Ryan Gosling Won’t Give Me A Soundcheck

Ryan Gosling Won’t Give Me A Soundcheck

Ryan Gosling won’t give me a soundcheck.

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57 Responses

  1. Toby Oyenuga says:

    “What do you want?”
    Sound Guy: Yare Yare Daze

  2. Banana Sean says:

    Can’t believe Ryan Goslin photoshoped himself into a Kevin James movie.

  3. Edward P. Shikles says:

    LOL THAT WAS SO GOOD! XDD The blending was seamless! And Mr. Gosselin, give Kevin the bloody sound check!

  4. FilmSelect says:

    I think he see‘s more in you than just the sound guy.

    Just sayin…

  5. Flar2me says:

    You need the german dub my friend! Your Voiceactor is very popular!

  6. Oliver Su says:

    Ryan: What do you want?!
    Arthur: I want Pizza!

  7. iPenzel says:

    Do one with Christian Bale rage audio on the set of Terminator Salvation couple years ago I dare you

  8. Matt Lewis says:

    Dude please do a sound guy for The Room 😂 how awkward would that be

  9. Clip Show says:

    When kevin says he wont be here 💔

  10. Jake Hamer says:

    The blending of the clips is a simple idea but pulled off really well, love it

  11. Doug Johnson says:

    Deep blue sea when Samuel Jackson gets eaten by the shark.

  12. Jeremiah Quiles says:

    Do the pulp fiction scene when Samuel L Jackson was eating the burger. The scene where he says SAY WHAT AGAIN!!!

  13. kyuelol says:

    I don’t know if it’s just my unprofessional eye but the editing on these looks so good. I mean the lighting and all.

  14. Mark Malinowski says:

    Plot twist: this is the original footage and the conversation with the sound guy was so good they decided to digitally add Rachel McAdams and make it part of the plot.

  15. RCtheblackmask says:

    Lol when he asked think about your life 30 years from now …Kevin’s like I dont think I’ll be here ..

  16. xFINISHxHIMx EA Sports UFC says:

    “I dont know if I be here” that cracked me up.

  17. Harvey_Weenstain says:

    Kevin James with a parody of his own film, ‘Here comes the boom’

  18. LBPreviews says:

    2020 is weird. I never expected KEVIN JAMES would have one of the best Youtube channels ever. wtf is going on

  19. Rogu's Library says:

    this is the type of humor that used to make a show like family guy so good.

  20. Tiernan C says:

    Why didn’t he just check the audio he was giving him?

    Kevin James is stupid

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