Ryan Reynolds Gave Me The Nicest Compliment

Ryan Reynolds Gave Me The Nicest Compliment

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Edited by Robin: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHsjBlPYou_k7FgMKLCo5JA

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39 Responses

  1. Oliver says:

    Seeing Sean’s face light up when Ryan spoke so highly of him was one of the sweetest this ever

  2. Harry Boi says:

    I could do nothing but smile when Ryan said Jack was “such a great guy.” He sounded so genuine.

    • It's Me says:

      @Lucky 4D I feel like it’s stupid and useless since you can just type what you mean so you don’t have slight messups like that

    • Lucky 4D says:

      @It’s Me Thanks for giving me your opinion on how I write my comments (despite not asking) and good job on ignoring the point of my original comment.

    • It's Me says:

      @Lucky 4D no the original point was dumb because no one has to leave a comment. All comments are useless and no one cares. So saying I didn’t have to leave one is dumb.

    • Lucky 4D says:

      @It’s Me I didn’t say you didn’t need to comment… I said you didn’t need to say that because it was mean and there was no reason to bring it up. Yes there’s a tiny chance that it can be true BUT not only it can be applied literally anywhere form that point of view but you’re also jumping to conclusions about people you don’t know which can be considered mean, cruel and rude.

    • numb dark says:

      thats what he wants reply…

  3. Shaunamargaret Stjohn says:

    When ryan said he’s a “good lad” that resonated with me and how I feel Sean is . I’m so happy for you Sean

  4. Watermelon says:

    The fact that “Simon the chipmunk hot” is the first to show up is a bit concerning

  5. Evan Pennings says:

    The movie was hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing. Sean made it even funnier. I also wondered how they got the live stream set up for the parts you were in. Was it an actual live stream?

  6. Tim Trostel says:

    Hey Sean, I know you’re not really in the mood to make lets plays but heres a game you can enjoy on your own time! It’s called “Grime” and I think it is one that you would really enjoy! Especially with the artwork.

  7. The Vagabond says:

    When Ryan Reynolds says you’re a “special human being”, you’ve basically won life, there’s nothing else you need to accomplish at that point.

    • Vex says:

      @Louielolbruh cry

    • bearsarebig says:

      @mlg noob I think its something more than that based on the amount of bots, maybe a group of people all in on it or something. Idk I’m probably wrong though.

    • The Vagabond says:

      @bearsarebig Basically Sean’s dad unfortunately passed away some time ago and some people are saying stuff like he’s burning in hell and stuff, very sick, who knows why they’re doing it but it’s become a big thing with trolls sadly, and that’s why there’s people and boys commenting on Sean’s dad.

    • bearsarebig says:

      @The Vagabond OK thanks, I knew his dad passed but I thought maybe he said something that people didn’t like. I guess some people are just assholes for no reason.

    • Kattaplez says:

      If we keep reporting them they’ll eventually get banned. its better than nothing and pushes their comments much lower in the replys

  8. Carrl Maxwell says:

    Ryan: he’s a good lad 😃
    Jack: ear to ear smile 😭😭😭
    So wholesome 🥺🥺

  9. caitlin marie reacts says:

    as much as i entirely respect sean’s decision to step back a little, MAN DID I MISS THESE 😂 happy to have him back! also, his face while watching ryan talking about him just made my whole day omg

  10. Lonely Sandwich says:

    “I legitimately cried when I saw it”
    I’m crying and its not even about me

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