Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney burst into tears as Wrexham seal Football League promotion!

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney burst into tears as Wrexham seal Football League promotion!

After 15-years in Non-league, Wrexham can finally say they a Football League club once again. The Racecourse was overran by jubilant fans as their Hollywood owners cried watching on.

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33 Responses

  1. Sydney says:

    These two owners have done more in 6 months than what the Glazers have done in a decade. Congrats to Wrexham!

    • James M says:

      @toju sote Are they ?

    • Kolly Borda. ♪ says:

      Agreed! I think most clubs would want chairman like Ryan & Rob after seeing how passionate they are about Wrexham. Really inspring! Congrats to all of the Wrexham players & fans.

    • David Rutty says:

      The money they’ve spent at non league level,they should have won it at Christmas.

    • ohbollox2it says:

      @A C do they spend or accumulate more debt?

    • Harry says:

      The difference with Wrexham and Man Utds owners is one coming from a business background, making money, seeing opportunity to make more, the others doing something for love/fun to make things interesting and recognising that the club belongs to its community – which has become distorted at some of the big clubs.

  2. Rob Nova says:

    Congrats to Wrexham!! So impressed by how they’ve been playing… These two guys really did something special … This is LIKE A FREAKING MOVIE!!!

  3. beaniednb says:

    Well deserved, these two uplifted an entire town with their efforts, all the best for the future 🎉

  4. Marc Sharp says:

    As a Leicester City fan who has also lived the dream thanks to wonderful owners I just want to congratulate Wrexham amd everyone involved in at rhe club and fans. Well done, enjoy it and celebrate all summer.

    • AlbrightonTheNight says:

      Me too! Congratulations Wrexham. What a story 🎉

    • bet football today says:

      @Ashish Venkatesh GadKalmar-Halmstad
      first half over 1,5 goals
      odds: 3,1

    • Ashish Venkatesh Gad says:

      As a Leicester city fan myself, it’s like reliving those days!! I hope Leicester bounces back and there’s a race to be better again.

    • bet football today says:

      Yesterday profit, today:
      first half over 1,5 goals
      odds: 2,8
      first half over 1,5 goals
      odds: 3,1

  5. BBR2 says:

    I know how that feels as a fan. Congratulations to all the fans in Wales who supported their team during all the bad years. How sweet it is!

  6. Monke40 says:

    My god I bet as a home town Wrexham fan this feels just absolutely amazing. Congrats Wrexham!

  7. Go with the flow"bee" says:

    Whoever thinks Rob and Ryan are bad for english football are deluded. Massive congrats to them all.

  8. J M. says:

    I love how both the owners have embraced football and got Wrexham up. For an unfamiliar sport for both men one American one Canadian and to embrace a sport that is not in the top five of sports in their respective countries and to make a team considered minnows and to bring them to the football league and make a town no doubt a lot happier after what we all went through during 2020 is magical. That is the power of football it gives people the hope they need.

  9. G W says:

    Not a soccer fan, but came to this via separate following of Ryan & Rob, huge respect for them and what they are doing for this small community. They care immensely for the club and the community. No financial or political agendas involved, simply a love for the sport but more so a humanitarian connection to the players, supporters and the Wrexham community as a whole. In today’s world such genuine compassion and meaningful motivation is a rarity. Powerful stuff. Much respect to all involved in achieving this great success.

  10. TravD23 says:

    It’s crazy. Being from America, I personally had little knowledge of Wrexham as a club, other than just knowing their name and that they were one of the oldest clubs in the world. I enjoy a good soccer/football match, but usually i’m only able to catch one of the bigger clubs on tv. And then yes, the Welcome to Wrexham tv series came out. Shocker, I know. But as a big fan of both Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney, I was intrigued by them purchasing a football club. I knew it would be entertaining. What I didn’t expect was to get so emotionally connected to this place and these people. I found myself rooting for a team I barely knew anything about a year ago. Checking scores. Searching highlights. Just trying to keep up with the journey – I guess until the next season of the show comes out. Not claiming them as “my team” or anything like that, obviously. But I am just really happy for the town, the fans and the team from across the pond. So cool to see this happen. Congrats!

    • Will Harris says:

      @KevinLeeActor haha Chelsea, city, psg – real clubs 😂

    • Joe Smith says:

      My thoughts exactly, littlejordan23.

    • Dave Collins says:

      They are definitely your team mate!

    • KevinLeeActor says:

      ​@nin4smithmusic people hate success. I’m a Chelsea fan, and have enjoyed the Wrexham journey. Very special moment for Wrexham and their awesome owners. The respect they have shown to other teams as well, is how it should be. Hope they continue their success in the upper tiers of football.

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