he’s hitting the cobra bag and isn’t strong like he thinks he is

    • Machibe Salamy says:


    • javier marin says:

      What are you talking about. With eddy he would go forward and stand still that’s why he got caught by luke. Now his using his reach more and moving out the way after he throws. That his rusty after a long lay off that’s another story. Also his always fought guys coming at him this guy ran like he was in track. Ryan does need some work but best move he did was leave canelos camp that style is not for him with his speed and reach.

    • Tnb11 says:

      @Luis Montes I’m not sayin eddys a bad coach I’m just sayin let Freddie roach have canelo and he’s coach of the year too

  6. anim yaw says:

    Tagoe did well. He went there without his trainers, fighting in the opponent’s backyard. Look changes in the weather. I think we should also give credit to Tagoe, although Ryan won.

  7. Workout clips says:

    There ain’t no way he’s beating Gervonte Davis

  8. ThiefLack says:

    He struggled to beat Akon, Tank takes his head off

  9. chiraqboy says:

    He was talking all that smack about pit bull and tank and he couldn’t even beat this guy

    • TheOne&Only says:

      Ahhhh… Did you see the fight?? He beat him every round. Are y’all real boxing fans? Did y’all even know who Tagoe was? Did y’all go watch Tagoe’s previous fights before he fought Ryan?
      How you gonna say what Ryan should have done with a fighter you never even seen fight before???😂😂😂

    • No incomprehensible says:

      Ryan is a clown bro we been knowing that. But Jesus this was embarrassing am i right

  10. Mr Papito says:

    “ its unrealistic “ ofcourse, youre far from ready to fight Tank. No hate, but you need to fight better opponents thanh just this guy.

    • TheOne&Only says:

      Not true, styles make fights. Tracking down a fighter who is using defense and movement to avoid exchanges is very different than fighting a fighter willing to fight who also comes forward. This is probably the first fighter Garcia has fought who didn’t wanna fight him back. Learning experience.

    • Meliton Rodriguez says:

      So you think Leo Santa Cruz was ready ,,,

    • Deonna Harlan says:

      @Carl deleon he loses to Tank 10 out of 10 fights! His ring iq is not on par to fight Tank or Haney at this point!

    • Carl deleon says:

      They got to fight each other

    • Carl deleon says:

      Who did tank beat that belongs to the top 5 best lightweight?

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