S Club 7: Greatest Hits Medley – BBC Children in Need 2014

http://www.bbc.co.uk/pudsey S Club 7 come together exclusively for BBC Children in Need 2014.

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20 Responses

  1. runderground says:

    Comments are disabled for this video. Thank you.

  2. Joshua Simon says:

    Gosh Tina looks like Kaya Scoderlario now

  3. RowReads says:

    the inner kid in me is squiring with happiness!!! xD 

  4. MrPureMatty says:


  5. GrahamPhelan says:

    0:48 hahahahahahahahahaha :D!!!

  6. Leah Nicole says:

    Bradley still sounds so good! Tina, Hannah and Rachel look amazing

  7. Kerry B says:

    All the people saying about their poor singing, especially Jo. It’s been
    11/12 years since they were all performing together on TV so they did
    pretty well. Cheryl sang that night as well and was awful she can’t sing
    live AT ALL! but everyone still loves her…give them some credit guys! :)

  8. Syafiq Rahman says:

    i think Jo got nervous at the start and went off pitch. She still got her
    higher notes towards the end tho. Rachel sounded and looked good!

  9. Lakisha530 says:

    They should stay broken up. I was so obsessed when I was younger, but the
    chemistry is not there anymore…

  10. ROBERT OXLEY says:

    well…i’m a huge S Club fan,but to be honest,this wasn’t their best
    performance…mind you,their still better than NO DIRECTION!!!

  11. Christine Bok says:

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  12. Gunnie says:

    That was awful

  13. andrew barbarash says:

    Didn’t know Pat Butcher was now the lead singer of S Club 7?

  14. danield42 says:

    I still wanna bang Rachel. Just saying.

  15. Matías says:

    Tina still the hotter

  16. iceblade827 says:

    This performance brings me back to my childhood, weather the singing was
    good or bad, who did or didn’t lip sync well, who got fat, who didn’t age

    this performance did exactly what it was supposed to…bring me back to a
    simple time and


  17. theborderlineffect says:

    How do I remember the words after all this time? Goodness.

  18. maressaz says:

    wow. i.. wow. ok.

  19. kristopher masterson says:

    so tina became a modal and jo became shirley from eastenders

  20. Drew B says:

    I’ve watched this thing nearly 50 times. Whenever I hear that beat start
    for “Bring it all Back” I get so pumped it makes me want to Superman punch
    an incoming Earth shattering asteroid back into space. One of the greatest
    pop songs of all time.