S8E3 Preview: The Main Event! – Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 (The Final Season)

S8E3 Preview: The Main Event! – Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 (The Final Season)

Welcome back for my Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Preview video. In this video, I will be focusing on the Battle for Winterfell. Now that the stage is set, we are just moments away from getting to see the Night King and his White Walkers invade Winterfell. Which characters do you think will survive this battle? Now that I have seen Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2, I will start working on my breakdown video right away. Thanks for watching this one!

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97 Responses

  1. Richard Schoenemann says:

    So no Melisandre at Winterfell in ep 2. What are the chances she’s there in ep 3?

    • Lara Meg says:

      Any idea why Ghost was so small and Nymeria was huge?!? I know he was the runt, but I expected him to be larger…

    • Crimson Myst says:

      I feel the battle will carry over into the next episode and Melisandre will show up near the end with the warrior priests/priestesses of her faith as all hope seems to be lost and she will sacrifice herself (if not at Winterfell then at King’s Landing). I agree with the theory that she will fill the role of Nissa Nissa. I think Winterfell will fall but leave some survivors and the dead army will move on south. I think King’s Landing will be mostly destroyed but that is where they will end up winning the war and Jon will be revealed to be Azor Ahai as many have predicted. My hope is that after the dead army moves south they will find out the secrets of the crypt and something there will become a strong card up their sleeve and help them in the battle at King’s Landing. If not in the series then perhaps the crypts will play an important role in the books (when they come out in 5 to 10 years…lol). A lot of people feel Bran will survive but I actually think he will die in the series (at the end). I used to think he would live but I have changed my mind. I think the story of man will have to be kept alive in the books of the Maesters and it will be a tragedy that all the knowledge Bran could have passed on will be lost. I think Jon will end up sacrificing himself to lead the army of the remaining dead back North beyond the wall as the new Night King so that the living can survive and rebuild.

    • Stratophony says:

      What are the odds that there is an orphan northern girl that coincidentally resembles Stannis’ daughter?

      Also… she was wearing a turtle neck in her scene with Gilly and Davos, most likely to hide her red jewel thing that changes her appearance.

    • John patrick Bacunawa says:

    • chris winter says:

      They forgot she was in the show.

  2. Joneybum says:

    Forget about the long night, this is gonna be the longest week in existence waiting for episode 3. ?

    Great video as always ???

  3. Covata Limited says:

    I was satisfied when I saw Jorah and Lady Mormont finally interact….

    • Lola Twinkle says:

      Oh me too! It was a moment we’ve waited for over thousands of miles.

    • Devil's Advocate says:

      +Hannes Scheepers *How are they cousins when there is a 40 year age gap?*

    • Hannes Scheepers says:

      +Devil’s Advocate There’s dragons, undead 8000yo zombie king, a massive Ice wall, Incest driven families, I’m guessing 40 years cousin diffirences isn’t much of a problem. Pretty much same as everyone in up and arms about Arya having sex, yet we all forget Joffrey was to have children with Sansa when she was 13 in the story, S01E01. Seems in the Realms of GRRM’s mind age is really just a number.

    • Valerie W says:

      +Devil’s Advocate hey my baby sister was born an aunt to a 25 year old (it happens when a parent waits a long time before having the next kid)

    • Akaakaaka ak says:

      Did you call her “Lady Mormont” because you couldn’t remember her name?

  4. SirAcha says:

    Very odd to me that during the war council, absolutely nobody mentioned Viserion in the whole meeting. ?

    • josiah ketterman says:

      S S not exactly. They’ve already shown the 12 white walkers at winterfell. So the bulk of the forces are there. The night king rides south to raise the dead there in a Hail Mary to provide a pincer.
      Just a theory. But they didn’t leave viseryon out of the convo for no reason.

    • pragati murty says:

      Yes! Exactly what i was thinking! How did they not discuss the dragons!!!

    • S S says:

      josiah ketterman NK rises the dead after his army killes the living people. Without his army to kill people, it is waste for NK to go to Kings landing, Don’t you think?

    • Harvey Grant says:

      +S S Not if he took some of his Army with him.

    • Eguzzisme says:

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Do they know that Viserion is now “alive” and breathes blue ice fire? I wonder didn’t Beric or Tormund mention it to Jon and Dany. It seems like something’s op important to not warn them about.

