Ryan Reynolds Does An Amazing ‘Trailer Guy’ Voice – The Graham Norton Show

Ryan Reynolds Does An Amazing ‘Trailer Guy’ Voice – The Graham Norton Show

He has a real talent for it!

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20 Responses

  1. AnaheimDucks93 says:

    Reynolds is a boss

  2. GoldwinOG says:

    Will Smith won’t be nominated for that movie.

  3. Trin C says:

    Will and Ryan love them!!!!

  4. BaronVonTacocat says:

    Ryan Reynolds sucks.

  5. Vladomin says:

    I have good YouTube videos. I suggest checking them out, if you’re

  6. Edward Reyes says:

    we got dead shot, deadpool, and almost dead hank pym in one couch

  7. syd seecharan says:

    ??? that’s purrfect ?

  8. victor manuel says:

    wow , esto esta tan genial

  9. fiyaindehole says:

    Omg Will and Ryan play so well off each other. Love it!

  10. Juust Mooezy says:

    You can’t hate this dude.

  11. Spectrum says:

    I honestly can do better

  12. Halo The Flygon says:

    I thought Ryan Reynolds was gay? why did he say “my wife” : o

  13. Darkhound says:

    better than that honest trailer guy

  14. santillanlove says:


  15. Megan Hiller says:

    Zayn zayned from this interview

  16. JojoRC12 says:


  17. sphynxjay1991 says:

    Confirmed. Will Smith is a vampire.

  18. Cocococonut says:

    wow Ryan Reynolds sounds a lot like Deadpool

  19. SuperLordQ says:

    I wanna see that movie too lol

  20. boxertest says:

    LMAO, Imagine Will Smith and Ryan Reynolds in a movie together it might
    break the theaters lol