Ryan Gosling & Jay-Z: Together Again at Last – SNL

Ryan Gosling & Jay-Z: Together Again at Last – SNL

Ryan Gosling hosts the Saturday Night Live season 43 premiere on September 30, 2017, with musical guest Jay-Z.

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20 Responses

  1. Zoe co O'Neil says:

    Why does it feel like it’s been gone for so long

  2. The Hellfire Club! says:

    I hope they continue to rip Trump the racist piece of shit! And of course his nazi supporters 😁

  3. Sarim Jatt says:

    Damn, Jay Z so quiet! He got 99 problems, but Ryan Gosling ain’t one!


    So Jay-Z’s one line is “I remember” wtf is he, Pepperidge farms? lmao

  5. Miles Brust says:

    Jay Z looks so old

  6. aldo vs alan says:

    Ryan ??? Snl ???? Oscars award ceremony sketch its on the road !!!!!

  7. Milo Shiffman says:

    Jay z looks like he wants to die


    Jay Z looks 👵 as hell in the click bait what a demonic Illuminati shill that guy is 😠

  9. abbott360 says:

    JJ evans…….clown ass camel boy…..the most promoted by the mainstream because he is sell out extraordinaire

  10. Dont call me a faggot dude ? says:

    Why is Jay Z like this with EVERYONE 😂

  11. Aidan Yelsma says:

    Who else thought that Ryan Gosling was better in The Nice Guys than La La Land?

  12. MandyDoll says:

    Yassss! I’m here for it. I love Jay! 🙌👑

  13. Shahbano Malik says:

    Everyone always swoon over Ryan Gosling and when I see his face all I want to do is punch him. He looks constipated

  14. Thomas Link says:

    Well I read from left to right black man on left white man on right think about it.(keep hope alive)

  15. Nakeeb Hussain says:

    trump jokes are too funny I hope he gets 2nd term

  16. Miranda Powell says:

    I don’t think he remembers.

  17. Aaron S. says:

    The chemistry between these two! Its just not there one bit lmao

  18. Alien Glass Sky - Truth is stranger than Fiction says:


  19. Wacky D CB4 says:

    Both these faggots have fucked kids. FACT

  20. Damarcus Mitchell says:

    👀 Theaters

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