  5. EX evil says:

    *The big woman still here* damn you tormund ❤️❤️

  6. Tamera Shields says:

    I looooved episode 2…I love Torrmund he cracks me up

  7. Jonathan Lee says:

    Am I the only one that honestly loves how awkward Briene and gets when tormend it’s on screen ??

  8. Louie Collado says:

    I think you forgot to include Theon Greyjoy! He’ll be killed defending Bran.

  9. varun arora says:

    Bran: The things we do for love ?

  10. tanksalot S says:

    If Beric dies defending Sandor, I hope Sandor manages somehow to use Beric’s flaming sword to stop his brother.

  11. Brian Sheets says:

    I bet the 1000th lord commander will end up being Tormund, a wildling, how ironic would that be.

  12. Francis Petrik says:

    Don’t forget Nymeria, I feel like there is gonna be epic scene that her and her pack come to stark aid in the great battle

    • Vickon Targaryen says:

      Francis Petrik I hope so. Why else would they have tossed her in that reunion with Arya in S7 or was it S6? Either way.

    • Justin Daniel says:

      accoring to some sources the director of the 3rd episode is heavily influenced by Lord of the Rings (ie Podrick’s song in ep2 and Pippins Song before the battle) If that is true some random army will charge from the side when the battle seems lost (ie Gandalf, The spirit army) so using deduction it is possible an army of direwolves will have a chance to attack.

      As if Cersei’s army will help them lol

    • James K says:

      YoungPT 1989 yes they will be effective it’s 200 wolves

    • Ardainian Soldier says:

      Imagine if Nymeria’s pack showed up as wights

    • Francis Petrik says:

      YoungPT 1989 i am not sure but the most important thing is that they gonna show up and do an epic charge, lol i just hope they dont die, im so happy I saw ghost for a lil bit in that episode, the best boii of all

  13. Laurie Vigil says:

    I was disappointed to only see Ghost for a few moments. And it didnt seem that Jon made a big deal of seeing him either , like he has always been at his side. I was hoping for huggs n tears ?

  14. Christopher Post says:

    How was Arya demanding to get laid, Epic!

  15. drexviathen says:

    I think tormond will be the 1000 lord commander of the nights watch

    • M.K.S 27 says:

      Hopeless Snail but how do they communicate? Bran said NK is coming for him….. so if they give up/ sacrifice bran then they will abandon the war!
      Nah… I don’t think Jon or Sansa or arya will even think of that as an option

    • Hopeless Snail says:

      +M.K.S 27 In the books there was a Stark who married and supposedly had children with a lady white so I’m sure they have a way to communicate.
      Last episode established that there are things that even Bran doesn’t know about the whites. We don’t exactly know what they want with him. Bran isn’t the only thing they have to negotiate.

    • MariaGrc666 says:

      +Hopeless Snail I like the idea of Bronn getting to Winterfell and instead of killing Jamie or Tyrion he kills Viserion and becomes the 1000th commander of the Night’s Watch. He always wanted a castle and CastleBlack is THE castle.

    • Tasha Child Of The Most High God says:

      I agree and hope

    • milton bradley says:

      Jorah Mormont

  16. Huell says:

    I’ve never felt more uncomfortable watching Arya take her close off.

  17. Erick Okeyo says:

    Anyone here who loved how Tyrion respectfully rose from his chair to witness Lady Brienne’s knighting. He recognized the enormity and epic nature of that moment. And Jamie’s deed, that was a teary moment.

  18. EXXhabitus - says:

    Lyana Mormont entered the chat
    Night’s king left the chat

  19. nivetha thiyagarajan says:

    Everyone at Winterfell are getting ready for the battle ..
    Meanwhile Cersei at Kings Landing “I wanted those elephants”….

    • Neville Gauci says:

      oh she still got one elephant at least! From Euron 😛

    • dottie mathews says:

      yep. I can see her giving birth to an elephant! that is, if she doesn’t get killed first.

    • Supreme KING says:

      +dottie mathews I mean she’s def gonna get killed by the end of the show but right now she’s totally unreachable. She’s faar away from white walkers and that war where there’s no winter. The only way white walkers and winter can reach her is either if white walkers win this war and come for her (which I doubt will happen) or Daenerys (if she survives) will come to take the Iron Throne.

    • Chele Lonso says:

      That was a crazy scene, after Euron completely defiled her. Cersei was more upset at not being able to see the elephants

  20. Scott #86 says:

    Jon Snow: My name..My REAL name….is Aegon Targaryen.

    *Danaerys has left the chat

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