Sabina Mazo’s Head Kick KO From LFA 9

Sabina Mazo’s Head Kick KO From LFA 9

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20 Responses

  1. Romanis Lùar says:

    She ded

  2. superfurball89onyoutube says:

    she hit the floor harder than my mom beating me with her chancla


    She got a quick knock out cause there was laundry that needed doing.

  4. Daniel Osei says:

    403 view
    5 dislikes
    And is on the trending page.

  5. muffinluveruuu says:

    She’s like, Yay I just killed someone!

  6. Agnostic Monk says:

    Meanwhile, in the UFC: “No, I’m the champion;” “He won’t fight me!” “The knee was legal after all;” “I’m suing because you held a towel.”

  7. Minute Answer says:

    If you had, one shot. Or one opportunity

  8. Apollo2003 says:

    really, really, nobody is gonna say it. fine, I’ll say it. ` you got knocked the fk out`.

  9. Sandler23 says:

    Crazy when they go stiff like that.

  10. Rabbit Smith says:

    Fighter to celebrating like a teen at a boy band concert.

  11. Matthew Smith says:

    who would want to fuck a woman with muscles

  12. Minute Answer says:

    Last night she took an L, and today she woke up

  13. Ichini Shichi says:

    all tough when kicking, then go all girlie and shit

  14. Graham Studwell says:

    Fuuuck that must’ve hurt her foot so bad

  15. Adam G says:

    Odd going from attempting to beat an unconscious person to dancing like a little girl in seconds

  16. Aequitas Veritas says:

    Interesting strategy using her face to block that kick.

  17. Nice Try says:

    See this right here is what happens when you put all of your skill points into Damage and none into HP. smfh.

  18. Thomas Servoski says:

    I heard United Airlines already offered her a contract.

  19. James Desomma says:

    didn’t someone say in Spanish “kick her in the head” judt before she “kicked her in the head “?

  20. Nastya Stekhina says:

    * Сliсk hеrе tо сhаt with livе sеху girl ->>>

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