Ryan Reynolds Explains the Deadpool Leak | Best of the Graham Norton Show

Ryan Reynolds Explains the Deadpool Leak | Best of the Graham Norton Show

“What does this button do?”

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75 Responses

  1. Shubham Goel says:

    Can’t wait for Part 2 ???

  2. CullenFamilyFan10 says:

    This clip is old…..reupload maybe?

  3. Aiman Gul says:

    7:55 minutes of Ryan Reynolds is all that I needed to push back the weekday stress. ?

  4. Virality Factor says:

    Never better time to post this clip

  5. Devon Palmer says:

    We’ll never know the name of the hero that leaked the footage. It could be anyone even you

  6. Anthony Parsons says:

    Of course it’s a re-upload, it literally says ‘Best of’ in the title.

  7. Brandy Van Voorst says:

    “Most Hollywood actors have like a kilo of cocaine in their car, I’ve just got pies”

  8. nobody survives even one bit says:

    he was born to play deadpool
    his style is deadpool
    everything about him is deadpool.

  9. Ismail Mayet says:

    Ryan Reynolds, he is so funny

  10. BUIZE Mo says:

    Deadpool is Canadian lol I’m dead?

  11. Ismail Mayet says:

    Catherine Zeta-Jones such a hottie

  12. Luis Gabriel Giraldo Ch. says:

    Is it me or Will is completely smitten by Ryan’s hilarious charm.
    They should do a movie together.

  13. Benjamin Burkhardt says:

    Marvel > DC

  14. Christian Deinla says:

    Deadpool and Deadshot sitting together???

  15. Taylor Neaves says:

    He is the first person I’ve ever seen actually over-alpha will Smith ?

    • gustafsone says:

      This makes me want to see them in a movie together. Maybe have a Deadpool and Hancock crossover. I can actually see that movie working pretty well. They are similar characters in many ways.

    • key on says:

      Taylor Neaves why would will be cutting in when it’s questions for Ryan? Lol

    • Taylor Neaves says:

      key on it’s also his whole demeanor, very subdued and almost scared, if you ever watch his other interviews he rules the stage even if it isn’t his time for questions

  16. Hasan Khan says:

    “What does this button doooo?”

  17. X.E.X says:


  18. ScarlettP says:

    Ryan is a beautiful man ?

  19. ScarlettP says:

    “Wait, did I leave the stove on”?
    My favorite part on Deadpool ?

  20. Aliyah Ukaye says:

    R: “Its rated 15 here in the UK.”
    G: “Yeah we can take it.” ?????

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