Ryan Reynolds On How “Deadpool” Became A Reality – CONAN on TBS

Ryan Reynolds On How “Deadpool” Became A Reality – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Ryan explains how the Merc with a Mouth got his own movie, but Conan is already VERY familiar with Deadpool.

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20 Responses

  1. Spencer Trumbore says:

    Wtf? If the joke is Conan’s tall, they sure didn’t communicate it well.
    Makes me worry about the movie

  2. Tamara Whoa says:

    He got so angry hahaha!!! Love Deady!

  3. naruto00nix says:

    “Ryan explains how the Merc with a Mouth got his own movie” nope, not at
    all lol
    did the guy who manages this youtube account not even watch the video
    first? haha

  4. Anthony Balfour says:

    Green Lantern

  5. Mastr Sculpter says:

    id give anything for a massage right now….

  6. Shonde' Gentry says:


  7. Hans Landa says:

    Sooo…. X-men origins never happened???

  8. Mohamed AlSerkal says:

    Ahh god rayan is just perfect I mean perfect fit for deadpool !! . never
    saw an actor just so fucking fit for the part it really was made for him 😀

  9. Matt561 says:

    OMG that suit looks good

  10. will smith says:

    I think Mr. Torgue should become one of DP’s voices in his head..WHY you
    say? REASONS!

  11. Raymond Coyle says:

    0:46 Panda Tears X^D

  12. Wesley Shark says:

    Still better than the festering turd that was Age of Ultron. 

  13. romxxii says:

    That was full-on Daniel Way “LOLsoRandum” Deadpool, I half-expected a white
    text box to pop up somewhere.

  14. fielmaso says:

    seriously amazing costum of deadpool best ive ever seen

  15. Zico Kun says:

    this guy ruined green lantern and now he’s going to ruin deadpool

  16. shadow jago SSJ says:


  17. Erik Hoskins says:


  18. leah quiles says:


  19. FlamingBlade5723 says:

    Panda Tears haha